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Dear CEO:
With the rapid economic growth in recent years, Chinese companies are continuously
developing. At present, many enterprises recognize the need to implement in other
world-class enterprise Zhong to the successful operation of the business model.
However, to integrate into the global economy and achieve optimal competitive,
requires a visionary CEO who fully understand the business best practice and
behavior, especially insight into corporate strategy, strategic management and
investment capital, resource allocation and other key operational elements of capacity.
In 2005, Harvard Business School, China Europe International Business School and
IESE Business School 3 in the world's prestigious Business School jointly
launched the senior manager of training for each company's CEO offers to
compete with world-class multinational companies when necessary skills training.
Past training participants from the feedback of view, the course won unanimous praise.
2010, we will once again host this program, we are very honored and pleased.
This course is designed to help China's CEO that important in the
management concept of organizational strategy and advanced integration phase, in
order to substantially improved as a leader of the Xiaonengjiqi where business
Now, from the three leading business schools have formed teams of teachers are ready,
they will lead you to get a comprehensive and highly effective learning experience. As
a student, you will examine a variety of methods have been proven theory, the
formation of strategic and financial modules of the new way of thinking, and learn
how to look at the economy from a global perspective and industry trends. In addition,
peer knowledge sharing with you, as well as world-renowned professor of case
studies under the guidance and self-assessment exercises, your learning experience
will further enhance and strengthen. The global program will start in China, through
Europe, eventually reaching the United States, in the field of education, the dean of
business administration at Harvard Business School campus in the successful end of
the whole journey of learning, you will receive a very valuable international
experience and feelings.
Through this course, you will be able to temporarily get rid of the affairs of daily
activities and with a new way of thinking to think about business challenges and
opportunities. Our main purpose is to provide you with tools to help your organization
grow into a world-class, sustainable development, the company advantages. We
sincerely hope you can join the course this year's Global CEO.
Shun Chung
Co-Course Director
Professor Zhang Weijiong
CEIBS Professor of Management
Director of the Centre of Chinese Private Enterprises
Chinese Vice-President and Provost
Kelishina ? Palepu (Krishna Palepu) Professor
Harvard Business School ? Ross ? Graham Walker Professor of Business
Senior Vice Provost - International Development
Jaume Ribera (Jaume Ribera), Professor
IESE Business School production, technology and management professor
China Europe International Business School Barcelona, Hong Kong Chair Professor
of Logistics
?Comparison of each module courses
?Course Description
?Unprecedented strong cooperation
China Europe International Business School, IESE Business School and Harvard
Business School build a strong academic strength, co-CEO courses worldwide. The
program for the CEO in the face of today's China business and
management challenges, specifically tailored for the China CEO. With the academic
rigor and promote the principles of pluralism, this collection of outstanding faculty
sought a comprehensive management program for its unique and highly professional
to create an extraordinary learning experience. Since 2005, the first time since the
commencement of cooperation, has been entering its fifth year.
China Europe International Business School
CEIBS is the first to provide not only world-class business education business schools,
where the Asia-Pacific region is a prestigious business school. Since 1994,
cooperation by the EU and the Shanghai municipal government since its
establishment, it has been the outstanding international management education with
the deep understanding of Chinese business environment combined. China Europe
International Business School enjoys reputation of excellence, which makes it a lot of
the leading multinational and Chinese companies for high-level project manager, the
ideal training partner.
IESE Business School
IESE Business School, University of Navarra in Spain (the University of Navarra)
affiliated School of Management. It has always been committed to worldwide
education and training of business leaders. In 1964, Harvard Business School together
with the composition of the Advisory Committee under the guidance of the college
first opened MBA courses. So far, members of the Council each year on issues of
common interest and related discussions. The Institute not only was the first European
leader for Enterprise Executive Education programs offer business schools, and
launched the first collaborative executive education programs               Today, the
world's leading business schools are increasingly adopting this model .
Since its inception in 1958, with its high-quality teaching and research, IESE Business
School for business and community services, and become the world's
largest producer of business cases.
Harvard Business School
One hundred years, the Harvard Business School's mission is for those who
have a major impact on the world's leaders to provide education. Harvard
Business School has always been known for its tradition of innovation - the
introduction of education in the management of the case teaching method, the
development of high-level manager training concept and the first in the world offering
the MBA program. Harvard Business School also has five worldwide research centers
on four continents, with this global network, extending its pioneering research in the
international market. Harvard Business School has been committed to the
development of learner-centered learning model, in redefining the nature of
management education, shaping the industries of business practices and create
business and other aspects of the future, has a leading position.
