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Century Atlanta


									Century Atlanta
Lanzhou University Centennial Celebration (reprint) (2009-09-19 09:19:19)
Centenary Celebration of Lanzhou University, Xin Jiang Lungi education tree flag

Lanzhou University Centennial
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Lanzhou University Home:
Atlanta Celebration Century Network:
Lanzhou University News:
Centennial Logo:

Anniversary Celebration Activities:
   September 15 10:00 am: hold a "Hundred Years Atlanta Cup"
calligraphy     works      exhibition       opening    Grand  Prix    and     the
"Portfolio" premiere (Part, the stone church);
   September 16 10:00 AM: Opening ceremony of Lanzhou University history
museum of the Museum (Museum of pre-history museum of the Yuzhong Campus);
   September 17 10:30 AM: Lanzhou University, issued commemorative stamps
marking its 100th anniversary ceremony (Main Campus entrance);
   September 18 9:00 am: TV feature film "Big School - Lanzhou
University," "a hundred years storm Cui Ying Road"
release type (Fei Floor Lecture Hall);
   September 19 9:00 am: Foreign University Presidents Forum held at the opening
ceremony (Shaw Science Museum Lecture Hall);
   September 19 day: guests and alumni report (Main Campus Campus);
   September 19 day: Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum (Main Campus
Shaw Science Museum);
   September 19th Evening: Welcome Dinner: to arrange the activities of specific
   September 19 evening: watching drama "Dunhuang Dream"
(Golden City Theatre);
   The morning of September 20: Centennial Celebration Assembly (Main Campus
   September 20 at noon: School dinner (see activity guide to the specific
   September 20 evening: Lanzhou University to celebrate 100th anniversary of the
Cultural Show (Main Campus Stadium);
   September 21 day: free activities, return
   September 18-20: Atlanta Century Masters Forum (Guest Alumni can choose to
          ?Centennial Medical Subject Forum
          ?Relevant academic, cultural and sports activities;
   September 19 -23 Date: hold big centenary Helan realistic painting exhibition
(Yuzhong Campus history museum of the Museum)
TV Documentary:
Witness】 【CCTV "Big School - Lanzhou University":
【Delivery】 Phoenix big trump card, "a hundred years storm Cui Ying
[2009-09-18] [Daily] charm of a century the spirit of Atlanta
[2009-09-18] [China Youth Daily] years Atlanta: the value of symbols in Western
[2009-09-18] [China Youth Daily] filled with honors Chinese Academy of Sciences,
"Atlanta Army"
[2009-09-18] [Guangming Daily] dye black ink on campus to make Hong - inventive
Lanzhou University Campus Culture
[2009-09-18] [BEIJING] Lanzhou University school years stamps into the mainland
approved the first five universities
[2009-09-18] [China Youth Daily] back of a century the century of Atlanta
[2009-09-18] [China Youth Daily] years, Lanzhou University Chronicle
[2009-09-18] [China Youth Daily], "Extraction-British plan"
meets the world of excellence
[2009-09-18] [Xinhua] Atlanta history museum of the museum opening, and other
leaders attended the opening ceremony, Chen Xueheng
[2009-09-17] [Ta Kung Pao] Figure Helan Shan Museum donated a large Tibetan
[2009-09-17] [Ta Kung Pao] calligraphy Helan great years at home and abroad
[2009-09-17] [Hong Kong Wen Wei Po] Chinese Academy of Engineering following
a week of original possession of any food in the grass to ensure food security
[2009-09-17] [Xinhua] 17, the State Post Bureau issued "the centenary of
Lanzhou University," Special Stamps
[2009-09-16] [Xinhua] "Atlanta Century Cup" National
Calligraphy Competition Outstanding portfolio starting ceremony
[2009-09-16] [Gansuribao] "Rise of Atlanta Cup" Opening
Exhibition Calligraphy Competition
[2009-09-15]          [Gansuribao]       Atlanta:         "Extraction-British
program" Fair universal talent
[2009-09-14] [China Times] Vicissitudes of thick scale new elite strive for years to
[2009-09-13] [Phoenix trump card of the big run] Cetenary Cui Ying Road
[2009-09-12] [Gansuribao] Lu Hao Xu Shousheng called Professor Zheng Guochang
[2009-09-12] [Gansuribao] years Atlanta: Harmony inspire love
[2009-09-12] [Xinhua] Chinese researchers will be the first trek across the Badain
Jaran Desert
[2009-09-12] [Lanzhou Daily] 53 years witnessed the development and rise of
[2009-09-08] [Xinhua] years Atlanta Cup Grand Prix outstanding calligraphy
exhibition was held today
[2009-09-07] [Gansuribao] years Atlanta: Rich Fruits Research and Innovation
[2009-09-06] [BEIJING] Chinese Denamy technology and cutting-edge
nanotechnology standardization forum was held in Lanzhou
[2009-09-06] [Gansuribao] Pursuit of Glory years - will mark the centenary of
Lanzhou University
[2009-09-01] [Guangming Daily Living Atlanta University Message]
[2009-09-01] [CCTV witness] Hall - Lanzhou University (Part Three)
[2009-08-31] [CCTV witness] Hall - Lanzhou University (Episode II)
[2009-08-30] [CCTV witness] Hall - Lanzhou University (first episode)
[2009-08-29] [Guangming Daily, University of Portland landmarks of life] into the
Lanzhou University
[2009-08-28] [Guangming Daily life of Atlanta University of memory]
Valentine's Day Memories Atlanta
[2009-08-27] [Guangming Daily, the spirit of college life Atlanta] IV contains the
system life
[2009-08-27] [Guangming Daily Atlanta attention of university life] story of Atlanta
Spirit of Atlanta
For more, see the Media News Lanzhou University, see Atlanta
Lanzhou University, the Chinese referred to as the English name of Lanzhou
