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									                                                                                            6310 San Vicente Blvd., Ste. 200
                                                                                            Los Angeles, CA 90048
                                                                                            323-965-5601 (fax)

                              STEFFANI BRASS
                               HAIR: Brown             EYES: Blue/Green


TARGET                                       Lead w/Stephen Baldwin              William Webb, Dir.
IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK 2                  Co-Star                             HBO: Anne Heche, Dir.
DAWG                                         Supporting                          CINEMAX: Victoria Hochberg, Dir.
TED BUNDY                                    Supporting                          Matthew Bright, Dir.


THIS MIGHT HURT (pilot)                      Co-Star                             ABC: Jason Winer, Dir.
WITHOUT A TRACE                              Guest Star                          CBS: Paul Holahan, Dir.
CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION               Co-Star                             CBS: Tom Wright, Dir.
SIX FEET UNDER                               Recurring                           HBO
HUFF                                         Co-Star                             SHOWTIME: Ellen Pressman, Dir.
THAT 70’S SHOW                               Guest Star                          FOX: David Trainer, Dir.
ER                                           Guest Star                          NBC: Kevin Hooks, Dir.
CROSSING JORDAN                              Co-Star                             NBC: Allan Arkush, Dir.
SWEDEN, OHIO (Pilot)                         Co-Star                             FOX: James Widdoes, Dir.
SILVER LAKE (Pilot)                          Co-Star                             UPN: Kevin Bray, Dir.
TWO AND A HALF MEN                           Co-Star                             CBS: Gail Mancuso, Dir.
A CAROL CHRISTMAS (MOW)                      Co-Star                             Hallmark; Matthew Irmas, Dir.
GILMORE GIRLS                                Co-Star/Young Rory                  WB: Jamie Babbit, Dir.
MIRACLES                                     Guest Star                          ABC: Michael Grossman, Dir.
OLIVER BEENE                                 Co-Star                             FOX: Matt Shakman, Dir.
NYPD BLUE                                    Guest Star                          ABC: Jake Paltrow, Dir.
FRIENDS                                      Co-Star                             NBC: Kevin S. Bright, Dir.
FOR THE PEOPLE                               Guest Star                          LIFETIME: Felix Alcala, Dir.
THE PARKERS                                  Guest Star                          UPN: Erma Elzy-Jones, Dir.
THE ANDY DICK SHOW                           Guest Star                          MTV: Andy Dick, Dir.
RUNNING MATES (MOW)                          Lead                                TNT: Ron Lagomarsino, Dir.
UNTITLED MICHAEL JACOBS PILOT                Guest Star                          NBC: Michael Jacobs, Dir.
EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND                      Co-Star                             CBS: Will MacKenzie, Dir.
MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE                        Co-Star                             FOX: Ken Kwapis, Dir.
GIDEON’S CROSSING                            Co-Star                             ABC: Bryan Gordon, Dir.
THE AMANDA SHOW                              Guest Star                          NICKELODEON
JUDGING AMY (Pilot Presentation)             Lead                                CBS: Brad Silberling, Dir.

COMMERCIALS (Conflicts on Request)

Hip/Hop Dancing                              Creation Station, Canoga Park (4 years)
Private Acting Coach                         Jody Jaress


Dialects: British, Southern, Irish, Russian and New Yorker
Dance: Hip/Hop, Broadway Ensemble, tap
Singing: Broadway, Pop (chorus)

Swimming, jump roping, hula hoping, rollerblading/skating, soccer, basketball, continuing horseback riding lessons

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