China's rapid economic development and the strengthening of economic
globalization, Chinese enterprises in the worldwide development and providing a
good environment for success. However, the company's growth and
sustainability will be industry consolidation, globalization and economic reforms and
other factors. The company's senior management, in order to build strong
companies and their effective integration into the global market, such a task can be
described as difficult and complex. For the competition, China's CEO who
must maximize their potential to respond to changing environments, across business
areas and cross-border management and leadership throughout the organization.
Global CEO Programme is a special high-level manager training programs. The
course consists of three world-famous business school co-operate, namely: Harvard
Business School, China Europe International Business School and IESE Business
School. The company's success requires not only the individual initiative
and effort, but also need to have excellent organization to fight for the common goal,
this course is designed for those who wish to review these two aspects, breakthrough
thinking and CEO while the Chinese to open of.
This course will be used by the Harvard Business School pioneered the case method is
widely acclaimed, Bangzhu you grow in China and the global business environment,
business knowledge and strategic vision in order to enhance Your Leadership Jineng.
Upon completion of the course of study, you will enter a new stage, in response to
current and future challenges and take advantage of global opportunities within the
well prepared.
?Course Objectives
?Global CEO Programme for China's CEO, who provided an
unprecedented opportunity to enable them to social, cultural, political and economic
fields in all of the significant impact the global business environment, an important
factor in the formation of a new understanding. Through in-depth analysis of various
key issues, trends and emerging trends in business development, you will learn how to
organize themselves and where the efforts of the organization-wide create and sustain
Specifically, the course will help you to enhance the capacity of the following aspects:
Respond to the challenges of global competition environment
Develop strategic goals and implement strategies to build competitive advantage,
creating value for the stakeholders
Established to promote the implementation of the management system and excellent
organizational processes
Understand and manage world-class companies to build the necessary process of
With wisdom, integrity and vision to lead and inspire others in this
?Student object
?Global CEO Programme for China's corporate CEO, chairman and top
decision makers of customized enterprise. Students have more than 10 years of senior
management experience, and from the rapid growth of successful companies.
These battle-hardened business leaders from all types of enterprises, including
state-owned, private, and listed companies. These enterprises not only in the leading
position in the industry, but also has good business ethics and social responsibility.
The purpose of this course is to gather a group of representatives of different
companies and industries, the rich and the actual implementation of strategic change
leadership capability of senior management elite, thus enhancing and enriching the
experience of the whole curriculum.
?Course benefit
?The course integrated learning environment provides students with an unparalleled
opportunity, so that they can keep thinking, development of self, mutual exchanges
and learning into action.
Case Method Case Method developed by the Harvard Business School, a teaching
method, has long been recognized as a very effective tool for business management
education. Professor of the course in case writing and teaching has outstanding ability
and expertise, this is the course learning experience in a strong side. Effectiveness of
case teaching method is a powerful teaching tool, it enables students to participate in
an interactive learning process, which simulate real business conditions in the senior
management decision-making process. The course combines the teaching of writing
case with "live" Case Analysis and Research for the trainees
with multi-level learning experience, it will facilitate identification Xiangguanwenti,
Bing Jiang school classroom to the practical business Zhishi applied to the Shi Ji
Gong Si Zi Shen and cases.
Dynamic interaction of the courses are from different backgrounds, different
companies and industries top people, and teach team is co-created the course from
three leading business schools, are distinguished scholars. All course activities are
designed to facilitate their exchange between the formal and informal. Class
discussions, case studies, team projects and team approach to strengthening a variety
of teaching ideas and experiences among participants sharing, stimulate their creative
thinking, and Guli they present different views. This shared approach to learning
provides students a unique opportunity to enable them to re-examine and develop
their career and personal development goals and strategies.

Action-oriented programs at Harvard Business School in the learner-centered in the
learning mode of 推动, adopted a team-and action-oriented learning methods, to help
students in real work applications and new business Zhi Shi Ge Ren 经验 to find a
solution. Strategic issues in the study, we also encourage learners to think about
specific applications, in particular the use of the structure, processes, culture and
incentive system, the implementation of strategic change within the organization.
