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1] (figure) Su - beauty partner of millions of 36 acres of private Texas ranch (Figure) -
November 2006
In the current U.S. President George W. Bush family neighborhood.
36 acres of private Texas ranch, the endless green trees, grass, and proper
maintenance of concrete road running through them, three houses, a basketball court,
a swimming pool, a small open-air bath jacuzzi, two Porsche, five horses, Su is the
leisure homes in the United States, vacation home (or, more precisely, leisure
mountain, vacation hill, because the whole mountain full of her).
"Pu days under the king Could soil; rate of soil Sea, Do
nobleman." - Poetry, Xiao Ya, Kitayama - Su favorite of several Chinese
Large rooms (master bedroom), located in the Peak, the front yard has a car park,
basketball court, backyard with a springboard to the outdoor swimming pool, and
open a small bath jacuzzi, from the swimming pool looked around, the list of small
hills, master bedroom has four bedrooms two hall, bar, decorated only just begun.
Small rooms (rooms), in the hillside, next to two parked Porsche, an open-top, a
cross-country, and a possessor of five horses in the race, every Tuesday, five, riding
on Thursday to put horse out of sports. every morning always see deer and wild
rabbits will not only not afraid of people walking around. rooms, two bedrooms and
two rooms, Su welcome her friends around the world visit.
36 acres of private Texas ranch not seen within the marginal, there is a long studio,
specifically to the management of permanent pasture to live. Rangelands two
long-term basis, relations between nephew and uncle, also a Miss Jin Fa is responsible
for managing the horse, the other woman is responsible for internal house cleaning.
This place, love can build a few houses, and some cities in China, land is still big
room for appreciation, which is why the Su choose to invest the real reason for a
payment. This ancestor of Julian Robertson hedge fund concept consistency, He owns
large tracts of land in New Zealand. work in China, leisure, in the United States.
Su, when working in China, ranch by her relatives in the U.S. custody.
Su next target for investment, no doubt, is a European castle.
Su CV:
Su, Dr. Dr. Alyce SU
The second generation of high-level KMT, active foreign financial sector, one of
Taiwan's political and business representatives of three generations
2005 China Venture Capital Forum seventh Asia Investment Forum's first
World Economic Forum, the core members of the private equity group
California Institute of Technology, Dr. physical and biological science and technology,
the youngest doctoral students in Taiwan
He has served on PIMCO, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, UBS global investment, and
other financial investment companies
Asia-Pacific director
In the world's largest hedge fund of funds service, responsible for nearly 50
billion dollar business
[2] Su dealing with the world's richest woman
Claire October 2005 No. part / people
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Venues / Shanghai Westin Hotel (THE WESTIN)
Su, Dr. Dr. Alyce SU
The second generation of high-level KMT, active foreign financial sector, one of
Taiwan's political and business representatives of three generations, the
seventh in 2005 China Venture Capital Forum Asia Investment Forum, the first
woman President, the World Economic Forum, the core members of the private equity
group, California Institute of Physical and Dr. biotechnology, the youngest doctoral
students in Taiwan, has served on PIMCO, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs and other
financial investment company, is the world's largest fund of hedge funds
director, Asia Pacific, responsible for nearly 50 billion dollar business.
(Figure), Mr. Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of National People's Congress in
2005 of the seventh China Venture Capital Forum and the World Economic Forum,
the core members of the private equity group
Back row: Dr. Su's only female
Front row: one ancestor of U.S. venture capital Dick Kramlich, Cheng Siwei,
President, Chairman of H & Q Asia Pacific
This woman is complex -
Extremely rational and extremely curious,
Planned talent, ambitions and challenges,
Have the courage to pay the whole situation, but also to explore and master unfamiliar
areas of desire
She really can not stand boring life.
This just in his early 30 women
Dream on the road leading to jump again and again, constantly surprising.
Has shown signs Su about the hotel, she appeared very punctual, sapphire blue suit,
purple ore heels, straight hair drooping, projects such as the point of paint, bright and
Take her to the location, because the day she was to leave Shanghai, they do pack a
direct check. More than half a year in time for the global travel, luggage is a close
partner, large, simple, practical, open to the other side is each piece is beautiful
clothes, one side is a neat Diego binding information paper, the strong contrast, but
also live in peace .
