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									       Mark Finnell
                                                                                          Contact : 626-975-1164
        SAG / AFTRA / AEA
        GREY hair          BLUE eyes         5’10”                          Demo Reel:

       James Hong: Man of a Thousand Faces     Supporting                   Dramatika Films                         Kym Seacrist
       Meet the Neighbor                       Lead                         Group 101 Films                         Jordan Roberts
       Got Milk?                               Lead                         USC Grad. Film                          Jason Taylor
       Placebo (starring Jason Ritter)         Supporting                   Stoneybrook Films                       Michael Steinbach
       Angels Among Us                         Supporting                   jazzy beetle productions                Maria Brenner
       Green                                   Supporting                   AFI

       Numb3rs                                 Co- star                     CBS                                     Scott Lautanen
       The Fine Art of Television              Lead                         WNPB Productions                        Tom Nicholson
       Whitebread TV                           Lead                         Blind Justice Prods.                    Tom Nicholson
       The Great Wright Debate                 Lead                         HFMGV Presents                          Scott Dennis
       Health Matters                          Lead Recurring               NBC / WDIV

       (Conflicts upon request)

STAGE (selected)
       True West                              Saul Kimmer                   Knightsbridge Theatre                              (LA)
       Dancing at Lughnasa                    Jack                          Knightsbridge Theatre                              (LA)
       Before I Wake                          Frank                         The Group @ Strasberg (directed by Anna Strasberg) (LA)
       Spinelli (World Premiere)              Spencer Tracy                 Long Beach Playhouse
       The Time of Your Life            Calvenu, Benji, Tuto, Dinka         Hilberry Repertory Theatre
       Three Sisters                          Dr. Chebutykin                Hilberry Repertory Theatre
       Of Mice and Men                        Candy                         Hilberry Repertory Theatre
       The Lady’s Not for Burning             Hebble Tyson                  Hilberry Repertory Theatre
       The Furies (Eumenides)                 Apollo                        Classical Theatre Tour (Athens, Greece)
       Everything In The Garden               Jack                          Hilberry Repertory Theatre
       A Midsummer Night’s Dream              Bottom                        Hilberry Repertory Theatre
       Prelude To A Kiss                      Dr. Boyle                     Hilberry Repertory Theatre
       Our Country’s Good                     Major Ross                    WVU Main Stage
       The Caucasian Chalk Circle             Azdak                         WVU Main Stage
       Waiting For Godot                      Vladimir                      Tanner Theatre
       Boys Next Door                         Norman                        WVU Main Stage
       El Salvador                            Pinder                        WVU Actors Studio Theatre
       Bleacher Bums                          Decker                        Tanner Theatre
       The Man of Mode                        Bellair                       Actor’s Lab

       Sketch Comedy                           ACME Comedy Theatre: Performer, Writer: Level 3
       Comedy Improvisation                    Second City: Detroit (Larry Campbell) The Groundlings: Los Angeles
       Acting for the Camera                   Robert D’avanzo (Los Angeles)
       Acting Workshops                        Lee Strasberg Institute
                                               Jose Quintero (Tony-Award Winning Dir.),
                                               Joan Darling, Antoni Cimolino (Stratford Festival), Susan Barnes
       Voice-Over                              Kalmenson & Kalmenson (LA)
       Scansion                                Joe Olivieri (UCLA and WVU)
       Period Movement                         John Broome (Stratford Festival) Nira Pullen (Wayne State University)

       MFA       Hilberry Repertory Theatre                       Wayne State University - Detroit, MI
       BFA       Professional Actors Training Program             West Virginia University

            Comedy Improvisation / Sketch Comedy – See Above, Impressionist
            Rock ‘n Roll singer from 1979-1990; various Detroit Bands
            Dialects – British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Russian, German, Indian, Mid-western, Southern, NY, etc
            Directing for the Stage & Sound Design, Teacher                     Tennis, Gourmet Cooking, Bartender
            Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant in Automotive Industry, Ear Prompter, Tele-prompter (Resume and Reel Upon Request)

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