OMLogic to launch new knowledge sharing platform- LOGIC JUNCTION

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					OMLogic to launch new knowledge sharing platform- LOGIC JUNCTION

         OMLogic Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a leading social media consultancy is launching LOGIC JUNCTION
         from 16th August 2010. LOGIC JUNCTION is a unique multi-channel platform for web 2.0 where
         anyone interested in this new media space can participate and share knowledge.

New Delhi. 13th August, 2010 OMLogic, a leading player in the social media domain is launching “LOGIC
JUNCTION”, an interesting and interactive campaign, on its website, Facebook, Twitter etc. to dissect
and deliberate on social media platforms every week. To be launched on 16th August 2010, the venture
is a baby of the innovation team at OMLogic to spread & share social media knowledge and the entire
gamut of online marketing platforms.

The ‘LOGIC JUNCTION’ will be a landmark endeavour, where social media evangelists and online
marketing experts will discuss, debate and disseminate aspects of social media and online marketing
with students, industry professionals, academicians etc. With an entire week dedicated to and focused
on a single platform, there will be a wholesome dose of videos, contests, PPTs, experts’ opinions, case
studies, history, fascinating facts & figures, tips & suggestions, blog posts etc. Every platform, medium
and tool will be discussed and deliberated to the minutest detail from various perspectives and angles
like SEO, content and many others.

This virtual conclave will be a perfect pedestal for social media enthusiasts and online marketing gurus
to exchange their views and opinions on hosts of issues, strategies, logistics, statistics and activities
pertaining to the domain. It is an innovative experiment/concept by OMLogic, meant for a distributed
and collaborative model of knowledge-sharing, in order to gain greater insights into the relevance of
social media and its impact on the business culture at the global level. This endeavor will provide a much
broader and diverse understanding of social media’s impact and role in online marketing.

LOGIC JUNCTION is open to all. Anyone interested or involved in internet marketing – specifically social
media marketing – can gain knowledge and information on the burning issues and avant-garde trends
relating to the subject. Participants can build social networks to connect with like-minded communities
across multiple channels.

About OMLogic:

OMLogic is a comprehensive online marketing service partner that has mastered the craft of creating
innovative strategies & solutions, from professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to Social Media
Marketing & Optimization and PPC, to help your business grow online with a significant ROI. Our
interactive online marketing campaigns are not just aligned towards getting relevant traffic and
increased brand visibility, but with conversion of the traffic and leads into genuine sales. We don’t have
the usual one-size-fit-all marketing mentality; we customize online marketing solutions that fit the
client’s business.

OMLogic is not an outsourcing company, but a strategic partner for your online marketing success.
Founded by four serial entrepreneurs (online marketing specialists in their own right) in 2007 on a shoe-
string budget, OMLogic has come a long way, helping business houses harness the power and magic of
the web to expand their reach and take on bigger players in the game. We have helped many companies
increase their rankings in the search engines, build their brands online, and bring relevant traffic and
leads to meet their business objectives. We offer a holistic “one-stop-shopping” solution for the internet
marketing needs of clients.

Contact Info:

Robin Goel
Social Media Evangelist and Research Expert at OMLogic Consulting
OMLogic Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: 0-98711 57980