As if her man, wisdom and innocence go hand in hand, beautiful, or own all frankly
revealed, and her outstanding as frankly and casually - 25-year-old would get a Ph.D.
at Caltech, but instead to give up what they have learned from the business; never
received professional business training, but a money in the PIMCO, McKinsey,
Goldman Sachs and other world-class financial and investment companies to seek
refinement. Each step is critical, there are surprises, but every turn in plans.
Now deal with the world between the rich, smart, cut cut, while retaining the time to
find something interesting in the childish and naive. She said the game too much fun
in this world, most Division has designated a "men only", such
as the scientific community or the financial sector, she will not look on, she too would
like to get involved with the "play" may be fun, it is necessary
strong enough, have the qualifications to join.
(Subhead 1)
California Institute of Technology maverick, jump higher every day
Ordinary life there are always one or two opportunities, or turn, bring some
awakening, thus affecting their lives. The Su life, down to earth, they seem to
Su, 19, graduated from National Taiwan University Department of Physics, hand
Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Cornell and other elite schools offer, she chose to go
the California Institute of Technology, because it is the world's highest
concentration of Nobel Prize winners campus Even casual sit in the coffee shop
around the biggest names in science abound. "At the time to at least get to
see how the Nobel Prize. My way of doing things is to first observe that if every
aspect of their own which can be done, I was doing school."
U.S. Department of Physics there, number one calendar year, but there is no culture,
arts, business department, male to female ratio of 5:1, outsiders called the
"madhouse", because there are too many uncanny talent,
eclectic people, This is the place to attract Su, her love of fun. In which she had six
years of life most of the scenes appear in the lab, a full three years. Because of her
own professional from theoretical physics, "force" to the
experimental biotechnology.
"To the California Institute of Technology to Meet the physics professor,
not the non-enrollment, research funding is reduced, it created a lot of 10-year
graduate student, is not no school that has remained in the laboratory as a postdoctoral
researcher with a professor. Physics is almost saturated, it touches on the junction of
the knowledge of physics and biology are worth studying, I made up my mind to
study biotechnology theme. "
"California Institute of Technology associate even a! School approval to
the Department of Biology, I taught undergraduate, undergraduate classes are
well-known talent, a lot of 11,12-year-old kids ask the most trenchant, I sat there 20
years old, had not old , and I the only country in the extent of biological knowledge.
matter as a joke to see other people also do not know what schools get tricks, until I
make the research results of commercial value, those strange eyes out until
convergence. " From a biological experiments do not know, to make the
first genetic engineering laboratory experiments, only Su know how hard, she
described, "that non-human life."
"As long as the timer rings, even 3:00 am, and I still get out of bed, walk to
the lab from the hostel to the next step. Very often, I So I sleep in the laboratory. So,
after a few weeks, actually I ended up being the first protein product. This is the first
time in our laboratory using genetic engineering to do them - never made by a people
who do come out biological experiments. "
"This day had a full three years. During that time, there are two parents to
the United States from Taipei to see me, I could not spare time to the hotel to be them,
and they come to school, I can only They make a face to face with the hurry. They
were extremely distressed, especially my mother, I saw her eyes away from me, just
shedding tears. "
In early 1997, Su got a paper on protein engineering American academic awards, she
dreams of scientists to the edge, she Quedui whether to stay in the scientific
community has great doubts.
Natural awakening experience of gifted girls to make money game
1997 and 1998, the newly established California Institute of Technology, Dr. quotes
how much? Annual salary of 80,000 U.S. dollars usually.
This is Su know before graduation, and had been taking a full scholarship, more than
enough to cope with campus life, her money, have no idea. Just before graduation she
suddenly found she was almost to the youth in her laboratory at the cost of making the
research results are being patented her advisor, looking for corporate finance, equity
and she did not even point. Years of toil in exchange for the appreciation of others.
"I was to think: No, I was playing. I must go to understand how this is all
During the same period, she received a call parents to ask when looking for work,
hoping to buy her a house as soon as possible; brothers and sisters that year they were
going to the United States to study law and MBA, the burden of tuition fees will also
be her ... ... then find a Su California Institute of Technology Ph.D. is not worth any
money, she hate only that no one could tell her this, their time over which can be used
to learn how to make money.
