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									Business School What is "the world's best"
Business School What is "the world's best"
National University of Singapore Dean Yangsian view, the strength of Chinese
business schools really let the world catch up growth, but can not ignore is this: Today,
the rapid development of China's business school, is necessary for national
economic development; the country's rapid economic development , but
the Chinese economy is still lagging behind even before the inevitable.
Text / correspondents plant Mina
China has never been so confident.
Just set up 20 years of China Europe International Business School (the EU) this year
among the top 10 business schools worldwide, while rising star in China Cheung
Kong Graduate School Business School (the Yangtze) also claims that its teaching
staff come out higher than international counterparts. Economic boom in China has
attracted the attention of the world's background, business school as an
exotic, have begun to let the Chinese people feel proud and elated. However, as a peer,
what kind of verdict?
Founded in 1965, National University of Singapore Institute of Management, Asian
business schools deserved a "senior." This region's
reputation as a top business school's dean, Professor Yang Xian Yangtze
River and Central Europe while some evaluation: "I do not believe they
have a top international business schools. If the dazzled eyes of the dazzling rings
Yao , we may fall into another self-important. "
As for as local culture, local business characteristics caused by differences in business
school mode, such as the Yangtze River and Central Europe, seems to represent the
Business School of China in Beijing and Shanghai to send representatives, YANG
Xian that differentiation is a good thing in itself, but the division is at least for now
EU not to the Yangtze River or any of the parties enough to be called "the
world's best."
"Investors": in terms of ideas from the school, business schools
in China and the United States What is the difference? What business school in China
an attractive place?
YANG Xian: The United States is full of skill, teaching mature, you can learn a lot.
China's education, particularly in the social sciences, the need to improve
school management. China's huge market, capital markets, human
resources market has been a certain level, with essential elements. However, we need
to develop school management. At the same time, we need to increase the market
power of the Chinese teachers, professors here refers to the market. For example, in
the United States, a professor at Harvard, and he can go to Stanford and other schools,
and vice versa. As long as his performance, there must be a very good school to hire
him. I hope more Chinese teachers to the activities of freedom, more mobility.
China's attractiveness lies in its business school has a large growing market.
In China, many things can provide us with the opportunity to understand the basis for
China, why the market exists, how the market developed? A big change, and soon the
market for research, teaching is a challenge. Every day something new appears, which
is very exciting.
"Investors": Today's Business School has developed
rapidly in China, where private business schools have become a beautiful landscape,
with Cheung Kong Graduate School, China Europe International Business School,
represented by private business schools have been among the ranks of top
international business schools. We found that the two rival business school, and in the
international accreditation and rankings, teacher, international, marketing and other
areas of emphasis or focus very different, it seems that the Yangtze River, China and
the EU as the representative of the business school also differentiate the Beijing
School and Shanghai, the latter behave more walked the path of the international
business school tradition, the former a dim view of these "Art of
Composition." Please analyze these two missions.
YANG Xian: First, I do not believe that the Yangtze River and Central Europe is
already a top international business schools, although they introduce a lot of overseas
teachers, but many are not there from the long-term in their teaching. If they are the
top international business schools, I feel a bit exaggerated. These are not themselves
produce are bought. Real teaching culture is its own generated. Like if I did not get
the Nobel Prize, another person took the Nobel Prize, I employed him, and this is my
skill it? After at least over the appointment of teachers, we should seek to make his
international top results here in order to explain our international strength.
Outstanding elements of overseas attracted a good thing, but I think it should make
every effort to enhance the local level up. We have to absorb the level of work
overseas, standard, with local development, out of their way, this is real good.
Asian markets grow, the future of business schools have very good vision, but we
should distinguish among these macroeconomic factors. I think the whole
development of the Chinese market very influential business schools in China. Many
business school rankings is that, if a school graduates wages rise faster than the
ranking just fine. But this is the business school of the credit or the credit market do?
These are not easy to separate. Many top schools in the radical only because of
growth, but if I put the growth of business schools in China market growth rate after
deducting the ingredients, I do not know how much is left up. In fact the Chinese
market has great credit. If I see a good ranking, and pleased that the two minute too
much. We should be modest, do not jump to a conclusion, ten trees, monumental,
profound skill to really set up a college takes time, not looking for quick results,
which should pay attention to college study and teaching of literacy.
