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									Brief Introduction
Brief Introduction
    Jiangxi Normal University is located has a rich history and culture, known as
"Imperial Treasures, outstanding" reputation will be the city of
Nanchang in Jiangxi Province, the existing Yao Lake, Castle Peak Lake two campuses,
covering an area of 3400 mu, total construction area of more than 140 million square
meters . Origin Lushan White Deer Hollow Academy schools, Jau-Ji in 1940 created
the National Chung Cheng University, Nanchang, in 1949 changed its name to
National University; in 1953 to Jiangxi Normal University, Jiangxi Normal University
was renamed in 1983.
After generations of Jiangxi Normal University who keep the schools to temper the
"retreat Dusing, who in just to" school training gave birth to a
"strict, diligent, seeking, innovative" Fine School, formed a
"people-oriented       oriented     society   "school       thinking
and" Student-centered, comprehensive development, "the
ideological education. Since reform and opening, the school adhere to the
"Quality, talent Colleges, innovation and strong schools, and University
Culture, Harmony wing school" educational philosophy, promoting
"patriotism Wing School, democratic and harmonious, pragmatic, open
innovation" Normal spirit, has become a financial literature, history,
philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, education and other
disciplines in one nine, normal and non normal simultaneously in Jiangxi
Province's political, economic, , cultural and social development will have
significant impact, was identified as a priority the development of the provincial
government provincial key comprehensive university. Doctoral degree granting
school is the right unit and the first batch of undergraduate and master's
degrees conferred units, the existing one post-doctoral mobile stations, four doctoral
(fill the Humanities and Social Sciences Ph.D. province point blank), 79 a
master's degree awarded points (including a subject with approval), 4
professional master's degree awarded points, 63 undergraduate majors;
have a Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, a national base for Humanistic
Education, 18 provincial key disciplines , 6 provincial key laboratories, a provincial
engineering technology research center, a provincial university science park, five
provincial-level key research base of humanities and social sciences, eight provincial
Software Science (university project, experimental demonstration) Technology
School has 24 colleges, the existing full-time students of the Academy nearly 4
million people, doctoral and master more than 2,000 Adult Education students to more
than 5,000 people. Schools existing in the compilation of more than 2860 faculty, of
whom more than 1810 full-time teachers. Full-time teachers, a ratio of 43.8% senior
title; graduate ratio was 59.6%, 35 years old teacher ratio was 47.7%. Outstanding
contribution to the national school young 4 experts, the National Teaching Master 1,
the National 100 million project to train candidates for three people, and 18 doctoral
tutors, enjoy special government allowances of 34 people, enjoy special government
allowances of 11 people, Jiangxi century provincial leaders in the major disciplines of
academic and technical training object 7, Jiangxi Province in the new century 100
million project to train the first and second levels of 18 candidates, University of
Jiangxi Province, 74 middle-aged academic leaders, Jiangxi University Young
Teacher 60, a national model for teachers, national outstanding teachers, the National
Excellent Young Teachers College, National University of ideological and political
theory course excellent teachers, school arts education in the country advanced
individuals 9, 21 Master Teachers of Jiangxi Province.