"The scientific community has enough talent, and genius who invented the
things, to put the market to do the best promotion, have a genius to do this."
Was a senior, then the scientific community on the Su great touch, "my
personality enjoy working with people, too lonely for research. I was beginning to see
the Wall Street Journal, found it interesting, I do not know I had like a
Su immediately planning a major turning point in life, develop career plans, he moved
to Wall Street. She was in the Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO)
first job, salary 200,000 U.S. dollars. In the interview en route, she very frustrating -
"I was driving a 1983 Chevy U.S. 1,500 yuan of bad car broke down
halfway little scared. Vehicles moved into a Newport (Newport Beach), once the sky
Cheng Lan, flat wide roads, I feel most is suddenly a good car, such as dragons, BMW,
Mercedes, Porche, Jaquar up, Ferrari is also occasionally. I was a big Chevy truck in
the middle is really bad out of tune. seaside look, there are many yacht and sailing .
next to the Fashion Island are the most expensive, newest, most high-end limited
edition apparel in Europe and America. and the east coast scene of the Wall Street
cold compared with the yellow, Newport really feel like paradise. I thought to myself,
if living at work here, the more good. "
Interview, PIMCO's people feel wise beyond her, but no formal financial
training, gave her a book, let her come back in a week. "The so-called
interlaced Geranium Strictipes, I almost can not understand the contents of the book.
But this thing is I look up to, how can retreat? I'd better spell it right! Week
after my second visit to the company, apart from anything else, was brought into the
examination room, entitled Chicago Business School's final exam, that I
had almost perfect score. "later learned that the" derivatives of
the Bible, "to learn in the MBA program in one year.
1998 into the PIMCO, moved to Newport, Su has taken the first step in business.
"PIMCO added bonus to me good, I bought a golden Chrystler Seebring
convertible, not the sky bright Jiupaqilai every day, driving down from the mountains
to the trading room, some open-top, let the cold wind blow me awake . also according
Newport clothing fashion garment. Later, McKinsey & Company to
evaluate my Taipei as "the most elegant dress," people are a
culture of giving thanks to Newport. "
Been left on the fun too greedy
If you do not ask, Su will not take the initiative, about her great paintings, a piano
shells well, has participated in San Francisco's "gifted talent
contest," the champion with a piano. Maybe she can speak at PIMCO, one
time in the bar suit she wore high heels and human partner, won the two men traders
stunned - she thought this interesting enough.
"Game" is the key word Su life, fun is the key to Game. Her
childhood love competitions, examinations, not the pursuit of winning or losing, but
with too would like to take part in "play." Therefore, from
PIMCO to McKinsey, to Goldman Sachs, UBS, she was in business after the
conversion are clear goal every time, by the variety of experiences, have different
earnings. The companies recruited, are subject to round round interviews, numerous
battle was difficult and the chance goes without saying, but Su here, as a matter of
course. Less than 30 years old, she has become the world's leading
investment firm Goldman Sachs Asset Management in charge of Greater China.
Goldman Sachs won the chase for three years in Taiwan and China Development
Bank USD 650 million convertible bond's case, is to make her proud of the
Speaking of "genius," Su said: "I'm just
very clear where to go, and who go, how to get to." Rare talent
extraordinary Su interpersonal intelligence as superior, she is always very fresh and
pleasant people.
"If you do not give me the opportunity to invest in the Pacific, I can not
from a PhD at Caltech to McKinsey, Goldman Sachs and UBS Group, under the
world's largest hedge fund of funds GAM, and thus into the Michael
Milken, Larry Ellison, Steve Fink, Bruce Wasserstein richest of these Jewish circles.
so I have been very grateful to such a fate. retrospect, I am glad that he had had a ton
output as the determination and perseverance. "
In McKinsey, Su is the object of dealing with major corporate CEO; at Goldman
Sachs, is the number one rich, or wealthy in the library and the desire to give birth to
profit agencies. Her teacher, China's top "investment bank for
the person," Fang said jokingly that she was "the
world's richest man, who rely heavily on China's most beautiful
women investment bankers."
