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									Chaoshan - rise in reflection (Reprinted)
April 28, 2008 Monday 12:27
    ?Shantou now, it is only natural, so had decided to set up a special economic zone
of Shantou, Deng Xiaoping, had to judge Shantou is "the only Far Eastern
port of business value," Engels - The two "wise men"
- seriously disappointed also become a laughing stock!
Shantou was, how proud, how despised stranger; today Shantou,
"backward" "rundown" is the most
appropriate in describing the old days of the SAR, actually come to such a face! -
Passion after the sinking, a long time can not take heart!
- "Abjection of the SAR, run-down of Shantou"

Chaoshan people today have a widespread and quite contented to their nickname: the
Oriental Jews. Jews are good at business is the world-famous, but Chaoshan people
love doing business, to business, is also well known, among them the out, such as Xie
Hui-Ju, Li Ka Shing, Chen Youhan, Lim Por Yen such a giant. However, a surprising
is that business is so rich tradition, there are so many business days, so a good place
preferential policies, Shantou Special Administrative Region's economy
has not shown extraordinary place. Even in Shantou's strengths - business
area, Shantou, and no one has-known traders in the country. This phenomenon is
simply with the Chaoshan people overseas and even in other parts of the
achievements can not compare. Why this happens?
- "Beijing University BBS on an evaluation of Chaoshan

We really have to be vigilant of these intellectuals, if we can not take up the task of
protection and development of culture, will not be able to imagine the next stage of
A micro-example is the direct descendant of Chinese culture - "Chaoshan
culture", one of the most promising things, but in recent years suffered a
"Shantou phenomenon", 8 years, and still like the old, which is
lacking in the cultural core values bit cases caused by lack credibility. Counterfeit
goods, smuggling, corruption prevails, so that local business and the economy, so that
the original good to those who have been fighting a great impact.
- Hou, South China University of Technology Professor of Journalism and
Communication, Vice President

"I have to prove to tell the world, Chaoshan people did not like the rumors
are not reliable, let the world know Chaoshan people are honest."
- Gold Yili Shoes Co., Ltd. Jieyang City, Kim Yun-Shoes Co., Ltd. Manager Yang

Rampant smuggling of the Shantou Special Economic Zone was once pulled by the
risk to Premier Zhu Rongji.
- Some teachers of the South China University of Technology

Too many comments is not well attended ... ... Professor of teachers in the classroom
for the negative evaluation of Chaozhou, although most of the facts, people have to
think, have to fight, have to think the rise.
Chaoshan people are often burdened with much larger than Bao Mei insisted that the
achievements of the people watching is not very clear, because often Chaoshan people
is their business qualities perceived by outsiders, while the mercenary business savvy
excesses sooner or recruit people envy and hate . But once wrong, will be magnifies.
Pragmatic Chaoshan culture has never cared, she continued to struggle and
self-improvement, the patience of hope in her unique achievements to the world with
perfect once again re-admitted her good and excellent.
But she needs to tell her children - we can only rise to reflection.
Frustrated when a nation can not move forward, she need to reflect on, and then can
only rise. May 4 movement is in the old ideas of reflection, only to create new ideas,
new spirit, new people, new development. Reform is also in the reflection on the old
system, only create a new economy, new country.
A region of the same ethnic group. Chaoshan people, too. We have heard too many
comments. We have too many sets much unconvinced. However, only thinking
Chaoshan, only right and wrong, only reflection, can only find its own direction, at
the helm of their own development.

Former glory

We have the honor to heart, they are our roots, our source of strength to start, is the
source of a resurgent Chaoshan.
We are truly Oriental Jews
Chaoshan people like the Jews, good at business. Chaoshan has a long business
tradition, from the Ming Dynasty, business has been booming in Chaozhou, the early
influx of the commercial activities to maritime trade as a driving force, social and
economic development status, so that the market Chaoshan deep cultural imprint
stamped and formed China Restraining Commerce traditional Confucian culture, a
different     business   culture.   Engels     had    the    revolutionary     mentor
"Russia's success in the Far East," the article said,
"Shantou is the only port with little commercial significance."
Strong sense of regional business, the business created Chaoshan people born with
instincts, coupled with Chaoshan people in the marine culture shaped by the
"No victories" in the spirit of a unique toughness, hard-working
quality, so Chaoshan people in business has made brilliant achievements. Chaoshan
people and Jews, giant of giving birth - Li Ka Shing, Lim Por Yen, Xie Guomin,
Huang Guangyu, Chen Youhan, Mr. Ma ... .... Jews are good at non-industrial areas
such as finance, commerce is Chaoshan people are good at - in Thailand, with Mr
Brian Robinson, a father and son Dr Chan Bangkok Bank, Metropolitan Bank
building, Zheng Wu, Hu Yulin shares of First Bank of Thailand, Li Zhi is the big city
banks; in Singapore, there are Stone Bank, Union Bank, Asia Commercial Bank; in
Malaysia, there is the second largest in Malaysia's Public Bank; In Hong
Kong, Liu Chong Hing Bank, Nanyang Commercial Bank in Hong Kong, Ka Wah
Bank ; in Macau, there Nantong commercial banks. The Chaoshan people are all over
retail, from the domestic Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai to Hong Kong, Thailand,
Southeast Asia and other parts of Europe, France.


