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					Character of people of Chinese provinces
1. Henan:
Henan is the cradle of the Chinese nation, six old has three in Henan. But now the
worst reputation in the country, Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the
city's companies are reluctant to hire people in Henan, the "fire
alarm anti Henan", which even played in Shenzhen, "severely
crack down on gang membership in Henan "banner. Probably more people
in the narrow (fast 100 million of the) competition, a lot of people seem to naturally
very sly, smart love did little tricks. The company's reputation is very bad
in Henan, to deceive the deception, to pit the pit, and they do business is risky.
Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Anyang company focused on a lot of liars, the commissioning
process, to join the way of fraud, not whether the local government. Henan general
position in the big cities is not high, but the reputation is the most
"loud", received a lot of waste (often pilfering), Gushi County is
"waste of the town." Miss has a lot to do, more loitering in the
cities. The crime rate in Beijing after a northeastern (northeastern fighting, Henan
theft, fraud, people hate more strokes). No one is probably the DPRK, the image of
another poor, so there is no right to speak, always marginalized, and even renamed a
lot of people are Hebei, Henan people, Shandong Province. In fact, many of Henan
people, especially rural people is very simple, very diligent, hardworking, simple
lifestyle has always known. Nostalgic heavy, but rigid, inert, closed and conservative,
is China's largest provincial labor force. Henan is very particular about
manners at home, regardless of each other daily, shuttle, circulation, other celebration,
birth, adulthood, marriage, birthday, funeral, etc., are all very much courtesy and
instrumentation. However Henan dirty clothes, not like a bath is out of the name. In
recent years a lot of abuses out of the Henan people, ruined the reputation of a
province. Despite every effort to change the image, but the bad name has been
entrenched. Many people from Henan and excessive verbal abuse, already has
forgotten her: the Hakka, and even the ancestors of the people of Shanghai are from
Henan Province.
2. Hubei:
Adjacent to Henan, "the sky nine birds, underground Hubei
guys", cunning fickle Central Hanzhengjie the fakes have Megatron.
However, no Henan Hubei bad reputation. Hubei is known as "the
province of a thousand lakes", Water and more naturally spiritual, it is also
a lot of beauty. Hubei, very intelligent, highly competitive college entrance
examination, scores were many, very good at reading people in Hubei, the famous
country famed Huanggang schools, and even Beijing Shanghai's key
middle schools are humbled, Hubei University, where many of them are in the
Jiao-Jiao persons. Days the door is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese
mainland, Xiantao, Qianjiang, very rich, comparable to coastal areas. However, Anhui,
Henan, Dabie Mountain area of the red border security, Macheng, British Hill is one
of the poorest regions in the country, where people are more vicious aggressive. Enshi
Hubei Province, Shiyan, the old river mouth is also poor. Security is the most famous
red, "General County" (out of 233 general), it is probably the
heroes in those days, as long as the poor, fit, courageous, there must be life after the
big blessing. Hubei character Zhang Yang Unyielding, but not as fierce Sichuan.
Compared to rural areas is, in Hubei province is also the workers.
3. Hunan:
Hunan is known as "China's great capital", is very
reserved, keeping a low profile, sometimes as hot as pepper and leaner. History books
have given the most praise on the Hunan: "However, there are material
Chu, in Sri Lanka to hold" (Yuelu Academy), "Chu Chin
although three to death," "no not a military Xiang",
"Hunan people do not down, China is not dumping,
""         the    world     not    get    along     without    Hunan
"," Huguang cooked, the world is enough. " Tseng
Kuo-fan, Tso's Hunan the Great Qing Dynasty incense lasted nearly half a
century, the Communist Party's founding fathers and many came from
Hunan, it can be said of modern Chinese history and are part of modern Chinese
history with blood and Hunan life written in. Hunan smart brave, Unyielding and
resolute, dare any event, the rise and fall with world responsibility, "If the
Chinese State Road fruit fall, unless the person killed off in Hunan",
Hunan concentration of the fine virtues of the Chinese nation, study, fight in wars, do
labor are good. However, there are Moral Degeneration recent trend, Changsha, is a
typical consumer city, Bath City, are everywhere (both inside Miss), consumption is
not low, many locals have no money laundering, has been enlivened by the
Cantonese ; Twin Peaks is a "false town", the radiation, there
are thousands of employees as much; said that the beauty Taojiang good; Shaoyang
rich underworld, vicious crime continues; Chenzhou out corrupt officials; Xiangtan
were very slow pace of life, many people chewing betel nut leisurely leisurely (Hunan
did not produce betel nut chewing than Hainan's also more addictive the
property, serious cancer). Hunan has three gas: Reiki, Fei Qi and domineering, if they
become violent gangs, have done great harm Guangdong strike hard the
"speeding car", many of Hunan, "Hunan to
help"       after    the    "Northeast       Gang"       and
"Henan help "Guangdong local criminal gangs but not much.