"I do not feel the pressure, I just enjoy the game. I do not like challenges to
rules of the game, I like 'flexible application of' rules of the
game to achieve some rules of the game under the 'victory'. I
like the spirit of adventure, have fun who want to know to see if they
"play" what. so-called " 伴 君 如 伴 虎 "
finding their way in between these global rich, in fact, for me, is a kind of
'adventure'. "
"Every richest man is his own strengths to the limit, because there is no
time to invest in the weaknesses of the above. Such as Oracle Larry Ellison is very
good employer, he was dead set on almost make the work of any person; Lazard
Bruce Wasserstein do best to use, the total in Despair Among create a trick no one has
come up with; Thomas H. Lee know most see the micro, small things can see the
potential; Michael Milken good memories of the most significant economic data
released the flow of global capital ... ... If a people's strengths, just to create
value for society, he can keep his strength against the point of seeking growth, so will
the social and personal wealth. wealth is created from the service of others made of
the value of conversion. "
Money is part of the game, you are strong enough to incoming. Su is now a person
can see at a glance 'value' how much money has the most hate to
measure the value of a snob to others. "I rarely cry, but last year a good
friend passed away unexpectedly, I cried for a long time and suddenly realized that
this person will never come back, very sad. And never came back to life than money,
is too important a! "
Such a genius I laugh, talk about the love of a fun enough
What kind of man you admire?
- Gu, generous, not snobbish.
And how to make friends?
- Smart people, but not necessary the same thing on the smart.
What kind of people will fall in love?
- Funny man, always makes me laugh.
Recently, you feel the most "well-being" of the moment is
- Secret ... ... he knew him!
How important is love to you?
- Very important, is the fun part, unfortunately can be luck, only "the
second best."
Half the time each month traveling around the world, visiting institutional investors
looking for good investment opportunities; if you do not travel, live in Hong Kong
Monday to Friday Mid-Levels, Saturday and Sunday live life in Hong Kong Hill Road;
friends circle is a group of in Hong Kong, Asia's best hedge fund managers,
sometimes with them by boat to the sea ... ... Su current favorite cities of Shanghai
and Hong Kong as congenial friends are there.
Playing with friends, mostly men, even when they grow up with strong, beautiful
appearance, or feel that "learning to be a woman":
"If a man has been around, you sometimes forget that they are women,
'women' is not only a appearance, but also is an idea, so every
time someone said to me, 'You are a woman' is a great
compliment to me. "
School is pursuing a number of boys, Su said it was because of the California Institute
of Technology 5:1 ratio of men and women, there really is a competition. Now suitors
appear, if she has no intention, barriers will be set early to avoid embarrassment.
"Women to 30-40 years of age at this stage, the main theme of life must be
established, and some people go all out to the family, the other may be more a social,
more fun outside the home harvest."
"Some say extravagant, it can be said of marriage. Marriage is two people
co-operation, it and other cooperative models are different, and is more difficult. And
his girlfriend were together, they often say something to love, I think many girls
Unfortunately, always thinking of paying for each other, rather than first thought to
love myself. "
"Men can not be too selfish, it is possible to love you; for me, the most
important is a happy, if two people together as one happy, do not together! I like so
much fun, so find a people who make me laugh. I like interesting people, have a
strange idea, creative, he was absolutely no need to accommodate me, as long as he
did, I would find it very interesting! "
She admired Kai-shek - a very feminine appearance, there are powerful will and heart,
was a bridge between China and the West, can put themselves in a very appropriate
location in the historical trend, the role of the irreplaceable. "I hope they
and the richest man in the Jewish bridge between China's private
enterprises to create more local 500. Those Jewish richest man who was my 1997 on
the understanding,
When Su chat Qinglianghuixia eyes, but also outspoken lovely, the kind you look at
her, we can see many sides of women -
Dressed ladies in music at the University of solo piano;
Hupenghuanyou, in Friday's night club dancing to the middle of the night;
Responsible, university graduate brothers and sisters to afford the high tuition fees;
A person shopping, in Hong Kong, New York, Newport, London, look more and more
Both appointments left Paris, the most admired men would like to hear praise,
Do not think anything has brought pressure to resolve the bad feelings is the way to
Rational, rarely cry, but because the play crushing feet;
... ...