The surface of the Chinese market is now very successful, including the commercial
market, because we're lucky, or because we have a relatively low starting
point? Started is relatively easy to grow, but can not say I see the current success has
been successful. This is a dangerous, we should use the current success, to give their
encouragement to go further. Frankly, I see every year the best and most successful
research and teaching, or in the United States. Because they have run one or two
hundred years, and we turned into the day equivalent to 10 days in the chase. The
most important thing is not to quick success, do not forget the lessons of our ancestors
to us: full of loss, while modesty benefits. Particular scholarship, so education must
With humble heart, ranked the surface.
For international, I'd not worry because we have a huge commercial market
and the economy to attract the attention of the world, including world-class scholars.
Of course, to attract foreign scholars is a good thing, but important is how to really
train our teachers so that their teaching and research with world-class standards of
local problems, clashes are part of our intellectual spark.
I think the difference between the Yangtze and the EU is not necessarily a bad thing.
For example, in the United States, Harvard University, is the coast of the culture; also
the University of Chicago, is the inland culture. China is so big in the field, a hundred
flowers blossom, this is a good thing. But needs to be emphasized: first, respect for
our different; second, real research and teaching have a sincere spirit. I recently went
to a small place, I know they are not high, but I am very happy to do them right, there
is a kind of sincerity. They said their schools have played a role in local business.
They carried out a number of corporate research, willing to study the theory and the
local business interaction, think local businesses are doing, trying to explore the
effective 帮助 local business education mode. As for how to do it, there are different
ways, some people emphasize the left, some people emphasize the right. But it does
not matter, not just one way is right. The key is we have to do it in good faith, and
respect for differences.
"Investment House": From the business school's
growth environment, is what causes the private business school in the division?
China's economic development is to promote the differentiation?
YANG Xian: there are different thinking, different emphases, is good for China, as
China has a different cuisine, there are Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunan and so on. I
advocate diversity, the development of different thinking, spirit, mode.
This differentiation is because different parts of the business have different needs.
Shanghai may be in the planning, brand on the walk longer term; Beijing's
relations with the Government may have to be more accurate grasp. Different
characteristics of the local business representatives, inland and coastal cities can find
their different colors.
"Investment House": This year is the National University of
Singapore Peking University Guanghua School of Management Cooperation with the
10th anniversary of the MBA program, Why cooperate with the North?
YANG Xian: I have feelings on the North in particular. Not because I did honor
Peking University's Guanghua School of Management Dean, but the eyes
of Beijing University in China in a unique position. Beijing used to be a school, Cai
Yuanpei added later to carry out real reform. Beijing has set an open atmosphere of
academic, research achievements of the independent spirit, competition, can have Yan,
Chen can also can have an antique mood of people, they can have 54 values. These
are inclusive, together to create a spirit. Beijing University of Chinese people must
exist. Our cooperation with Peking University Beijing University has a lot of spirit
because we need to learn.
Singapore is a microcosm of Asia, is unique in the whole of Asia. It has the
West's institutions, as well as institutions in Asia, India, China, Malaysia,
the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. have. Singapore's very little
resources, no water, oil, not energy, but in this environment, it creates one of the best
the world economy, must have its advantages and skills. Asia's skills to
meet the spirit of Beijing University, I think prospects.
"Investors": Last year you became president of National
University of Singapore Institute of Management, said foreign media evaluation
would prove attractive to business school in Asia. In summary, as China's
business schools, professors and students on how to be more attractive?
YANG Xian: First, leadership requires vision. They really need to understand the
academic. Not only be teaching, should be studied to know what is good academic.
Second, the academic system. School of Business is a team, not a principal, a teacher
is sufficient. We need a lot of schools, different principals, directors, teachers,
common to do it successfully. In the United States, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford,
Chicago's success is not a school's success, but the entire
group's success is shared by many schools, the competition, the reform
facilitated. Third, the reform of the market system. We need to have a strength-based
work to competition. Place in China is so big, so many people, if I just said to the
three points, China will surely be many Nobel Prize winners.

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