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Second, carefully
1, always careful, so the performance of the products and services, will not give
non-professional, non-insiders feel.
Let us look at an ancient emperor. Inside China's emperors, Empress Wu
was the only woman. Empress Dowager Cixi was not the emperor, because she did
not the country. Empress Wu Jianguo No. weeks, so she is the real king. Status in the
era of Empress Wu Tang is very low, is the penultimate, called dressing, getting
dressed is to help Taizong. The emperor to change clothes, usually ask:
"Emperor, what clothes you wear it?" This is not the brain do
things. Empress Wu is the head and found himself a craftsman, made seven, and then
asked: "Majesty, this seven piece gown which you plan to
wear?" Tang Taizong Li Shimin once said: "Thank
you!" It's very carefully. Because both men and women, like
always so several sets of clothes. Empress Wu is to guess, she was such a do, Tang
know she is very careful. End the emperor wearing clothes, foot to step onto the
threshold. Not move Tang, Empress Wu immediately put his hand on the threshold,
meaning that the Emperor across from my hands. Emperor Taizong of boots in case
the threshold of throws to knock it? Really very careful.
Later, Tang Taizong died. In ancient times, emperors died, asked his wives committed
suicide, or buried, or the monk, the monk of the Empress Wu. Although monks and
nuns, but she still has a chance to know. Gaozong to burn incense in the spring and
autumn every year, so when Empress Wu in his incense, not far from him on purpose.
When Gaozong to place, she was immediately thrown up their sleeves to wipe the
chair. In fact, that position has long been grazed, but the Empress Wu deliberately do
this action. Gaozong said "Thank you", took her to the palace
went. A palace of Empress Wu knew not to offend the Queen, so get along with the
Queen is fairly harmonious relationship. However Gaozong migraine problems,
Empress Wu said: "Emperor, you break it!" "That
memorial how to do?" "Emperor, I grant you to change
citizenship." Gaozong went to rest. So Gaozong died, Empress Wu
approved memorials, it is because before the practice before. Minister of the Tang
Dynasty are the chin-shih, calligraphy was too bad people will laugh. But the Empress
Wu's calligraphy was very well written, her character copy of Galileo.
People say that the court of Empress Wu is a promiscuous, and this is correct a little
bit unfair. Empress Wu is very will to study, many people do not know "to
open by the verse," she wrote, let's take a look at
"open through the mechanics": very deep subtle supreme law,
suffered millions of eons, I have to accept and uphold this knowledge, like Solutions
for the true meaning of Tathagata. I have the temple open, "open through
the mechanics" of the time, found no words Empress Wu. I asked the monk:
"As far as I know," opened by the verse "is the
Empress Wu to write, why did not her name above it?" They smiled. I said:
"Yeah does not fit." Empress Wu how promiscuous individuals
has nothing to do with you, but she's "open by the
verse," did very well written, it is a fact. Mao Zedong talked to seek truth
from facts, "open through the mechanics," she wrote, her name
should be written on ah! Empress Wu is a very caring person and, after the death of
his Beishang not a word, no word called Tianbei. Her husband is dead, next to the
hole on the left well, but the Chinese emperor buried together, very few couples.
Empress Wu is a very careful person, knowing all her discontent, said she recruited
the world of intelligence, gathering information on the world. Empress Wu is not true
that they know the officials sent from Chang'an to Guizhou, Guangxi,
Guangzhou is not the answer, so the officials sent Wupinyishang to the south of
talented people, called the South elected. So Empress Wu in 1400 years ago on what
localization. Empress Wu in China, the emperor inside the top 20, but also a woman,
is really an outstanding leader!
2, the proposed target or slogans will not no way, means.
We look at a case, Mr. Ma, 36 years old, Chinese Internet expert, which ranked the top
three in the Chinese Internet, the Internet has once been a first in the world. Networks
in China are basically out of his opponent, from Netease, Sohu, Alibaba, Microsoft,
Sina all are. We all engage in, so he is difficult to do. However, Mr. Ma can Tencent
do such an extent that every action has a method, each stage of the operation has his
obvious target. Tencent October 1998 training was established in February 1999 QQ
born in August 2000 unlimited appreciation, appreciation of the Internet in 2001, in
September 2003 QQ games portal in December 2003, in June 2004 from the Hong
Kong-listed ... ... October 1998, Tencent has been set up in the constant development.
Mentioned Tencent, Alibaba, must be mentioned. The Hong Kong-listed Alibaba, the
company has created 120 millionaires overnight, just because the market value of too.
