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					                                   ANTHONY NATALE
                                              SAG / AFTRA
                                      Hair:Bl Eyes: Brown WT:175 HT:5'11'
Untitled Romantic Comedy                          Brad                20th Century Fox
Dogma                                             Lead                Indie Films
Sorority Boys                                     Student             Warner Bros
City Of Angels (w Nicholas Cage)                  Lover               Warner Bros - Brad Silberling
Jerry Maguire (with Tom Cruise)                   Brad                Sony Pictures- Cameron Crowe
Mr. Holland's Opus (with Richard Dreyfuss)        Cole (co-star)      Disney - Steve Herek
Two Shades of Blue (with Gary Busey)              Todd (co-star)      Sundance -Independent Film
Children of a Lesser God (w William Hurt)         Student             Paramount - Randa Haines
House of Cards                                    Guest Star          B Book Prod - Cheryl McNamara
Any Day Now                                      Paul                 Lifetime
Once and Again                                   Mark (recur)         ABC-TV
Rude Awakening - Sherilyn Fenn                   Boyd (recur)         Columbia/Tristar - Showtime
His Bodyguard - Mitzi Kapture                    Sam (lead)           USA Network - Artie Weinberg,Dir
Ellen -Ellen DeGreenes                           Brian                Disney - ABC-TV
7th Heaven                                       Blake                Spelling Production
Pacific Blue                                     Kirk                 USA Network
Bridge to Silence - Marlee Matlin                Pete                 CBS-TV - Karen Arthur, Dir
Beauty & The Beast - Linda Hamilton              Mandy                CBS-TV - Bruce Mulmuth, Dir
Volkswagen -Mystical Rhubarb                                          Milky Way - Dancing on the ceiling
Pizza Hut - Web Date                                                  Seagrams- Moonlighting
AT&T- Love Me?                                                        Burger King - Communication
Diet Coke - History of Summer Olympics                                Telus Communication - One on One
Tuc's Story                                      Tuc (lead)           Sundance Playwright Theater -Utah
Brilliant Traces                                 Henry (lead)         DWT Theater, Hollywood
An Italian Straw Hat                             Emile/Achile         NTD - International Tour
Brillian Traces                                  Henry (lead)         Deaf West Theater - Hollywood
The Storybag                                     Aussie               LTD - US Tour
Wild Wild Wits                                   Farmer               LTD - US Tour
One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest                      Cheswick             Deaf West Theater
West Side Story                                  Tony (lead)          Costa Mesa Playhouse
Vishma and the Owl Man                           Vishma               UCLA Playhouse
Cherish the Black Archetype                      Dreamer (lead)       Amsterdam, Holland
Great Claus/Little Claus                         Little Claus         Young People's Theater
The Greatest Sign Show on Earth                  Pete (lead)          CDN/USA Tour
Godspell                                         William (lead)       T.O. Community Theater
Fiddler on the Roof                              Teyve (lead)         T.O. Community Theater
Oliver                                           Artful Dodger        T.O. Community Theater
Alice in the Wonderland                          Mad Hatter           Deaf West Theater
California State University Northridge - B.A. in Film Production, minor in Theater Arts
Sundance Film/Theater Festival (Robert RedFord )- Playwright Lab / Eric Morris - Acting Tech
Irene Oppendium - Scriptwriting -Mark Taper Forum Tony Winning Phylis Frelich - Acting Workshop
National Theater of the Deaf - Professional Theater School in Connecticut. Selected as Disney Studios Showcase
Sign Language Translator/Consultant, Judo, Tai Chi, Snowskiing, body conditioning, hockey, rollerblading, ,
certified personal training, public speakingTeresa Wright Award, US International Film/Video Festival- Gold
Cameron Award (Best Talent)Christopher Reeve Award Nominee

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