University Atlanta abbreviation LZU
Established: 1909 (the Administrative Law School in Gansu)
Lanzhou University Description:
Directly under the Ministry of Education, Lanzhou University is a national key
comprehensive university of national "985 Project" and
"211 Project" one of the key construction universities. School
was founded in 1909, before the Administrative Law School in Gansu, Lanzhou, Sun
Yat-sen in 1928 extended to 1945, named the National Lanzhou University. 2002 and
2004, Gansu Grassland Ecological Research Institute, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou
Medical College has merged.
The school is located in the Yellow Sea to the capital of Gansu Province - Lanzhou
City, the campus area of 3828 mu, has 6 campuses, 3 affiliated hospitals. Existing
18,207 schools were undergraduates, graduate 9190 persons. 4202 people working
faculty, there are 1758 full-time teachers, including 388 professors, etc. are higher,
and associate Fu Gaozhi 822, 280 doctoral tutors, academicians 9 people (including
two-employed), the State Council Academic Degree Committee Subject Review 7
team members, national Outstanding Young Expert 10, winners of National
Outstanding Youth Fund 16, 83 times for New Century Talents, "Cheung
Kong Scholar" Professor 14, National Education teacher 4, the National
Foundation of Innovative Research Groups of two, "Cheung Kong
Scholar" Innovation Team 2, level 3 teaching team.
Lanzhou University discipline distinct features wide range of disciplines, covering all
outside military science than 11 disciplines. Existing eight national key disciplines, 2
national key disciplines cultivate discipline, 27 provincial key disciplines, 33
provincial key disciplines health care. Have a State Key Laboratory of Ministry of
Education Key Laboratory of 4, 1 Key Laboratory of Ministry of Agriculture, two key
Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base, 2 Key
Laboratory of Gansu Province, Ministry of Education Engineering Research 4 Centre,
3 Department of Education Web-cooperation Research Center, a National Natural
Science Foundation of German research center.
, Lanzhou University is one of the first bachelor, master, doctoral degree granting the
right to establish the first post-doctoral research stations, first set the text of the
national basic science research and teaching training base, first elected to the National
College of innovative experimental projects one university. Approved by the Ministry
of Education, Graduate School built. The existing 84 undergraduate schools, 187
professional master degree programs, 56 doctoral professional, seven doctoral-level
subjects, 6 professional degree programs, 12 post-doctoral research stations. 6
state-level training base, three state-level experimental teaching demonstration center,
two personnel training model innovation pilot area, eight provincial scientific research
and teaching basic training base. Graduates are known for with solid foundation,
knowledge breadth, and hard work, and are deeply welcomed by the community.
Since the school has been training for the country, more than 10 million kinds of
people, many people become well-known experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and
outstanding Party and government management personnel. Since 1999, there have
been seven alumni elected as academicians. U.S. "Science"
magazine has named its 13 most outstanding Chinese universities, including Lanzhou
University ranked sixth.
Lanzhou University of Science known for known for basic research, applied research
also extensively carried out. In recent years, close to schools adhere to national targets,
based on the Northwest features strongly support the new academic growth,
undertaking major projects and services, the capacity of local economic and social
development were greatly improved. Already has won national, ministerial and
provincial scientific and technological achievements 500, edited and published
various monographs, textbooks, translated more than 900 Department of papers
published each year more than 1,000 articles. According to SCI Statistics, Lanzhou
University, China in international academic journals published papers most cited one
of the highest rates of college. SCI 2007, school was the number of scientific papers
included in the first 20 universities in the nation, scientific papers cited by SCI
journals the number of university 13th in the nation.
Lanzhou University, actively develop external exchanges and cooperation with many
countries and regions more than 80 universities and research institutions have
established academic exchange relationships, in recent years has dispatched more than
500 young teachers to study abroad, graduate study and research cooperation, 1300
Many foreign experts and scholars invited to-school lecture, students received more
than 400 countries.
A new historical starting point, Lanzhou University, will build the coordinated
development of multi-disciplinary comprehensive, research-based, internationally
renowned for the high level of university goals, adhering to the
"self-improvement, unique" school training, promote the spirit
of Atlanta, and strengthen awareness of opening , focus on content development,
improve the quality of education, insisted Talent Strategy, efforts to build harmonious
campus in the western region's economic and social development, the
revitalization of higher education development and nation to make greater
contribution! (September 16, 2009 Data Update)

