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China is not easy to say love you - on Ming Zhang_ Heng-Fu Zou events Random Thoughts by fdjerue7eeu


									China is not easy to say love you - on Ming Zhang, Heng-Fu Zou events Random
   Complete Bing occasionally look again read her "go country",
not feel very sad. "Go China" is written, a motivated young
Eishi from the United States have achieved, rejected the U.S. hired, as one came back
to serve the motherland, but came back workaday, without exception, a desolate, until
the time to visit a friend, ask their career, replied: "" Where
what is the cause, but are the 'rice bowl of Marxism' fills what
building is there? "" Eishi heard, poured cold water on the back
as they have nothing to say, sitting for a while, came back on leave. "Eishi
ultimately serve the country nowhere, only to re-decide to go abroad to really do
something to prevent waves throwing his youth, he finally said:" I look
forward to other times that you go back to China, not that I've met in China,
it like it! "Bing Xin old story has been published for nearly 90 years, if
Eishi still alive and willing to come back?
   Thought of Chen Rong's "middle age", Lu
Wenting's friends Jiang Yafen finally went to Canada, although they
trudged, although they say will come back, but they really come back?
   Deng Xiaoping's return after the reform and open policy, so far, to send
out more than 80 million people, nearly 20 million people back. On the one hand,
"returnees" to join our large number of the building, on the
other hand there are a large number of "returnees" to
"Sea to be" - unemployed overseas talent. On the one hand the
ability of people can not serve China, the other domestic jobs have been some dead
food prime position.
   Particularly those in China's education has been seriously questioned,
the first time last year, the University of Hong Kong, mainland enrollment, set off a
hurricane in the mainland, the provinces have applied for Scholars. Only this year the
state issued a special policy, use policies, and coupled to talents
"attract" to the domestic first-class university. Of course,
universities can be so, Master's, Ph.D. there will be no limit, Gai loss still
have to drain, not to say that these people are not patriotic, Er Shi series of 事件
repeatedly urged Naxieyouxiu talent right country down.
  ?Beijing University of Ganhuai De incident, Xiong C odd teachers recently revealed
one of his students master test, written test first, the second interview been with
"unwarranted" in the name of a brush down, so kind, too
numerous to mention, some teachers take strike move way to protest, such as a
teacher He Weifang of Beijing University, Qinghua Chen Danqing teachers, but those
voices are almost drowned in cheers mate, disappeared.
  ?Beijing University graduate students work as a butcher, Guanghua School of
Management graduates to choose chatting, these are personal choice, we blame. But
recently Professor         Zhang     Ming and        Professor    Zou    Hengfu     its
"class" reasons for revelation, and carry us to see those who
enter the "world-class university," the other side, even
disgusting than the luxury guest house side, although they already overseas
Shing-Tung Yau and other scholars, such as to be revealed, and now and then from
our insiders confirm, once again let's thrilling.
   See a lot of support Ming Zhang, Heng-Fu Zou of the users are advised to go
overseas, do not mix up the pool of muddy water. Users can not be said the proposal
does not make sense, but these proposals is chilling. "54" period
"to the country" options also fall into these people's
head, which makes trance feel that time has stopped its pace, and even a step
backwards. Although Professor Zhang Ming Lai temporarily in the National
People's Congress, Professor Zou Hengfu also give yourself time and again
to seek justice, but from the current system is almost impossible. Their events like two
pebbles thrown in a comprehensive reading of "Dead Water"
almost no point echoed. Unlike the Shanxi brick kilns comes in can be alerted
high-level, a degree of resolve. For them, the more likely is the suspension - if they
have enough patience to the words of consumption.
   Can not say anything else, Lao She vaguely heard of "tea" in
shouting "I love the great Qing Dynasty Yeah we can be who love
me." Great Qing Dynasty, after all, is vintage old dream, we have evolved
into a flourishing socialist new era. But through the Ming Zhang, Heng-Fu Zou
incidents, would say "China, I love you" is not easy, we do not
want to see them go back to step one to leave the country, we hope to become lovely
motherland, more patriots from studies abroad to serve the motherland, not the
"money people" to "patriotism" in the
name of the taxpayer's hardly worth the effort to cheat us.

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