?Comprehensive content of the curriculum aims to explore the CEO in strategy,
governance, investment, market and social responsibility are responsible for all
aspects of the various functions, and examine the new world order on the impact of
the Chinese economy. Course includes three learning modules, covering many
important areas of skills development, business phenomenon and operational issues,
Preparation module (optional) February 26, 2010 -27 days
Shanghai, China Europe International Business School
Finance and Accounting
Module 1
Shanghai, China Europe International Business School March 14, 2010 -19 days
Competitive Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Strategic Human Resource Management
Strategic Operations Management
Module 2
Barcelona, Spain IESE Business School May 2, 2010 -7 days
Venture Management
Global Marketing
Performance Evaluation and Control
Capital Markets
Module 3
Boston, Harvard Business School July 25, 2010 -30 days
Business, Government and the international economy
Corporate Governance
Negotiation: How to deal
Take part in round table
And the China Europe International Business School, IESE Business School and
Harvard Business School professor communication; writing cases; involved in other
exchange activities
Note: curriculum and teaching professor may have changed and no longer notice.
?Professor Teacher
?The course team consists of professors from China Europe International Business
School, IESE Business School and Harvard Business School professors. They both
academic and professional reputation. Business professors study the issue of coaching
in the training project, Bing served as senior management, consultants, board
members and professional associations in the process of accumulating practical
experience. Through these activities, with the global business community to maintain
their close ties, and made a significant contribution to management practice.
Willem Professor, China Europe International Business School Bayer strategies and
Chair Professor of Marketing.
Antonio ? Professor Dai Weila, IESE Business School associate professor of
accounting and control.
Professor Ding Yuan, China Europe International Business School Professor of
Professor Xu Dingbo, China Europe International Business School Professor of
Luoshabeisi ? Moss ? Kantor, Professor, Harvard Business School Ernest ? L ?
Arbuckle Professor of Business Administration.
Andrew ? Macarthy non Professor of Technology and Harvard Business School
associate professor of operations management.
Joseph ? Louis ? Professor Lei Nuo, IESE Business School Professor of Marketing.
Pedro ? Professor Lei Nuo, IESE Business School Professor of Entrepreneurship.
Kelishina ? G ? Professor Palepu, Harvard Business School ? Rose ? Graham Walker
Professor of Business Administration and Senior Vice President.
Professor Ren Jieming, IESE Business School production technology and operations
management professor.
Professor Richard ? Witeck, Harvard Graduate School of Business Senator John ?
Hinds Professor of Environmental Management, senior vice president.
Professor Zhang Weijiong, China Europe International Business School strategy
professor, dean, vice president and the Chinese side, the academic members of the
Wu Jinglian, China Europe International Business School Baosteel Chair Professor of
Professor Xu Xiaonian, China Europe International Business School of Economics
and professor of finance.
Professor Yang Guoan, China Europe International Business School Philips Chair in
Human Resource Management, Professor, Associate Dean, University of Michigan
Ross School of Business Professor of Business Administration.
?Application Procedures
?Assessment / Certificate
Successfully complete courses of study participants will be awarded the China Europe
International Business School, IESE Business School and Harvard Business School
jointly approved and jointly issued Certificate of global CEO. Students must attend all
three modules of study, in order to ensure the quality and knowledge of structural
integrity of the curriculum, we will not be accepted for individual modules of
Medium of Instruction
Global CEO Programme for the Chinese the official language. We will provide
participants Translation of translation and interpretation services.
Course fees
The course fee of 380,000 yuan, including tuition, books, fees, case materials costs,
translation costs, fees and interpreters in Shanghai, the United States and Europe,
three places of accommodation, food and beverage charges. From China to the United
States and Europe air tickets and visa costs need to take care of themselves. Please
pay the invoice within 30 days from the date of payment of course fees. In the course
of 30 days before the admission notice of the participants were received at the time of
receipt of a payment that is paid. The revocation of the application requirements set
forth in the application form.
Application and admission procedures
Intended to participate in the global CEO courses required to complete the application
form and fax the following form to contact the China Europe International Business
School. Written application by the China Europe International Business School, IESE
Business School and Harvard Business School Admissions Committee composed of
three schools jointly reviewed. Project Officer will interview the applicant.
Course application must be completed 30 days before the start, qualified candidates
are admitted until the places are filled up, within 30 days before commencement of
applications received, as the case may be.
More information, please contact:
Mr. Gao Xiaoyun
Executive Education Account Director
Tel: (86 21) 28905185 / 13601642143
Fax: (86 21) 2890 5183
Miss Xu Zhenghua