She often said that he is not enough "woman", perhaps
forgetting the nature of women is a bit naive, a bit complicated, somewhat
contradictory, but toughness infinite, sashay. Her own expectations are: always keep
25-year-old woman's appearance, 50-year-old man of wisdom and worth.
So, she will be able to access FUN way, has been beautiful to play down.
Box 1
"In fact, in my mind, a woman is successful, the men gave her money, she
only need to manage a man enough. But I am already aware of this can not happen to
Box 2
"Life as the game, there are risks, there are exciting, there is cooperation,
the process will be very fun, the pleasure of playing there are many, with emphasis on
the family to see who is. And make more money than I have fun more greedy .
Box 3
"In do not mind winning or losing? Market competition is fierce, and if not
actively than others, opportunities Jiu not come to you here, I just enjoy it for Guo
Cheng; As Shui" money ", but yes only one part of the
"My character is like to capture the new, most people seem
incomprehensible problem without solution, can not find or difficult to find someone
else to find answers, challenge the more intense, I do not think that only bitter, but
that is a enjoy it. "
[3] the second generation of high-level KMT, active foreign financial sector - the
money the country dimension, straight text, Su
China Times, 2002.09.15 Shen Yaohua, Wang Shiqi
General Manager JP Morgan Chase Bank, Taipei Country Victoria took the money,
has been deliberately keeping a low profile, although the outside world rather
reluctant to mention his family background, but money is money home from his
grandfather's older SL dynasties, including the father Chien, uncle money
pure, Qian Xu, etc., out of a lot of the history of the Republic of China, in the
academic, financial, diplomatic and other areas of leading figures.
Since March this year from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase Bank transfer office,
the money the country deliberately keeping a low profile dimension on the one hand,
on the other hand it also breaks JP Morgan M & A activity in Taiwan only
do M & A business practice, the business extended to the financing of the
enterprise. In June, the Chinatrust Financial Holding Company issued convertible
bonds overseas, ECB, sponsored by the underwriters JP Morgan's winning
the right, in the investment banking industry has created an amazing sound. Because
in the past CITIC Group's financial activities abroad, mostly bank
Goldman Sachs as the main contractor, Qian dimension not only created a JP Morgan
Chase in Taiwan and more business-oriented, but also to customers of Goldman Sachs
changed CITIC Group, select a new underwriting banks, Qian Victoria and the Koo
family's many years of public fraternal friendship is definitely one of the
Victoria has a similar family background Qian, domestic investment banking industry
in the debut of former senior children, not small. Another well-known
second-generation, is the son of KMT Chairman Lien Chan of the long straight text.
On the 9th of this month in Shanghai, a three-day Goldman Sachs Asia-Pacific
Technology Forum, the straight text of the full participation of well-known
technology companies to listen to the cross-strait business executives briefing.
Many investment bankers saw the straight text of the figure, we wondered how to
work the game winning streak in the text of Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs
opponents can fully participate in the seminar? I remember two years ago, Chunghwa
Telecom handling the case of shares, the public house for Chunghwa
Telecom's overseas investment banks underwriting the right to issue ADR,
straight paper qualifications to work at Morgan Stanley, has also been interested
parties for discussion in the association .
In fact, the streak culture has left Morgan Stanley for some time, now is singular
owned financial (GE Capital), vice president of venture capital. Goldman Forum on
the scene, he reminisced with friends, the reference to the current record's
easy to find the tender, the whole venture capital industry is still quite difficult. In
addition to Goldman Sachs invited to participate in cross-strait science and
technology industry's "prayer" activities, the
straight-intensive culture it was time to visit the Yangtze River Delta region is also
emerging semiconductor factory.
Another scene in the Goldman Forum on the children of political figures, is the
daughter of former legislator Su Hong Tung-kui, to complete her university education
in Taiwan, only to study abroad, is well-known in high school gifted students,
National Taiwan University, Physics, Ph.D. Physics, California Institute of
Technology qualifications, even in prestigious MBA like clouds in the investment
banking sector, there still outstanding. Su current Goldman Sachs Asset Management
as manager of Goldman Sachs Forum in Shanghai, the venue, she was one seat waist
long hair, bright red sequins festooning the narrow skirt and red high heels, red belt
with Cartier diamond table revolutionized the investment banking industry a black
dress and blue colors, is a must.