Hunan abounds in beauty, capable and intelligent, do something quick and neat,
known as "Xiang passionate woman," the said, but a wife is not
reliable, the number of people in the service industry, and Chuan-mei, Northeast sister
2 character of people of Chinese provinces
?4. Cantonese:
Cantonese is the most complex group of people, many of their short stature,
prominent cheekbones, head of small deep, wide flat nose, thick lips turn. There are
three major dialects: Cantonese, the Chaozhou, Hakka. Guangdong is a history of
mixed office Baiyue area, coastal, Southeast Asia to enter, as Cantonese, including
Hong Kong and Macao; Chaoshan who also has a unique language and customs. Both
are indigenous Cantonese, from a biological point of view, the racial origin of the
North is different. "Five wild Chinese" In the future, the Central
Plains (mainly Henan) south a large number of Han Chinese, live in today, Meizhou,
Heyuan and Jieyang, Shanwei in some areas, speak Hakka. This part of Han Chinese
descent should be considered the most "pure" Han Chinese, and
there are more than 10 million, Sun Yat-sen, Li Ka-shing is also a Hakka. Cantonese
in the history of Western missionaries in the image of a very bad description: tall and
thin, the image of his dirty, cunning, dirty, gambling, fighting, the cowardly, baby
food. Cantonese was the first living overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese have more
than 20 million, long-term represents the image of the Chinese people, Chaoshan
people with the Wenzhou people to do business in foreign countries as well known.
Because of the demonization of Cantonese publicity, the United States, Canada, lasted
half a century, "Exclusion" campaign. Guangdong is the
birthplace of modern democratic revolution, the intersection of Eastern and Western
civilizations, the bridgehead and the vanguard of reform and opening up; Cantonese
population is oceans, full of vigor and vitality, resilience and full of adventurous,
innovative, unimportance Guangdong people are not interested in metaphysics, and no
work talk about philosophy, life, not interested in politics. Everyone busy for the
money, run around all day. Northerners are thinking before action, Cantonese is the
first actions thinking is linked to efficiency and value, do not pay attention to form
and appearance. Guangdong is now China's most economically developed
areas. Plain and simple and honest man in Guangdong, hard-working, very diligent
and virtuous woman, Guangdong, hand everyone a good soup pot, hand-good food.
But now the human image of the Cantonese are more criticisms than praises. The
most common rating is:
1, indifference, xenophobia, arrogance. Guangzhou is a fast-paced world, the most
indifferent city, if it is one to one in particular, a voice called out, then ask the way,
few will pay attention you. Neighborhood, close our doors, each Buda Li, multi-less
2, the Cantonese have tea culture, wine culture, food culture, snake, soup is more than
culture, but not love receiving national essence, only the worship of Hong Kong and
Taiwan culture and entertainment celebrities that only Hong Kong and Taiwan, is the
idol. Saliva only vernacular song, can best attract them. Cantonese people love to see
Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Economy and culture and not go hand in hand.
3, not the quality of some Cantonese. Some men and women, in broad daylight
wearing pajamas, shopping and no one else to go to the supermarket Lane.
4, into the nature of gambling, sports lottery, Fucai sales hot. Not willing to sacrifice,
or lottery, gambling will not be as hot.
5, Cantonese, the most superstitious, like yin and yang Ghostly Atmosphere get some
of the things evil. Temple will be the South China Sea, pineapple temple several times
a year. Love holidays, do dojo in his own house, incense constantly. License plate
number, house number, phone number, wedding date, opening date are either
"6" and "8." Moreover, even children also
choose the date for caesarean section. Annual "918 National Humiliation
Day" is actually the Cantonese auspicious. Some graves are luxury
residential repair than the (probably not all of filial piety).
6, Guangdong handsome boys & girls, too little, the streets are faced beauty
of Sichuan, Hunan. Canton woman is helpless, not the man no confidence in life, will
leave it alone and silent to wail a person, never use the law to defend itself.
7, Cantonese anything to eat, snakes, rats, dogs, cats, maggots, sparrows, fragmented,
pangolin, baby, and all kinds of wild animal protection, until the last to get that civet
cats. People's Liberation Army in 1949 to move south, then the battle is
ready to Guangdong and Guangxi northeast soldiers do not want to hear the battle to
fight such abuse, and was prepared to withdraw Hengyang!
