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					Kimberly Estrada                                            5'9" • 125 lbs. • light brown eyes • dark brown hair

Strawberry Cliff                Supporting                                 Dir. Chris Chow
Redemption                      Lead                                       Dir. Vincent McLean
All for Melissa                 Lead/Melissa                               Guerilla Dojo Prods/Dir. Gerard Elmore
All In                          Asian Poker Dealer                         Dir. Nick Vallellonga
Million Dollar Baby             Perez/Maggie’s 4th opponent                Clint Eastwood/Warner Bros.
Shut Up and Shoot               Lead/Faith                                 Dir. Silvio Pollio
Bedtime Story                   Lead/The Girl                              Dir. Paul Baker
Day of Miracles                 Starring/Amber                             Dir. Anthony Logan
Choker                          Supporting/Kat                             Dir. Nick Vallelonga
The Colorado Project            Supporting/Sgt. Claudia Martinez           Pilgrim Films
Scorpino                        Lead/Jade                                  Scorpino Films
Chance                          Supporting/Massage Therapist               Chance PD Productions
Intolerable Cruelty             Day Player/Damsel #2                       Universal Pics./Dir. Joel Coen
Sharkskin 6                     Day Player                                 Dir. Trevor King
Jimmy Bones                     Supporting/Kimmy                           Abundance Productions
Venom                           Lead/Marty                                 Welfare Films
Miami Trauma                    Co-Star                                    CBS/Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Sons of Anarchy                 Co-Star                                    FX Network / Dir. Kurt Sutter
The Forgotten                   Co-Star                                    ABC / Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Heroes                          Co-Star                                    NBC Television
Easy Money                      Recurring Guest Star / Cherise             CW Television Network
Days of Our Lives               Principal Guest Star / Recurring           NBC TV / Corday Productions
Identity                        Herself                                    NBC Television
Lost                            Co-Star/Sherry                             ABC Television
SoapTalk                        Day Player                                 Soap Net Productions
The Career Elevator             Host                                       Third House Entertainment
K-Star International            Host                                       Shenzhen Media/Ironpond Ent.
(Kung Fu Star Competition)
Deal or No Deal                 Spokesmodel                                NBC Television/Endemol Prods.
Let’s go – The Travel Show!     Host                                       ABC Family Channel/Relay Prods.
Extreme Dodgeball               Series Regular/Seasons 1 & 2               GSN
The Young and the Restless      Guest Star/Female Cop                      CBS Television
Good Morning America            Herself                                    ABC Television
Best Damn Sports Show Period    Herself                                    Fox Sports
ABC’s 50th Anniv. Celebration   Bachelorette                               ABC/Fifty Productions
First Years                     Co-Star/Witness #1                         Studios USA/NBC Television
Providence                      Co-Star/Receptionist                       NBC Television
Setting the Standard            Host                                       Skyler Entertainment
Girls Locker Talk               Host                                       Wire Break Productions
Hello LA                        Host                                       Moe Ghassemi Productions
Theatre of the Lens             Grace                                      Los Angeles Theater Centre
Whattya’ Mean Men Don’t Care    Nancy                                      Celebrity Center International
El Super                        Anna                                       Huntington Park Theater
Pocahontas                      Pocahontas                                 Taft Theater
No Exit                         Estelle                                    Taft Theater
Rapunzel                        Rapunzel                                   Taft Theater
VISA                            Yoga Girl                                  Dir. Bill Condon
Camera Training for Film/TV     ACT (Actors Comprehensive Training) (Graduate) - Current, N. Hollywood
On-Camera Comedic Approach      Nick Anderson - Actors Creative Workshop, Los Angeles
On-Camera Drama Intensive       Nick Anderson - Actors Creative Workshop, Los Angeles
Acting for Film:                Steve Nave, Bobbie Chance (Expressions Unlimited), Robert Madrid, Doug Warhit, Weist-
                                Barron-Hill, Charles Taylor
Improv:                         Bobbie Chance
Shakespeare:                    Charles Taylor
Stunts / Fighting for Film:     Dave Lea Stunts
Stage Combat:                           Ed Monaghan, Combative Arts Academy
Commercial:                             Weist-Barron-Hill
University Of Maryland - Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Minor in Theater
Special Skills
Collegiate Soccer, Stunts, Weaponry, Surfing, Shaolin Kempo, Jeet Kun Do Kung Fu, Jui-jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, Western
Boxing, Fencing, Rock Climbing, Racquet Sports, Volleyball, Golf, Yoga, “Pool Shark”, Dodgeball, Teleprompter, Gardening

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