Stefan Arngrim by absences


									          Stefan Arngrim
Height: 6'
Hair: Brown
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Brown

FILM                         ROLE

Unnatural & Accidental       Principle
The Fog                      Principle
Earthsea (mini-series)       Principle
Final Cut                    Principle
The Life                     Principle
Long Weekend                 Principle
The Chronicles.
of Riddick                   Principal
Misbegotten                  Principle
The Day                      Co-star
Someone To Die For           Guest-star
Strange Days                 Principle
The Orkly Kid                Co-star
Soft Explosion               Co-star
The Class of 1984            Co-star
Fear No Evil                 Starring
Getting Wasted               Co-star
Jigsaw                       Starring
The Way West                 Co-star
Silent Night, Lonely Night   Co-star


DaVinci's Inquest (2 eps.)   Co-star
Special Unit 2               Principal
UC Undercover                Principle
Young Persons Guide
To Being a Rock Star         Principle
Seven Days                   Principle
Call of The Wild             Co-star
The Crow                     Co-star
Millennium (2 eps.)          Co-star
Viper                        Principle
Outrage                      Co-star      Cont.....
Police Academy              Principle
Poltergeist                 Principle
X-Files (2 eps.)            Co-star
The Sentinel                Lead
Highlander                  Guest star
The Private Tapes of
Sev Bannon                  Starring/writer
TJ Hooker                   Guest star
Police Story                Guest star
Man Undercover              Guest star
The Smith Family            Guest star
Land of The Giants          Series Regular
Dragnet                     Guest star
The Virginian               Guest star
Gunsmoke                    Guest star
Florence Nightingale        Guest star
Cyrano DeBergerac           Co-star
The Defenders               Guest star
Search For Tomorrow         Series Regular


The Cold Front              Writer

The Private Tapes of
Sev Bannon                  Writer/Producer


The Knights of The Living Dead (Band)         Singer/Songwriter
The Wild Boys (Band)                          Singer/Songwriter

Stefan has written many songs over the years. He collaborated with Warren Zevon on several
songs from Warren's "Networking" album/CD.
More info available upon request.


Awards: The Science Fiction Film & Fantasy Award - Best actor - Fear No Evil - 1981

           Nominated for a Gemini Award - Best supporting actor - The Life - 2005

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