8, Cantonese dish false, false money, counterfeit drugs flooding the country, to
harmful food dyes (Chaozhou is a famous hometown of dried fruit, many workshops
for workers with gas masks), Guangdong's cities have very poor law and
order, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan are the most insecure of the city (of
course, can not blame Cantonese, most of them as the outsiders). Shantou is the
failure of the SAR, dilapidated buildings, street rough, Chaoyang very civilized
people around (a lot of manufacturing counterfeit money, drug manufacturing dens).
Ironically Shantou people like the government, business, shop signs written in
traditional characters, Shantou, Shenzhen's foreign economic development
than N times, also not seen with traditional Chinese characters. Dongguan dirty and
disorderly, including canals, malodorous, the most frightening thing is rampant in
broad daylight robbers.
5. Guangxi:
About two main dialects in Guangxi, Gui Liu words (Guilin, Liuzhou, then closer,
then Hunan), Nanning dialect (Cantonese vernacular variant, not nice), Guangxi, hot
climate, seasonal fruits and constant character is the most simple and honest people ,
often seen as honest representatives, Takeo little since ancient times, but also less
ambitious Hero. If the Chinese character Jieru Guangxi, the land of China during the
Opium War was in foreign powers divided up. Stature generally thin (Aciu fattening
in CCTV), the skin is not good, athlete's foot, skin, underarm odor and
more handsome little beauty. Even the buses in Nanning is also very small. Sell rice
noodle around the streets, eat three dollars, Nanning were very small appetite, some
people eat meals Pho (save money). Wong Lo Kat herbal tea sold here, the terrible
suffering, and they like to drink the acidic liquid sour smell. Nanning narrow streets
(National Road Mama Huhu, when the reign of repair Cheng), supermarket simple
(big supermarkets are imported), the national per capita motorcycle first shopkeeper
everywhere, in recent years due to open CAEXPO will be a big change. Number of
official corruption, ignorance (money to buying). Although the economy backward,
sexual attitudes are very open to a "big no Virgin West," the
statement (Guangxi University), Guangxi Art Institute of girls 1,000 yuan may be
monthly. Guangxi, where a lot of fun, but not operating, Germany-day cross-Great
Falls, and enjoy doline with a decent hotel not. Real estate, garment industry
dominated by Wenzhou. Guangdong and Guangxi, who has the same origin, but
"sex, Distinct far," nothing to eat in common is that they:
pangolins, dolphins, Cobra ... ..., the most disgusting is that like in front teeth!
Guangxi, timid man, but to the great changes in Guangdong on the character,
"the speeding car," cutting off of hands and feet in there to help,
have no land to Guangxi and Guangdong person who changed almost stealing? Rural
people are very kind in Guangxi, including the remote areas of the Zhuang nationality
(basically assimilated by the Han), honest and simple and honest, not aggressive, as
long as you do not hurt him on the line.
3 character of people of Chinese provinces
?Gambling by nature, play the lottery so that many people have gone bankrupt, many
people can not been on the train.
6. Hainanese:
Li moved to the island's earliest inhabitants, the provision of the Western
Han Dynasty county to the Central Plains during the Five-based immigration. During
the Ming and Qing largest immigrant, the main sources of Fujian, Guangdong and
Guangxi. Hainan is China's most junior level administrative regions
(Chongqing is the earlier, had been directly under the jurisdiction), had long been
marginal areas of Guangdong and the most backward areas, the main characteristics
of Guangdong, Hainan, speaking the vernacular. Indigenous people of Hainan has a
strong conservative, indifferent to fame and fortune, even the words are soft tread be
lost. Typical characteristics of dark skin, petite figure, rarely handsome and beauties.
Even men have some whine gas, simple and honest character, more Rouhuan, not
impulsive, easy to get along. Hainan poor people can bear, going gets tough, the
islanders thought serious, this may be the relationship between land and water. With
the large influx of immigrants, Hainan, speculative traders also shows the
characteristics of the formation of more short-sighted mindset. Hainan is the
hometown of overseas Chinese, but many poor relatives, the Hakka out without
Chaoshan people and a good mix, Qionghai smuggling along the common.
Prosperous area were mostly overseas Chinese from Indonesia to return asylum, who
looks close to Southeast Asia. Hainan Economic Void, too much sex. As the saying
goes: to the officials in Beijing that smaller, to the Northeast feel timid, and to find
less money in Guangdong, and Hainan to feel good bad!
7. Hong Kong:
Guangdong, Hong Kong was first immigrants, have long been the British colonial rule.
Hong Kong people's personality characteristics of both the East and West,
the East subtle, West straightforward; East sensational, Western indifference; East
emotional, Western objective. In addition to indiv

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