2006, 500 of the world's richest Chaoshan Chinese nationals (Unit: billion
Rank / Name / assets / business / region / industry
1 Li Ka-shing Hong Kong, China 1504.0 Cheung Kong real estate development and
18 Su Xuming 240.0 TCC Group, Thailand, manufacturing, wine
Lion Group of Malaysia 196.0 24 William H. J. Cheng steel, real estate, investment
39 Huang Guangyu 140.0 Eagle Group
Joseph Lau 136.0 40 Chinese Estates Holdings Limited
Hong Kong's Shui On Group, Vincent Lo 116.0 48
51 Thaksin (Ciuda new) 104.0 Shinawatra Computer Services and Investment
Corporation of Thailand
52 Xie Guomin family 104.0 Chia Tai Group of Thailand
53 Chu Mang Yee family Hopson Development of Guangdong 100.0
88.0 60 Richard Li Pacific Century Group Hong Kong
61 Chen Youhan family 87.2 Bangkok Bank, the Asian financial Thailand
Lo Ying Shek 84.0 64 Great Eagle Holdings Hong Kong real estate
Family 76.0 68 Piow Public Bank Group, the public finance Thailand's
70 Li Zhi was 72.8 Bank of Ayudhya Thai finance, building materials, food, media
85 Victor Li 57.0 Trinity Time Investments Canada investment holding, real estate
86 Hu Yulin 56.0 Exchange of Thailand Chuan Mi industry trade, manufacturing, real
estate, hotels
93 Chen Shaoxiong and Chen Yueming 53.0 Burrard International Holdings Inc. and
the Canadian Golf Course Real Estate
95 Yu-tone family 52.8 Sahaviriya Steel Group in Thailand, Real Estate
101 Lien family, UOB Group, Singapore 51.2 Finance, insurance, real estate
112 Astragalus, such as family group 48.0 Maoye Guangdong real estate, retail
Wing Tai Holdings 113 48.0 Edgar Cheng family in Singapore, Hong Kong clothing,
shipping, real estate
114 Huang Junqin 47.8 New Henderson Group Beijing Real Estate
141 Zhou Zerong 35.8 Kingold Group Guangdong Real Estate
165 Paul as 28.0 Thai Asahi Group, Cathay Pacific Trust Group, Thailand, glass,
chemicals, finance, real estate
188 for Xiang Ke 24.8 Paolita Family Group Hong Kong, Macau real estate, finance,
import and export
216 Mr. Ma 20.9 Tencent instant messaging services in Guangdong

Our unique culture Chaoshan

(A) a strong business sense

The history of the struggle with the sea, a crowded area, population and resources and
the environment conflicts, competitive environment to foster our creativity,
pioneering and adventurous spirit, we go overseas to earn a living, we create a unique
commercial society In intensive agriculture, the handicraft industry on the detailed
craftsmanship, the business is even more carefully, very good business. Our business
sense dictates that we are active in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing,
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe around the world. Chaoshan business group
has been thriving for five years instead of never.

(B) independent of language - words Chaoshan

Chaozhou is one of the few words the dictionary has a separate dialect.
"One of us" is the outside world, then the most direct
knowledge of Chaozhou and Shantou. For us, it is to maintain our Chaoshan
emotional ties, there is a great cohesion. Chaoshan more sense if a business language,
a kind of emotional language, a fine contains Chaoshan people, resilience and vitality
of the language. Chaoshan words of the Chinese language meaning of ancient words
of ancient phonetics and complete reservation, which makes clear Chaoshan people
on the causes of attachment. This also Chaoshan people have strong local, national
sentiment echoes.

(C) pragmatic, bold, unimportance of the personality characteristics

No matter how hard the face of the environment, we are not complaining, but down-to
create the conditions, the strength and vitality with Chaoshan people. Chaoshan
business groups big and strong and are generally not riches, generally by
accumulation of long-term cost-conscious business. Today surfaced Chaoshan
business group, are experiencing more than a decade or 20 years of accumulated
before entering the expressway of development. We always believe: if they work hard,
do not lose faith, we will be able to overcome the difficulties. In many places,
occasions Chaoshan people always act independently, eclectic, others do not dare to

We selfless dedication to our country.