Atlanta History Description:
To Gong Tang Qing, Gansu Province, Shaanxi Province, the whole territory belonging
to, although after hours of Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, however the Provincial joint
examination hall located in the Xi'an Branch field, Gansu students
examination inconvenience.
Later on, when he was Governor of Hunan star Shaan Gan Zuo Feeling this, then set
up in Lanzhou, Gansu Gongyuan Sui held the British gate Provincial Examination.
The time construction "to justice", are still at the Second
Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou University, the plaque is left of the public hand-written,
original destroyed in the "Cultural Revolution."
Lanzhou University's history dates back to 1889, the "learning
Officials Board." However, in 1909 established "the
Administrative Law School in Gansu," start mode is set according to the
modern university faculties, it is considered the beginning of the school, Lanzhou
1909, "the Administrative Law School in Gansu," the
In 1913, after the revolution, the school was renamed "Public Law and
Politics School of Gansu." President Cai VFT.
Sun Yat-sen in 1928 extended to Lanzhou.
February 1931, when the National Government Ministry of Education ordered all over
the country except in Guangdong Zhongshan University, the all cancel
"Zhongshan" word. Then renamed the University of Lanzhou
University, Gansu.
May 1931, renamed "Gansu Provincial Academy."
March 1944, to National.
In 1946, based on the original set up a "National Lanzhou
University," appointed by the Ministry of Education organized Xin tree
flag, and school principals. Before taking office, Mrs Sun first went to the quest for
talent around the country, books, equipment, today laid the foundation of Lanzhou
University faculties. Raise its books, more than at Gansu Library, historian Gu praise:
"Zoran Northwest huge reservoir carry on."
In 1949, Lanzhou liberation. Principal rate Xin tree flag to welcome the liberation of
Lanzhou University, Lanzhou University, returned to complete the hands of people.
Later, on instructions from the Ministry of Education to make government schools
throughout the country lost all topped the "National",
"Provincial" and other words, more national Lanzhou
University, Lanzhou University, still in use.
In 1952, The Adjustment, Lanzhou University, Russian, English, Department of
separation of minority languages.
In 1953, Northwest College of Art and Literature into. Directly under the Ministry of
Education was established as the national key comprehensive university.
In 1954, separate the Department of Medicine, Lanzhou Medical College was
In 1959, the former vice president of Beijing University, Party Secretary Jiang Longji
Lanzhou University, White was transferred to become president. Longji President
Jiang on the development of Lanzhou University, played a profound role. Principal
Jiang running the schools, caring teachers and students, protection of colleagues, even
hungry, but also to academic research and teaching emphasis. Atlanta simple style to
learn, Principal Jiang holders is 89.
In 1965, Nankai University nuclear physics, radiochemistry expertise into the
Department of Modern Physics, Lanzhou University.
1996, first through the "211 Project" sector pre-trial, a state
"during the" key construction of the university.
In 2001, enter "985 Project" the ranks of the Ministry of
Education and the Department of Gansu Province, the provincial government signed
an agreement focused on Change, a national "985 Project" to
support the building of high-level university college.
In 2002, Gansu Grassland Ecological Research Institute into the Lanzhou University.
November 18, 2004, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou Medical College back into the
school to further expand the scale of running.
In 2008, the Tenth National People's Congress, Premier Wen Jiabao
pointed out that "Lanzhou University has its unique advantages, we must
carefully run this school!"
2009, Atlanta welcomed Centennial. Law and Politics since 1909, Gansu has been
completed, Lanzhou University in northwest vast land, self-improvement, unique.
Now, Atlanta has gone through a hundred years. Looking back, it is the tireless efforts
of our ancestors, to Atlanta from the 1 School of Law, grown male town northwest,
southeast most outstanding talents that benefit the world of higher education, is the
rare academic center for the Northwest region. Lanzhou University, when based on
the past, look to the future, based on loess, the world can only ranks and prance,
resident youth, sound thoroughly Chinese.

