NATASHA NOVA by absences


									                  N ATASHA N OVA
                                     SAG / AFTRA
                                                               Ht: 5’ 8”
                                                               Age Range: 18 -25
                                                               Hair: light Brown
                                                               Eyes: Green

  Chameleon                             Lead                   Applebfilm Production
  In Memory of Andre Bazin             Christina               USC
  The Devil Wears Prada                 Featured               2000 Fox Century
  You Don’t Mess with the Zohan        Ex-Girlfriend          Sony Pictures
  Agent Supernova                      Lead                   Nova Dream
  Cyber Crime                          Agent Roni             Jargon Entertainment
  Office of the Dead                   Angie                  Chung Productions

  Conviction                            Co-Star                NBC Universal
  Celebrity Death Match                 Lead                   MTV
  Love Monkey                           Co-Star                CBS
  Look Into My Eyes                     Co-Star                Wavery Production
 Entourage                              Guest                  HBO

 Uncle Vanya                            Yelena                 HB Studio, NY
 Fattal Group                           Entertainer            Meridien Hotel, Israel

 Imperia                                Spokes Model           Russian Standard
 Arika Airlines                         Lead                   Airline Channel Network
 Isracard                               Lead                   Channel 2, Israel
 Upgrade Fitness                        Lead                   Print
 Shopping Network                       Lead                   Host Channel 21, Israel
 Neka 7                                 Model                  Channel 2, Israel                            Model                  Pilot
 Sky Italia                             Lead                   Flying machine Commercials
 Stoli Blueberry                        Lead                   Russian Standard
 Heilo                                  Model                  National


 Actor’s Studio                         Scene Study            Allan Miller (Current)
 Cameron Thor                           On Camera             Alice Thor (Current)
 Strasberg Film School                  Acting on Camera       Sasha Craine (Current)
 Brian Reese Studios                    Cold Reading           Brian Reese
 Claire Corff Voice                     Voice                  Claire Corff
 Circle In The Square Theater           Workshops
 Broadway Dance Center                  Latin / Theater Dance

  Fluent Hebrew, Russian & English

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