JUDY KERR by absences


									Height - 5’4”
                                        JUDY KERR
FILMS (Partial List)                                                                     Directors
In the Space of God                                 Supporting                        Anita Bloom
Broken Angel                                        Supporting                        Bobby Bennett
Maniac Cop                                          Supporting                        Bill Lustig
The Hidden                                          Supporting                        Jack Sholder
Who’s That Girl                                     Supporting                        James Foley
Cannery Row                                         Supporting                        David Ward
All Night Long                                      Supporting                        Jean-Claude Tramont
Under The Rainbow                                   Supporting                        Steve Rash
Wrong is Right                                      Supporting                        Richard Brooks
First Love                                          Supporting                        Joan Darling

TELEVISION           (Partial List)
It’s Like, You Know...                              Co-Star                           John Fortenberry
Seinfeld (Four Episodes)                            Co-Star                           Andy Ackerman
The Single Guy                                      Co-Star                           Craig Zisk
Breaking The Silence (MOW)                          Co-Star                           Robert Iscove
Step By Step                                        Co-Star                           Richard Correll
Murder She Wrote (Two Episodes)                     Co-Star                           McEveety/Grauman
The Jeffersons                                      Co-Star                           Oz Scott
One Day At A Time                                   Co-Star                           Asaad Kelada
Falcon Crest                                        Co-Star                           Harry Harris
Hollywood Beat                                      Co-Star                           Don Chaffley
Stockard Channing Show                              Co-Star                           Joan Darling
Superior Court                                      Guest Star                        Hank Behar
New Love American Style                             Guest Star                        Lee Bernhardi

STAGE       (Partial List)
I Ought To Be In Pictures                           Lead - Steffy                     with Bill Macy
Chapter Two                                         Lead - Faye                       with Jane Powell
Ain’t No Coyotes In Poughkeepsie                    Lead - Mom                        Rose Theatre
Susan and God                                       Lead - Charlotte                  Theatre Rapport
Butterfaces                                         Lead - Laundra                    Gnu Theatre
Big Bill                                            Lead - Mrs. Jensen                Power House Theatre
August Show                                         Lead - Mrs. Avery                 West Coast Ensemble
Now What                                            Improvisation                     Comedy Store

Kimberly Jentzen, Caryn West, Scott Sedita, Joan Darling, Stella Adler — Second City Training
Commercials: Stuart K. Robinson, Beverly Long, Carolyne Barry, Stuart Stone.

Southern Accent; Weight Lifting; Comedy; Sitcom Dialogue Coach, Women In Film

Demo Reel Available

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