In fact, one out when Alibaba, Jack Ma knows Alibaba to cooperate against the others,
he co-operation with China Yahoo. Bill Gates to buy Yahoo, the U.S. did not buy into,
but Alibaba's Yahoo China so long together with a. With Alibaba, there
must be Ali Mama Yeah! People have long thought, Ali mother appeared, not only the
search network, but also transactions. So immediately Taobao, Ali software came out.
Shows that Ma is also a very good mind. Now listed in Hong Kong is
China's top Internet market, you have to say he was targeted, there are
ways. So, Alibaba's Jack Ma, Tencent's Pony Ma is very
objective, methods and means. That is, the two of them inside in the IT sector be very
careful person.
3, in a variety of competition will not always be after the step, curbing, in the low first
If a person carefully, then do something had to be one step ahead, one step, high and
one file. Heard that the Chinese government to restructure the State Council, when
several large departments, Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, one step ahead of
Nanchang City have? Intends to integrate the Chinese industry to do when the Jiangxi
Provincial Party Committee, one step ahead of Nanchang City have? To be one step
ahead, one step, high and one file can call carefully.
We look at a case. Mr. Yu, New Oriental Foreign Language School, Beijing
University Guanghua School of Management MBA students first, and his classmate is
the North aspect of Pu. Pu told me to eat in Shanghai, said: "Lao Shu
reading in class to see how the time just could not." But now Mr
Yu's shares listed in New York, New Oriental Foreign Language is the first
overseas listing of China's education industry . In fact, New Oriental to fast
up the middle of a very important condition. In New York, in Hong Kong stock
market listing of the most important thing is to report on conditions inside is your
auditing standards. Mr Yu took five years ago, the company which used to auditing
standards, and all accounting and auditing standards in full accordance with
international standards. A newspaper and it's passed. Ladies and gentlemen,
when the stock market do not send the file to fight back, come back two or three times
you play more and more difficult for the market. Like Mr Yu on the success of a
market, indicating that he was very careful. You have to do things faster than others
and that he step a little more, the high first gear.
4, should do anything to see flaws and loopholes.
Observant people flaws and loopholes are feeling. Chinese people will not lose
anything foreign. We are not no railroad, is not no hospital, not without aircraft, is not
no ship. These are the same all over the world, I do not believe that China is not the
same as a train with others. The remaining is operating, person, one is not careful,
flaws and loopholes on out. When do not think small, serious, they start trouble.
Today, the words say a bad word: Chinese careful with the Japanese, Germans are
very far. So I think this can not be said that the shortcomings of the nation should be
national habit. We were brought up very carefully. You see kids meal, the way you
look after her son sleeping bag, you look at the staff table after work, you look at the
factory waste baskets, brooms, you look at the staff at noon to eat a bowl ... ... not
careful, too careful a! We Chinese people are not careful! Many things are not careful
with a relationship of our nation.
Training Methods:
1, what is happening around them, often thinking their causation.
A book called "the story of seven talented team" is very good
about the seven habits. One of them is causal analysis. I think we are almost born IQ,
but more people will see reason to think the result would think, would think of
reasons to see the results. So the causal relationship between them will be. Think
more of cause and effect relationship, it will be solved. When many people take the
cup: "Caution hot." How do you not think it should then
let's use a cup sleeve?
We look at a case. Why engage in electrical home appliances in China, wanted to cars,
want a cell phone? Is because the appliance does not make money. Chinese home
appliance, the average profit is only 6 ‰, earn six dollars a thousand dollars. You say
who want to engage in television, refrigerator? So they are trying to introduce mobile
phones, cars. China's textile industry 1 / 6 are the losses, why is not
China's home appliance and textile industries to make money? This is just
a fruit, you speak out for years. Household appliances industry must reflect: the first
technique is general, and the second copy each other very common, do not attach
importance to the design and development of the third, fourth wasteful competition,
the fifth does not emphasize quality and service. It's that simple, because
the world's textile industry is that not only the Chinese textile industry. But
once you have the technology generally, the general design, R & D less,
competitive, cut-throat, not pay attention to quality, no after-sales service, we imitate
each other, how could money? This is the cause and effect analysis.
Speaking to each other. Taiwan and Taiwan Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Liu
Yingwu, he turned IBM's senior engineer. Chinese inside China, the
highest in the United States, when IBM was his job. He later left the U.S. IBM, Acer,
Taiwan. But one thing he did wrong time, she did not feel the time, then thought for a
long time finally came up with, this is the causes and consequences. I ask a question,
China's TCL bought Thomson of France; China's Shanghai
Automotive bought South Korea's Ssangyong; China's grand to
buy a South Korean akito; China Taiwan's BenQ bought
Siemens's mobile phone Why do not succeed ? It turns out that the world is
a class. Liu Yingwu from IBM into the Acer when it is discovered that the Americans
are very difficult to control. He thought for a long time: my technique is better than
his, I read electronic, I have a doctorate, and I am a master, I was in the IBM
executive, but somehow, those Americans are very difficult to control. After a few
years, he finally came up with: the world is class. China's ranking in the
world is moderately developed countries. Do not we buy companies in developed
countries. United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Canada,
Australia, businesses in these countries buy less. On what basis they believe that the
Chinese control me? Therefore, TCL send any cadres to manage the French are very
difficult. Shanghai Auto is difficult to do the cadres assigned to Korea, Korean people
think that China can not control them.
