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					Buying and selling initiative initiative


    ?Grasp the nature of buying, or buying, you can pre-emptive.

As we all know, in the rally, the total trading volume on down there. Only after the
close look at volume, often deceived by the confusing line. We can be proactive
buying and selling of determining the main initiative of the true trend. In the broader
market fell during a buying and selling of stocks was significantly higher than the
positive, that stock index down in constantly explore, and share it with the volume
under the quietly going up, so buy plate, also known as the initiative buying, buying
the nature of the initiative is the way to buy. Once the tape stopped falling or rebound,
then the stocks are likely to in the day or periodically high.
Selling into two kinds, one is that the selling pressure on the file, one is against
buying the offensive. In the course of stock prices rose, along with the stock price up,
so as to increase the market value of floating chips increase, the natural selling began
to increase, if the stock price up and selling is proportionate to the always selling
against buying the throw, making it Zhu Bo go down stock prices, which called the
initiative of selling.
Initiative of the buying and selling are the main initiative of the results of its own
initiative, often to the stock price movements around stage, and if we can grasp the
nature of buying or selling, we can win every battle.
First, buying initiative
1, volume ahead of the broader market trading volume, with a sustained release: the
leading stock index stopped falling in and make upside gesture. Large Pan Die, stock
was down, broader market rally, stock prices rebound sharply. Are the result of buying
The end of 1996, "Wuxi Taiji" is buying in a steady stream of
initiatives to support the very broad market rebound in 1100 the first location (the
closing price before the crash).
(1) unit "96.12.26" the closing price has rebounded since
reaching its high of 1,000 points is equivalent to tape at a time when the broader
market index closed 924 points.
(2) The volume of large transactions in case of successive decline, the stock to
"97.1.7" hit the rebound since the days of volume, closing price
for the highest closing price since rebounded.
(3) "97.1.13", the stock closed on the shadow line of the success
of the collapse of the gap, that is, it has reached 1100 points, corresponding to the
price level of the region, while the closing day of the broader market index for 929
points. No initiative buying, the stock will not be with the public is not he, not
continued buying initiative, it will not lead broader market nearly 200 points.
Actual combat, every 0.01 yuan or more are buying 20,000 shares. Such as the
broader market up, so buying the buying price is going up; such as tape Diego, due to
layers of defenses, tape the bottom of the still elevated.
2,1996 tape on the end of three consecutive daily limit in Shanghai Stock Market. At
that time, "Chang" in buying the nature?
"96.12.17" in the call auction, there were 800 million shares,
"Chang" in the daily limit on letters. Saw opening soon, the
time-turnover of more than 200 million shares, open daily limit after two minutes,
now the largest single transactions of 99 million shares each, indicating that there
were a number of main institutions Jiancang (or SIs), initiative buying the day it
traded 3,000 shares. Group of the day taking daily limit price remains far, but tape is
in a down limit-like day. "96.12.18", which has daily limit, the
equivalent of 1,050 positions, while the stock index closed 972 points only.
Subsequently, the "Rainbow Bridge" on the night rose up,
actually reaching record highs. But the market still 40 points from 1000 points.
In 1996 a whole year, "Chang" always buying initiative,
beginning in 1997, "Chang" is still prosperous, blue-chip
growth stocks that tape is the main target of buying initiative.
3, Suzhou Red Bean 9604 contract at the temporary closing of a short 15 minutes
before, the one-day Masukura 150 000 hands, the second day of opening the closed
daily limit. Bad red bean introduced in Suzhou before 9604 empty disk capacity has
reached 50 million contracts, the market has been nothing short of remarkable. This
15 minutes of the swept the show long group's main use of
"bad" to lure the enemy in depth, the formation of single-day
price reversal, in just 15 minutes due to the great increase in open interest (and on the
great increase in volume significantly different from ), and the daily limit is five in the
continuing based on the recognition of their initiative and buying it immediately. Loss
should immediately stop short or long to join the ranks of 9604 the highest price has
been close to delivery. (See chart 26).

Chart 26
9604 Masukura huge amount of single day
In the futures market, the most taboo with the initiative of buying (selling initiative) to
fight it, with impulsively.
(B) the initiative of selling
"Southwest           Pharmaceutical"       shipments     (author       of
"public                Nanjing          Securities           News",
"94.4.4" 77 of its previous total has been extremely successful
prediction of the "Southwest medicine" will be at 24 dollars
"94.3.2", "Southwest Pharmaceutical"
start from 8.20 yuan to "94.3.16" of 10.40 yuan, 10.65 yuan
from the beginning then, and even pull 13 Yangxian to 23.46 yuan, frightening thing
to happen in the "94.4.5" , nearly 200 million shares of stock in
the volume with a call auction, to 23.50 yuan slightly open, just the touch 23.80 yuan,
and then slid one yuan, two yuan, 3 dollars, 4 yuan, 5 yuan ... ... before stage watched
the stock rise and not hands-on person, before the stage in his plate,
"diving" and the courage to undertake and profit by, reflected in
its share price fell so fast, only the main force that is another Xichou, so the more or
The more buy, the results, the same day in the 22 yuan to buy, that is stuck in the 20
yuan to cover short positions quickly tied up, and then 18 yuan to cover short
positions in, still did not rebound also stuck, bite the bullet, and then 15 yuan to cover
short positions in the stock and quickly sank. When it slid 10 per full, many positions
had been paralyzed in serious cases, many become big in the stock of retail? /
. The stock main advantage of the psychological crowd grab a rebound, the use of
continuous selling the initiative to the drastic devaluation of the date of the 10.36
yuan. It is also selling its belonging to the nature of the initiative, the
"94.4.5" The lowest price 13.10 yuan has almost become the
highest price in three years. (See chart 27)

Chart 27 Southwest Pharmaceutical
Operation strategy: a key initiative of the buying price if there is a strong power of
observation units, weak as a means, such as the 5th MA, MA Department on the 10th.

Comment: In their operations, especially short-term operation, the initiative must be
emphasized that buying and selling initiative, do not have to care too much about a
few cents. Given that there is not a small rise in the stock (down) market, it should be
altogether against its offer price (bid price) to buy (sell).

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