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					 July 17, 2007                                                                                          Volume 10 No 130

 Stupid Quote Of Quotes Of The
 The Day         Day                                                                                A Word A Day
                                                           arl Zwanzig:                                    posematic (ap-uh-suh-MAT-ik)
 On Thanks For Spelling It
        he sun rose promptly at dawn.
                                                  C           “Duct tape is like the force. It
                                                           has a light side, a dark side, and it
                                                                                                     a     adjective
                                                                                                           Serving as a warning or alarm.

  T     in bestselling author Tom Clancy’s
        novel The Teeth of the Tiger
                                                           holds the universe together....
                                                  Samuel Johnson:
                                                                                                    [From Greek apo- (away, off) + sematic
                                                                                                    (serving as a sign of danger), from sema
                                                                                                    (sign). The term is especially used in case
                                                     “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a          of insects, referring to features such as
                                                  subject ourselves, or we know where we            bright colors or markings to warn a predator
                                                  can find information on it.”                      that they may be poisonous.]
 Useless Facts                                    Joseph Heller, Catch 22:                          "Winslow departed port in utter disregard of

 Of The Day                                        “The enemy is anybody who's going to get
                                                  you killed, no matter which side he's on.”
                                                                                                    an aposematic forecast, and then stayed
                                                                                                    overlong in worsening seas before turning
                                                                                                    back." Excerpt from opinion of the court
          seless facts:
                                                                                                    (Selya, J.) in DiMillo v. Sheepscot Pilots,
     U         In 1894, A. G. Spalding &
                Bros. in Chicopee,
                                                  Ralph Waldo Emerson:
                                                      "What lies behind us and what lies
                                                                                                    Inc. 1989.

                                                                                                   *Happy Birthday*
DILBERT-OF-THE-DAY                                                                                 1912 Art Linkletter TV host(People are Funny)[95]
                                                                                                   1917 Phyllis Diller Ohio, comedienne [90]
      Massachusetts invented the first            before us are tiny matters compared to           1934 Donald Sutherland act (Body Snatchers)[73]
      official basketball. The first balls were   what lies within us."                            1935 Diahann Carroll actress (Dynasty) [72]
      made of panels of leather that were
                                                                                                   1935 P.D.Q. Bach [Peter Schickele], Iowa,
      stitched together over a rubber
                                                                                                   composer (5th of Beethoven)            [72]
     Jenna Elfman, co-star of the TV hit         Urban Word Of                                    1942 Spencer Davis Wales, vocalist     [65]
                                                                                                   1942 Connie Hawkins Harlem Globetrotter/NBA
      "Dharma and Greg," was born Jennifer                                                         (Phoenix Suns, ABA MVP 1968)           [65]
      Mary Butala. In 1995, she married
      actor Bodhi Elfman, nephew of film
                                                  The Day                                          1947 Phyllis Davis Tx, actress (Vega$) [60]
                                                                                                   1947 Camilla Parker-Bowles Prince Charles
      score composer Danny Eflman ("The                                                            significant other                      [60]
                                                      afediem                                      1949 "Geezer" Butler bass (Black Sabbath) [58]
      Simpsons," "Men in Black," "Good Will

      Hunting"), and changed her last name.
      Something that is woody or like wood
                                                  c   Caffeinate the day.
                                                      To ask someone if they want a coffee,
                                                                                                   1951 Lucie Arnaz LA Calif, actress (Kim-Here's
                                                                                                   Lucy, Jazz Singer)                     [56]
                                                                                                   1952 David Hasselhoff actor (Night Rider) [55]
      can be described as "xyloid."               say "cafediem?"
                                                                                                   1952 Phoebe Snow singer                [55]
                                                  by tropt oz Mar 30, 2006                         1954 J. Michael Straczynski dir (Babylon 5) [53]
                                                                                                   1956 Bryan Trottier NHL Center (Islanders) [51]
                                                                                                   1960 Karen Price playmate (January, 1981) [47]
Published: 8/15/2010 11:00 PM                                                                      1963 Denise Miller (Archie Bunker's Place) [44]
                                                                                                   1964 Heather Langenkamp actress        [43]
                                                                                                   1982 Tash Hamilton teen-pop (Atomic Kitten) [25]
   2                                                                                       Stuff-Of-The-Day Newsletter
                                                      1968 Revolt in Iraq
History Of The                                        1974 1st quadraphonic studio in UK is open             Gadget Of The
                                                      by the Moody Blues
Day                                                   1974 John Lennon is ordered to leave the               Day
       841 British humor magazine "Punch"             US in 60 days                                                       ulticolor LED Panel

