Chao Hui will understand the _amp;quot;five trick_amp;quot;

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					Chao Hui will understand the "five trick"
Like walking itinerant warrior must have some trick, like the people in the Chao Hui
exchange, they must have some special moves are: the trend, buying points, look for
the target, only to win and stop.

Advantage of the opportunity and invest in the market for the profit of any magic, so
the first move is to "know the trend." The concept is a
long-term trend represents a longer period of time the direction of price changes,
including up, down, consolidation of three directions. So look for a trend, a
"buy low, sell high throw" traditional operation method is very
secure. If you want to "chase the sell into corrections," but for
the adverse economic, must be dominated by short-term operation.

"Wait to buy point" is to grasp the second measure. Meeting
people can use golden section line, trend line are several ways to buy law to achieve.
Sun Tong said that the different methods did not vary, only suitably inappropriate,
whether to facilitate operation of other investors.

"Find target" is the third measure. Meeting China golden line
method can be applied to achieve the objective only is the goal, may not reach, may
also be exceeded. Sticking to targets is not desirable, the key then is to realize the goal
of choice, or open positions? This should be due to "potential"
may be.

"Just win" and "stop" is complementary
to two strokes. Just win and stop the development strategy is critical for investors.
"Why just win?" Sun Tong explained that do this although hard
for investors to win a strong mentality, but in a unilateral situation, it is to you the
only means of profit maximization, if not only win approach, and the prices mutation,
you will pay a high cost, or even lose a big market. Only determine the winning price,
price volatility to continue on with the shift (up or down). Up process in the previous
closing price as reference. Correction potential in less then just win, should take the
initiative to open.

Similarly, in the first stop, is also a challenge for investors. When the price dropped to
set the stop point, to timely stop. That stop bit should be set which support level? Stop
traffic in general, the number of right? Sun Tong said this, it is best to combine their
experience and knowledge of the market to set up stop-loss. Long-term transactions,
stop-loss is not appropriate to measure the number of points, but to support the
importance of, for example, the price broke through the long-term rising trend line,
broke through the proven long-term effective for 30 weeks, 60 weeks movement
Average lines. In order to reduce losses, as the key support level in the vicinity of a
position is opened for the long-term deal, not more than 1% of the stop.
Smart layout for profit

When you have these factors, profit model, how to set up a triumvirate, the use of the
correct way of thinking, to make up the smooth functioning of profit model? Sun
Tong drew a flow chart (left). He said that this process can reduce the interference of
subjective factors on the decision-making. For example, when the stop-loss triggers,
and exchange the people supposed to do? In fact, the correct approach is to wait and
see. Because the stop-loss triggers, the original sale of the client and the market is the
opposite direction (at least in the short term this is the case), this time, people should
calmly exchange market thinking according to the operation of the original idea
whether there is some deviation, the need for amendments to the best attitude

Ring "corruption" avoid "mood" to find

Investors can not draw the future price changes in advance of the track, only
according to the historical data and of methods to predict, but no matter how rigorous
analysis and forecasts are likely to go wrong, and therefore have to establish the
correct mode of thinking, good mentality. Ring "corruption": to
keep their profits; avoid "mood": boldly to win.

Meanwhile, foreign investors, he reminded, not to rush to change his mind. Pre-set
market price the day and plans for immediate price fluctuations do not easily change
the impact of the decision. Second, uncertain city not join. When the market does not
feel himself, give himself a holiday, do not force the market. Again, the situation does
not re-re-price. Look for trend, the decisive attack, a few small ideas for the sake
avoid missed trading opportunities, which are key to the successful implementation of

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