Former President:
The Administrative Law School in Gansu (1909 --- 1913) (lack of data)
1. Cai Dayu (1913 --- 1917)
2. Lee unremitting (1918.1 - 1918.2)
3. Shih Kuo-chen (1918.3 - 1923.1)
4. Zhang Ying (1923.1 - 1923.3))
5. Zhaoyuan Zhen (1923.3 - 1923.7)
6. Shih Kuo-chen (1923.7 - 1926.2)
7. Shamin far (1926.2 - 1927.3)
8. Yangji Ying (1927.3 - 1928.2)
9. Ma Hok days (1928.2 - 1928.11)
10. Shijun (1928.11 - 1929.3)
11. Luo Mechanics (1929.4 --- 1929.5)
12. Tang Chun Gao (1929.5 --- 1936.5)
13. Jiong Tian Jin (1936.5 --- 1937.4)
14. Ju heart (1937.4 --- 1938.2)
15. Wang autonomy (1938.2 --- 1941.1)
16. Song Ke (1941.1 --- 1946.7)
17. Xin tree flag (1946.8 --- 1949.8)
18. Xinan Ting (1949.9 --- 1951.3)
19. Music is (1951.3 --- 1953.3)
19. Lindy Health (1953.3 --- 1959.1)
20. Jiang Longji (1959.1 --- 1966.6)
21. Liu Bing (1979.1 --- 1982.3)
22. Nie Dajiang (1982.3 --- 1984.4)
23. Xu Gong-coupling (1984.4 --- 1985.3)
24. Hu Germany (1985.3 --- 1993.3)
25. Li Fashen (1993.3 --- 2006.5)
   26. Zhou Xu Hong (2006.5 --- present)

【"Cui Ying"】:
?Lanzhou University, Lanzhou Old West originated outside the British city and Crafts
door. So far, there running through the streets of numbers outside the city is still
"Cui Ying door" words. After the liberation, school site to move
outside the Southeast this circled the old city of Lanzhou Road Department, although
today there is a bustling area of Lanzhou, the city did not expand, and this time. The
last term of the present site of Lanzhou University, Lanzhou University Second
?Before the liberation of 40 years, generation after generation of fathers in the Atlanta
pen stopped working, and finally cast into the basis for today's large-scale
blue, Tempered today rigorous study. So while Atlanta had moved out here, Atlanta is
still around, "Extraction-British." From the Division of
"Cui        Ying      Building,"       "Extraction-British
Hotel", to the Yuzhong Campus "Cui Ying Shan"
(part of White Tiger), then "the British plan extraction," to name
a few.
School Name standard characters:


?Gansu College school song

   Northwest Youth Mo again deferred,
Discard our romantic break our long gown.
Pentium Pro era in front of the mission.
Strides out of Tongguan to see a sky of the beacon.
How can that tongue alone against the rage and ferocity,
I have mountains and rivers can also wielded an iron fist.

Gansu again delay the young Mo,
Broken crown we stop our song feast.
Era of the burden pressed into shoulders.
By winds and dashed blue sky, looking at the world's vitality and volume.
How can the preservation of the small pen alone,
Datong realize how vapid sweat hard.
             - For the Japanese War

School Motto:
  Self-improvement, unique
  Diligent, pragmatic, enterprising

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