I support education and health care will exceed the limit of life.
- Li Ka-shing

Earn, the donated to become valuable only when money for social development, is
well spent.
- Lim Por Yen

Impressed me most is that when the participants (of the fourth annual International
Teochew Youth Fellowship) all together singing the national anthem, I saw many
people's eyes are moist. I think the influx of companies regardless of the
reason can go where solidarity, which reflected not only the group identity is more
important is national complex, because each has a hot trend in his heart
"Chinese heart." Although many Chiu Chow people themselves
in a foreign country, but as long as money, they will return to invest in and support the
motherland's development, which is a common feature of Chaozhou people.
Is their most direct embodiment of patriotism.
- Great China International Investment (Holdings) chairman Huang Shi again

International Teochew Youth Association and an active interest in the general Chao Ji
Young building the motherland, working to promote the Chinese nation's
fine cultural traditions of inheritance and development. Actively engaged in home
country and the cause of national revival, to promote the motherland's
reform and opening up and modernization drive, China to promote cooperation and
exchange with other countries to make a positive contribution. Shenzhen is
China's earliest special economic zones, also Chaoji to one of the largest.
The course of construction and development of the SAR, the majority of young
people fully develop Chaoji Chaoshan culture tenacity, excellent entrepreneurial
character, indomitable enterprising spirit, the SAR's reform and opening up
and modernization drive a positive contribution to their wisdom and play
entrepreneurial passion, in every industry emerged many of the elite, and made great
achievements and become an important force in building the SAR, and other pioneers
from all over the country together a brilliant cast of Shenzhen today.
- Shenzhen Mayor Xu

Chiu Sheung China charity, public welfare, education and reunification of the
motherland have shown tremendous enthusiasm.


There are three universities in the world for the Chaoshan people Donation made: the
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, Thailand, Chinese University of Chong Sheng,
China's Shantou University.
Since 1978, Li Ka-shing Chaoshan Area in various socially beneficial cause, such as
building hospitals, bridges, stadiums, etc., after the benefit in Guangdong. 1980 Juan
Juzi establishment of Shantou University, 10 years, donated a cumulative total of
nearly 1.2 billion Hong Kong dollars, making great progress since the founding of
Shantou University, Shantou University main campus and medical school at present in
more than 5,000 undergraduate students, graduate students 100. Two affiliated
hospitals have beds in 1200, all 300 will set up a cancer hospital bed. Deng
Xiaoping's June 1986 meeting with Li Ka-shing, the Office of Shantou
University for his contributions to the spirit of his appreciation, he said:
"You offered to help the country is solid, and thank you for your
contribution to the country." In 1993, Li Ka-shing generous donation of 10
million U.S. dollars, to help build a new library of Beijing University. 2003, Tsinghua
University, Li Ka-shing-funded building for the future Internet Technology Research
Center. It is estimated that a major contributor to Li Ka-shing in the world more than
6.4 billion.


In 2005 China announced the first 100 people in the charity, Christine Chang Rong,
Lim Por Yen, Chao Ji Cheng brightly lit and the many businessmen angry. Cheung
Kung Wing have been feeling their homeland, love of poverty, charity, donate huge
sums of money from sponsorship home uninterrupted benefits, public welfare, the
total amount of up to 40.2 million yuan. According to incomplete statistics, Lim Por
Yen in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shantou, Zhongshan and so do all kinds of
public welfare donations, totaling 700 million yuan or more, there are only 380
million yuan in the home of Shantou. Lim Por Yen in Hong Kong donated to build
schools and Lim Por Yen youth entertainment center, in Shantou, Chaoyang Donation
Lim Por Yen Secondary School Science and Technology, Lim Por Yen Secondary
School and so on.

October 12, 2005, the world's attention the Shenzhou VI manned
spacecraft into space. This is a proud day for the Chinese people, but also Chaoshan
people proud of life. Division Jieyang Jirong Gong "Shenzhou"
spacecraft to provide reliable and low-temperature air conditioning Guiji ensure the
successful launch of Shenzhou expressed Chaoshan people on the sincerity of
China's space cause infinite. Commander of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch
Center to give Ji-rong, "China's Shenzhou spacecraft to ensure a
reliable environment," the title.

