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									Buzz Marketing
Internet-based interactive features, information on the use of network elements of
effective communication, between the enterprise and the users point of
communication and interaction.
Community Communication
Target groups in the community, De characteristics, the development of community
communication strategies and programs, provide community outreach selection and
dissemination of theme design, arrangements for the dissemination dissemination of
maintaining the rhythm and Zhixing submit a report.
Topics planned
Combination with, set up hot spots and social events, people and so many subtleties,
by Internet users concerned about the social hot spots, public attention, will be
transferred to the target products.
Type: media operations, brand management, product operations, public relations
Communication maintenance
The spread of the enterprise information network targeted maintenance, the direction
of public opinion, to attract the target audience's attention on the spread of
topics, and enhance audience participation and on the topic of brand bonding degree.
Type: News comments, forum maintenance, blog maintenance.
Dissemination of guidance
The enterprise network communication topics to guide, to help Internet users want to
accept the message.
Type: consumer guide, brand favorability lead, guide and so on Sexual.
Communication Network material
Internet users in the network material is easily acceptable, easy to implant business
information transmission form a network of information, including FLASH animation,
video, audio, e-magazines, comic strips, QQ skin, 自定义表情, electronic slides,
desktop , cell phone wallpaper.
The corporate brand and product information, implanted in the performance of
Internet users loved the way through the forum, instant communication tools to spread
to the audience to form point to an area of radiation-type spread.
Type: blessing type, interest-based, story-based so.
Instant Communication
Use holds many lessons for the popular instant messaging tools such as QQ group,
MSN, Yahoo Messenger and other customer information dissemination.
Type: personalized signature, group bulletin, mass information.
Online Customer Service
Most concentrated in the customer product information, product users the most
intensive forum, set up similar to the information desk of the online customer service
initiative to help users to answer all kinds of product-related information to guide
Internet users in the proper use of customer products.
Type: Consumer guide class customer service, product consulting class customer
service, customer service and other activities to promote the class.
Campus Communication
Campus audience clearly, more aggregate groups, communication is more direct and
targeted. Fiji School campus has more than 1000 Forum Resources Network.
Suitable for transmission type: IT class, game type, household product categories,
such as recruiting class.
Article communication network
With careful planning, senior writer, good media relations, to provide an effective
communication network articles and reviews maintenance services.
Base Type: press releases, feature draft, draft comments, draft analysis, evaluation and
other draft
Network feature / column
Network project to make full use of the advantages of online media, aggregation and
fully demonstrate the depth of business-related information.
Type: Event class, subject class, activity class.
Type: brand, products, people, events and other topics.

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