Challenges of a new generation of red high-definition Blu-ray DVD NVD by fdjerue7eeu


									Challenges of a new generation of red high-definition Blu-ray DVD NVD
   Red HD Industry Alliance of China Secretary-General of the Preparatory
Committee of Wuhan Optics Valley Optoelectronics Industry Development Co., Ltd.,
chairman of the new Ming Tung told reporters recently, in the absence of the crux of
the source program be a breakthrough film, the red light into the implementation of
high-definition industrial real stage. NVD developed a new generation of red
high-definition on November in Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai, the three sale.
China is a big country of production of optical storage, optical storage, but is not yet a
technology power. As the key technical standards and patent controlled by large
foreign companies, domestic washer manufacturers that producing a DVD disc
players, would give foreign manufacturers royalties of about 10 U.S. dollars. In the
outflow of high profits, but also to our information security, confidentiality adversely
affected. In 2004, China's leading optical storage technology experts,
academician Gan Fuxi the first time integration of the domestic advantages of
resources, independent research and development strategy of red high-definition
series idea. In 2006, China's first red light with independent intellectual
property rights NVD HD players come out in Wuhan Optics Valley, 3 times the
capacity of DVD, HD DVD is 5 times. This marks the realization of
China's optical storage industry from the "Made in
China" to "Created in China" by leaps and bounds,
change the key technical term by foreign monopoly status.
Ming Dong explained that the first generation 12G HD red light R & D
process has been completed, the popularity of high-definition LCD TV has opened the
potential market, however, new sources for its industrialization has been the
"bottleneck." To this end, Wuhan Optics Valley of new PV
companies and program providers to actively discuss cooperation and investment 15
million yuan, and China reached 100 Kay cultural cooperation agreements 1,000,000,
which shows the disc will be gradually put into operation in October. CD price per
genuine only between 20 to 40 yuan, in addition to a single sale, the will and the NVD
comes with. In addition, they will contact a number of foreign publishers, and
gradually establish Optics Valley Red HD programming library.
"This will change the 'affordable car, the oil could not
afford' plight, so real to millions of households NVD red
high-definition." As a new generation of one unit of red high-definition
technology, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (chips) Deputy Director,
Professor Chang-Sheng Xie, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said
high-definition Blu-ray Disc are each priced at 200 yuan, red high-definition discs
will undoubtedly have a considerable price advantage. More importantly, in China
more than 1000 articles DVD disc production lines after a little transformation,
production of red high-definition discs will be for many disc manufacturers to provide
a way out.

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