Have learned

Have learned, we Japanese provinces, we are not saints, we did a mistake, not a small
mistake. Set us back decades. A nation good at summing up historical experience, will
stand in the world when the name of family forest. "Since the founding of
the party's number on the resolution of history," Communist
Party of China opened up a new era. So which scholars can "on the reform
and opening up a number of historical issues Shantou research" to give rise
to beliefs that we do?
Of painful past - learn from history, one can know the pros and cons

(A) to Shantou no special of "807 cases of tax evasion and tax

January 17, 2000, the State Administration of Taxation of the 51 documents
"related strictly to enhance Chaoshan area purchase of export goods refund
(exemption) management", a document all Chaoshan people heartache.
On August 7, 2000 started the "807 cases of tax evasion and tax
fraud", according to incomplete statistics, the total value added tax invoice
88000, and falsifying tax 22.3 billion, 4.2 billion alleged fraud.

(B) the price of -18 regions of false notices is not clear and Chaoshan business

"Shantou goods do not sell here" - this is the biggest disgrace
State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Memorandum 11 of 2000 records in the crackdown,
there are three concerns in Shantou City. They are: January 1, Shantou City in
Guangdong organized counterfeiting operation, seized two illegal cigarette factory
installed, and seized 21 units of illegal assembly cigarette. April 3 ~ 5, dispatched 280
people in Guangdong Chaoyang, Raoping, Puning, Fengshun region smashed Jiedong
and counterfeit cigarettes are produced dens 6, harboring the dens counterfeiting
smoke 6, counterfeiting raw material storage, transit point 3, the collection YJI4-23
feeding the machine 22 sets, packaging machine 1, 3000, 55 packaging machine 1,
press 2 sets of 32 suspects arrested counterfeiting. June 5, destroyed in Guangdong
Chaoyang dens 9 counterfeiting, confiscated YJI4-23 feeding the machine 6; 3000
packaging machine 1; large printing press 8 sets; shred machine 12 sets, and arrested
85 persons suspected of counterfeiting people.
There are many, many, some people jokingly, in addition to the atomic bomb, no we
are not made.

(C) Smuggling

In 2000, Shantou Customs seized smuggling value of 140 million yuan.
January 18, 2001, Shantou Customs seized a large cigarette smuggling, seizing 756
boxes of Chinese brand of cigarettes produced in Taiwan 684 Box 520 cigarettes,
worth about 15.2 million yuan, the extreme arrogance of the smugglers, not only
armed recalcitrant , also an anti-smuggling team members push the sea and attempted
to snatch weapons, attacked the police.
In 2002, the "8.15" Shantou large series of smuggling,
smuggled 30 billion total of tax evasion as much as 4.5 billion.
(D) "Mark Six" - a handful of salt on the wounds

The plague began in 1999, let us struggling in the death of the border, it basically
destroyed all our hopes. When a five-year-old children's drawings against
the so-called "agreeable", you will be afraid of what was called
"Oriental Jews" ethnic Maybe we should actually disappear
before your eyes, never come back.

Over time, people will not be people who will not Chaozhou Chaozhou and Shantou.

Moment of awakening
Online circulating "We Chaoshan people no arrogant," we can
not doubt that on a hot Chaoshan nostalgia. But the face of current difficulties, danger,
we might win is not a big Qing Dynasty-style arrogant, we can not put past
achievements as a shield. We should not block the outside world gossip, but in the
dire straits of Chaoshan culture, Chaoshan economic, Chaoshan future. Too absorbed
in the achievements of the past will only make us lose faster.
The face of doubt, ridicule or humiliation, we want is a reflection, reflection, then
reflection; want is a reflection on the Breakthrough and rise.
There are too many reasons to prove that we can not lose, not backward, including the
past glory. Too many outstanding achievements in culture and we must assume a
greater hope. We must recognize our position, our obstacles, our direction.
Chaoshan earth, Chaoshan people in urgent need of an ideology of liberation
movements, the villagers from rural areas to cities, the public, to the majority of
students studying abroad, to the top-down government agency officials, to all scholars,
we need to expulsion of the old culture, old ideas in groups hinder the development of
the dross Chaoshan give Chaoshan culture, Chaoshan new ideas, meaning the times,
with new ideas, cultural purification Chaoshan earth, armed Chaoshan people.
Majority of students studying abroad, as to the mission, believe in yourself, believe
Chaozhou, Chaozhou construction. Although the times from state Chaoshan a lot of
people disappointed and even ashamed. But we are Chaoshan people, honest and
upright, Oriental Jews, we had a glorious history, these achievements is the
confidence of our progress. The face of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Xiamen ... ...
We do not inferiority, Chaoshan the students as excellent positioning themselves
inheriting Chaoshan fighting spirit of the era to create Chaoshan.

Why always sad? Deep love for this land.

I Chaoshan people, I see this as the proud.

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