So I gave a friend a piece of advice in Jiangxi, we should not buy in these countries,
because it is difficult to control. If it really worse than you are unconvinced. Really
want a foreign company, you buy in Egypt, Congo, Brazil and other places of
business, take the time to buy South Korea, Italy, Canada and other places of business.
According to experience, this world is class. I guess that would not speak out before,
very few Chinese people to remember this truth. This principle is embodied in 1990,
Liu Yingwu him out. Those who bought a high degree of development of Chinese
state enterprises, will face a very serious problem, is difficult to mobilize cadres, the
company is difficult to control, difficult to operate your plan. Because they always
think that people who are moderately developed countries, highly developed countries
can not control people. I frankly tell you, a Congolese company that bought a
company in Shanghai, Shanghai is definitely the company's cadres
disobedient. This is the same reason.
2, can not place the enforcement of the fundamental crux of the problem to find them.
Party and government cadres execution of a long standing problem, the crux of this
issue a lot of him in our own. Sometimes we evasive, not the real crux. So they feel a
problem in our country repeatedly on. Our hospitals to today, Chinese patients in the
hospital or a lot of money spent; real estate changed to today, the price has been rising
or; China's financial reform to the present, we take one hundred thousand
dollars from the bank did not imagine so easy. To express our housing reform,
medical reform, the implementation of financial reforms are essentially the problem,
but not the crux of the often not touch it.
3, of the accustomed ways of doing things, the proposal should be improved or
An optimization method is not used to, and one is not optimized to have been the case.
From here you can see, in life, used to work on things which should not be surprising,
should think about what a better way. Hospital charges Office, located on the first
floor. Why do we see the doctor to the third floor to the first floor to pay it? The
patient run up and down, why did not expect charges in the third floor is also engaged
in an office?
We take a look at restaurants. Miss Li Meng Jiangsu, Zhejiang, the Shanghai Gold
Exchange Hotel, general manager of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai exchange in the
very successful. We look at Miss Lee in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, where there any way to
exchange worth Nanchang people learn it. A good restaurant will not let the guests at
the door, and so on Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Chengdu, Sichuan
Huangchenglaoma sinks and a separate layer to get the guests waiting to sit and drink
tea, snacks, magazines, TV all for free This method has several restaurants in
Nanchang do? Second, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, heavy exchange of the menu change every
year, every year to get a new menu. Miss Lee provides at least a year to develop the
kitchen 10 new dishes. If a restaurant is not new dishes, we soon tired of. Therefore,
each restaurant to the new R & D from 10 to 15 dishes. Also, Jiangsu,
Zhejiang, restaurant sinks restaurant as we usually only Gaode neat. Does not
represent the essence of a beautiful restaurant, restaurant to do is fine, noble, elegant.
So, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and sinks carpet, wallpaper, lighting, walls, wallpaper, curtains,
music and so on are Shanghai style, which is the so-called fashion sense. More
importantly, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, good education, exchange of staff, serving guests, the
food all have gloves. Go back when they had all retired from the guests down the
middle. We have a word called value for money, the guests eat and enjoy the service
with him to pay the price to be able to match. So think of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and
exchange, the more, generally one day in advance booking. Because that will always
have customers waiting area sat. Business can achieve this because of what? It is
because Miss Lee always think there is no better way to have continuous optimization
recommendations. So she is a very careful person.
Do something must develop a systematic and orderly habits. Cases to tell you before I
start to ask you one thing. We present here some are among four family friends, then
you who is moving, the original home will sweep clean? Certainly very small. My
mother gave me the education I remember for life. My mother grew up in the
Northeast grew up, the Japanese control over the Northeast. My mother's
neighbors were Japanese. She said the Japanese after World War II left the Northeast,
all rooms are swept clean. Japan is so powerful is because attention to detail.
