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China Top Ten Brands Sweater


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									China Top Ten Brands Sweater
Published 2009-6-20】 【Tiantian
Three shots
   Shanghai Three Gun Group, is known for production of three shots of knitted
underwear plant nine self-development, expansion of the formation of dominant brand
group, is the modern enterprise system, funded by the Shanghai Textile Holding
Company formed a limited liability company, established in 1994, 11 18. June 1998,
textile assets restructuring, three shots to 218 million overall quality assets into the
leading Corporation. Group of fixed assets of 350 million yuan, registered capital of
230 million yuan, workers 500O people, and 16 overseas subsidiaries and joint
venture participation in investment holding company.
Heng Yuan Xiang
   Heng Yuan Xiang, founded in 1927, of Old Established Firm. Currently, Heng Yuan
Xiang from Shanghai to Nanjing Road, a covering over 100 square meters of yarn
store has become a well-known trademarks in China, set knitting, clothing, home
textiles, knitting wool as one group. Group under the jurisdiction of more than 10
wholly owned subsidiaries, more than 100 union body factory in China has more than
600 distributors, distributors, more than 5,000 sales outlets.
Red beans
   Red Bean Group is a key enterprise groups in Jiangsu Province, red bean red bean
group as the main apparel industry, has a high market share, now covers 28 provinces,
municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to the United States, Italy,
France and other countries and regions, the total sales of garment industry second in
the nation. In order to fully enhance the external image of the company stock of the
situation decided to launch "HOdo" high-end apparel brand.
   Cartelo brand clothing is a Singapore Crocodile International institutions (Private)
Limited Executive Chairman Dr. Chen Xianjin was launched in Singapore in 1947,
and then developed to Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan,
Korea, India, Pakistan , Bangladesh, Ceylon, Nepal and the Middle East of the market.
By Dr. Chen Xianjin management policy "genuine" and
"catch the wave", it is not only the development of Express, and
can maintain the well-known trademark in all markets, more than half a century, so
that Cartelo license has become a very small number of private institutions with
international brands of 1, Cartelo renowned international market, could be called the
pride of Chinese.
jessamin Zhu's radius
    ?Zhu's Garments Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Fangyuan Founded in 1997, is
specialized in the design, production and marketing in one of knitted apparel brands.
Companies adhere to unity, pragmatic, Pinbo and innovative spirit of enterprise,
"Quality, quality, brand" business development ideas, Jessamin
Zhu's radius "brand clothing has been approved by ISO9001:
2000 international quality management system certification, product won the China
fiber inspection Board "ecological fiber products" approved
qualification, and was "Third World health Assembly" green
products designated as healthy. in the peer and the minds of consumers, the brand has
enjoyed a high reputation and value. In the new round of enterprise development
objectives, the various team's radius of the situation and, as always, adhere
to the "brand first, people-oriented" development strategy,
efforts to build China's strong brand knitted clothing, and striving for
well-known trademarks in China. Chinese famous enterprises! company spirit of
"team cooperation , win-win communication "concept, sincerely
welcome insight people with lofty ideals to join our team to create brilliant, share
   ?Erdos Group, put into operation by 1981, the Ih Ju League (now the Ordos City)
cashmere sweater factory gradually grow up a modern enterprise group. After 20
years of sustained development, especially large-scale industrial expansion of the new
century has been the formation of cashmere, coal, electricity, metallurgy, chemical
industry, five simultaneous, coordinated development of the business structure. Group
currently has total assets of 18.3 billion, members of the 115 companies in more than
24,000 employees. In 2007, the Group realized sales income of 12.3 billion yuan,
export 380 million U.S. dollars, realizing profits of 1.776 billion yuan. Erdos Group
has a strong strength and scale of China's exports of Chinese brand-name
companies and lines of business, entered the 520 key enterprises and 500 Chinese
enterprises list. "Erdos" brand as a symbol of China's
industry, to 15.067 billion yuan in the brand value of retaining its position as the
forefront of China's most valuable brand.
Montagut cashmere
   Asian cashmere clothing on Haiou Kee Co., Ltd. for the famous French brand
"Montagut" general agent in China cashmere sweater.
   Cashmere Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai determined conveniently
located in the beautiful environment of Shanghai Xin Zhuang Industrial Zone.
Companies registered capital of 5 million yuan, currently holds five companies with
total assets of up to 50 million yuan. Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai
determined cashmere Since its inception, with exquisite technology and advanced
management experience, has developed into the combing process from raw materials,
dyeing, spinning, cashmere clothing company specialized full production capacity. All
kinds of imported and domestic cashmere processing equipment advanced, the annual
production of 100 tons of cashmere, cashmere, blended cashmere, rabbit hair and
other fabrics 200,000 meters, 50 tons of cashmere yarn; production of various kinds
of high-grade men and women knitting, shuttle woven cashmere sweater 30 million
pieces, 100,000 coats and a variety of scarves, gloves.
   Tuhsu Saussurea Inc. As the first production all-round development of cashmere
products, textile enterprises, snow lotus plant from the last century since the sixties,
after 40 years of effort, and always adhere to the strong technical force, leading
equipment, management science, good quality, good reputation in the same industry
leading position. The company has the most advanced of spinning, dyeing, weaving
and production equipment
Imported from Italy in line with European standards, with world-class automation
technology, sewage treatment plants.
Rabbit Race
   Rabbit Cashmere Garments Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Race, formerly the Game Tongxiang
Puyuan rabbit knitted garment factory, was established in March 1999, in November
2002 set up as companies scale event Rabbit cashmere fashion Tongxiang Co., Ltd., is
Puyuan Sweater City Industrial Park, the first tenant companies. Since its inception,
the sweater has been playing a peer leader role.

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