1      1st published
      1850 Harvard Observatory takes 1st
photograph of a star (Vega)
                                                      1975 Apollo 18 & Soyuz 19 make 1st
                                                      US/USSR linkup in space                                 M           Chic Geek Mood Lighting
                                                                                                                        Who says geeks are clueless
                                                      1975 Ringo Starr & Maureen Cox divorce                 about interior decor? Spice up your next
1856 Sunday                                                                                                          LAN party soirée with this stylish
school excursion                                                                                                     LED lamp. Twenty-seven LEDs
train collides killing                                                                                               divided into 9 different squares
46 children (Phila)                                                                                                  slowly fade randomly between all
                                                                                                                     the colors of
1861 Congress                                                                                                        the rainbow.
authorizes paper                                                                                                     This large 10
money                                                                                                                inch panel
1898 Spanish                                                                                                         can stand
                                                                                                                     upright or be
American War-
                                                                                                                     mounted on
                                                                                                                     a wall. The
surrender to US at
                                                                                                                     bezel free
Santiago Cuba
                                                                                                                     design means you can buy four
1917 British Royal                                                                                                   and stack them seamlessly
family changes its                                                                                                   together to form your own alien
name from Hanover                                                                                                    spaceship control panel. We
to Windsor                                                                                                           recommend you serve Bawls
                                                                                                                     martinis while your party guests
1918 Longest                                                                                                         frag away basked in the multi-color
errorless game,                                                                                                      glow from your futuristic LED mood
Cubs beat Phillies                                                                                                   lighting.
2-1 in 21 innings
                                                                                                                        Price: $34.99
1938 Douglas                                            Red, White, and Blue Sky
(Wrong Way)         Explanation: Contrasting colors in this beautiful sunset sky were captured on June 30 from
Corrigan leaves NY  Clear Creek Canyon Observatory in central Arizona, USA. The twilight scene includes
for LA, wound up in brilliant Venus as the evening star, with a bright Saturn just above it, shining through thin
Ireland             clouds. The two wandering planets were a mere 1 degree apart or so, about twice the width
                    of the full Moon rising above the eastern horizon on the other side of the sky. In fact, such
1941 Joe DiMaggio's serene skyviews were possible from all over planet Earth as Venus and Saturn approached a
56 game hitting     conjunction. Regulus, alpha star of the constellation Leo, is above and to the left of the close
streak ends         planetary pairing. At dusk, lights in tonight's sky will also feature Venus and Saturn low in the
                    west and separated by about 2 degrees.
1944 2 ammunition
ships explodes at Port Chicago, California
                                                      1976 21st modern Olympic games opens in      
kills 322
                                                      Montréal                                               /9380/?cpg=55H
1954 Construction begins on Disneyland. . .
                                                      1978 Reggie Jackson refusal to bunt
1955 . . . Disneyland opens its doors in              causes mgr Billy Martin to suspend him
rural Orange County
                                                      1979 NL beats AL 7-6 in 50th All Star
1955 Arco, Idaho becomes 1st US city lit by           Game (Kingdome Seattle)
nuclear power
                                                      1981 Lobby Walkways at KC's Hyatt
1959 2,000 ft long by 1,300 foot wide                 Regency collapse 114 die, 200 injured
section of ridge falls into Madis
                                                      1987 10 teens die in Guadalupe River flood
1959 Dr Leakey discovers oldest human                 (Comfort, Tx)
skull (600,000 years old)
                                                      1988 Florence Griffith Joyner of USA sets
1961 John Chancellor becomes news                     the 100m woman's record (10.49)
anchor of the Today Show                                                                                   3 DAY FORECAST
                                                      1989 Paul McCartney releases "This
1962 Senate rejects Medicare for the aged             One"                                                 Date                Forecast   Hi    Lo POP
1967 Monkees perform at Forest Hills NY,              1990 Hussein's Revolutionary Day                     Wed Jul 18          T-Showers 86°F 67°F 40%
Jimi Hendrix is opening act                           speech claims Kuwait stole oil from Iraq
                                                                                                                               Isolated T-
1967 Race riots in Cairo Illinois                     1990 Minn Twins become 1st team to                   Thu Jul 19                      83°F 63°F 30%
                                                      turn 2 triple plays in a game                                            Partly
1968 Beatle's animated film "Yellow                                                                        Fri Jul 20                      75°F 61°F 20%
Submarine" premiers in London                                                                                                  Cloudy                                                  2