When I was young, our family moved, my mother told my father to our four children
together, clean up and down. After marriage, there are a move. Our family a house,
put the original house clean. In Shanghai, I also have my own house. Now I am a
general manager, with the nanny, I would not have scanned. I let nanny to clean the
room, you guess how she say: "Sir, to move the still sweep the
house?" I said: "This is why I am the general manager, you are
the babysitter." I left any of the hotel is clean and dry net, we are moving
home a clean, my desk is clean of. I can not say I was very successful, but my life to
lose, be very careful with what I do have a great relationship. Later, the aunt sweep
the house clean, she was transferred with the landlord to do when the landlord said:
"So clean, ah! I first saw the house after the move Hai Ba sweep was so
clean." This proves I sweep the house clean and let the landlord is to touch.
Because in China there is such a habit that very few people. After you move they
should clean up the house, the sons and daughters to you is very important in terms of
education. You leave this post, leaving the table, it should clean up. I have seen too
many people to leave their posts, tables, drawers are a mess, its not the card, the
answer, the book all over the place. Our nation's lack of progress
manifested here on. This is a national habit, we are too careful of.
We look at cases. White-collar workers in China is famous ladies. Where we can see
that the boss is very careful what? Because he talked about two things: the first
sentence, I did not train cadres in the past, never thought to increase the outlets. Best
to always remember this statement, the Chinese opened the biggest problems is the
first branch, the first open network, then think about who to go. Who is not ready yet
to go, put out to open shop, this concept is wrong. Therefore, China's
aggressive not tell him, twelve years he had never Shuaiguo wrestle, is a very careful
person. Let us look at his second sentence, there is a reporter to visit him:
"Boss, do you think of the leading cadres of the most difficult thing is
that?" He answered in nice: "The most difficult thing is to
decide what not to do. "Every day we are studying what to do, this concept
is not correct, because we often do something wrong to do too much should not do.
We all see the non-call problems, we see people do not see the problems. Therefore, if
under a director, then you do not see often see problems. If this is so you can see, your
shop is big eater director. Workshop director of a factory director is to see not see the
faults, general manager of managers is to see can not see the problems, Governor of
the Bank to see if the vice president can not see the problems.
We look at cases. Wan Jie Ya Chang is chairman of the printing company, who in
2003 printed in 2005 by the United States Awards, known as the printing
industry's Oscar. This proves that regardless of foreign leaders, past and
present. Do you think 10,000 Czech Republic could be the reason the U.S. print where
it awards? He is special to see people can not see the place. I say two little things.
First, turn the magazine to see a footprint above, your first impression of what is it?
Here how you think there will be footprints. He started to study the footprints is when
stepping up, and then study it is one step on their company's or companies
who step outside, and then stepped on the top of the footprints also printed books, that
there will be a pre-press. That step before printing, why not found? This paper put
where? Who's on paper? Who on this paper? Who printed the paper?
Results at a time come up with 13 questions, the whole process is changed. Others see
a footprint on the end, he saw a problem is a process. Also, your attention to read,
print magazine show it all to us that some people outside the mess, rope, paper and oil
are in it. Chinese people have a wrong thing to do, things can be, but a mess outside.
Ya Chang's book to send out clean up. Mounted on trucks are clean, you
know why? Because they called up on the truck when something is our own people
first go up, kneeling on the truck to clean the deck, and then send the book to go. You,
freight shipping company, workers are not sweeping the deck, truck driver matter, that
is your own to do. People can do this. His book is not degumming, bleaching his
printing would not, overlap. Because they are very careful. Wan Jie is a day to these
questions, a book chromatic set properly, he machine, ink began to study, even the
humidity began to study the gap. So if the United States can be printed Czech Awards,
many Americans regard the printed magazine to him, which proved very careful
Czech million people.
One last point. Careful observation of people who specialized areas that are not
observed. If there is no such division of work time, once there, there must be a person
to do this thing, this concept is called the fill bit. If a person does not fill the seats,
things would be very scared of the place; but one will always be people who fill the
seats immediately to solve a very important crisis.
A book called "Love Story", the story I attended primary school
grade 4, and a great inspiration to me. When there are students in the school walk
from the beach and found dikes keep the water leakage from a small hole, he blocked
with his little finger. The problem is we can not leave the wall, so he has been there.
Dark, his parents everywhere looking for him, then finally found him in there. I was
young, that he read the story so great. Grow up, I discovered that this concept is called
up position. His point is that one thing, no one to resolve a crisis, when you jump.
Seawall is not his pipe, he is not repair, but the little finger first plug to solve this
problem. So that a hole into a big hole, big hole into a chasm. Seawall collapsed,
it's terrible. The story takes place in Europe, the Netherlands, has been so I
can not remember to this day. Ladies and gentlemen, as long as a company to see who
will fill the seats, did not specifically address the people issues, jumped to his first
meeting place, this person must be a leader of character with.

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