School to undergraduate teaching as the central task, since 1999 the Credit System
Reform, "to the health-oriented, all-round development" of
educating people thinking, to foster innovation and improve the practical capabilities
as key to education, professional education and teacher education as a platform to
"credit management, modular courses, menu-driven culture, open
teaching" as the mechanism for innovative training model, to promote
transfer of knowledge, build capacity, improve the quality of the coordinated
development of the comprehensive implementation of quality education, meet the
needs of socialist modernization, training the "solid foundation, broad
caliber, high-quality, strong adaptation" senior specialists. Meanwhile, the
school to explore and implement the "3.5 +0.5", "3 +
0.5 + 0.5", "3 +1", "4 + 1 + 2",
"4 +2" and reform of teacher training model, to further
strengthen characteristics and advantages of teacher education, professional
development, curriculum system, teaching content, teaching methods and means of
reform, greater efforts to achieve noticeable results, and the level of undergraduate
teaching in the Department of Education received a good evaluation results. School
Specialty Construction of existing state-level point of 3, 25 provincial-level
undergraduate professional brand, provincial quality courses 23. The last three years,
the school assumed the expansion of college English teaching reform the Ministry of
Education project 2, the National Education and Scientific Projects 16, 204
provincial-level teaching and research topic, province of Projects 135, were 26
Provincial Teaching Achievement Award provincial education planning issues
Excellence Award 11, a courseware was named University and College Courses
"wonderful lesson in" teaching demonstration film, a software
in the 2007 National Championship Multimedia University won the final scene of a
group prize, four software in the country of the fourth, fifth Multimedia University
won the final contest on-site group of outstanding awards, 22 provincial-level
courseware Multimedia Competition award was. Schools pay attention to the first
class and second class combine efforts to improve the cultural quality of university
students, were the CYL Central Committee, Ministry of Education as a national 63
"Quality Development Plan," one pilot university, were
identified as the national implementation of the "rural teacher support
Scheme "experimental college, was named the National Advanced Unit of
psychological science and the national school of arts education advanced unit for 15
years, the Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Education, the CYL Central
Committee, the National Federation awarded the advanced units of social practice,
school group Youth League was central government grant in 2004,
"National 54 Banner Pacesetter" title is the only normal school
in honor of the university.
In recent years, applied for my first-choice candidate on the line the number of school
enrollment plan to maintain stability of more than 3 times, beginning in 2008 in the
province for an online enrollment. School graduates a one-time employment rate
stabilized at 90%, student quality are, English 46 exam, computer exam pass rate has
been one of the province Dengjun the forefront of University and National College
Arts Festival, sporting events professional competition, science and technology
activities to achieve outstanding results. Such as "blue sky" has
been awarded a national environmental group Excellent Student Societies,
Associations of College Students in the Model 2005, organized by the World Wide
Fund for Nature, "Wetlands messenger action" to get the first
bid in 2006 by the World Wide Fund for Nature will be awarded the
"World Living Lakes Best Conservation Practice Award", the
only award for the National Higher Education Student Association; Life Sciences and
College of Education student entrepreneurial team was named "Challenge
Cup" National University Business Plan Competition "the most
good performance of the team "and" Best Creative Team
"; ACM Computer Information Engineering College team won the seventh
race," Hiroshige up "Cup National intelligent robot competition
gold, two silver awards to enter the 31st ACM / ICPC Asia Shanghai Point final. Yang
Wenjun students to participate in the 28th Athens Olympic Games and the 29th
Beijing Olympic Games a gold medal, becoming history's first Olympic
canoeing champion on the reelection of athletes; Jin Ziwei and her teammates were
four oars Beijing Olympic Games Olympic gold medal, Olympic rowing gold medal
in China to achieve "zero" breakthrough; Wu You and Gao
Yulan at the Beijing Olympics were harvested two silver medals in a single propeller,
creating a slurry of Chinese women's double single best performance. Ni
Zhenhua, Fan Jie students for the 2006 Third National Sports Aerobics mixed doubles
gold medal match, the school in 2006, the 12th Provincial Sports Group on Access to
Higher gold medals, the group score the first good results.
The school actively carry out scientific research, and constantly advancing
technological innovation. Since 2002, the school two consecutive first prize of
provincial scientific and technological progress, for four consecutive years won the
State "973" special pre-research project, the total research
funding from the school in 2002 to 1,100 million in 6700 significantly increased to
more than 10,000 yuan in 2006, the school The overall research strength among the
forefront of the province. According to statistics, nearly five years, state schools take a
high-tech industry development projects, international science and technology
cooperation projects in three, "863" project 3, the National
"973" pre-pre-research project 4, the National Social Science
Fund 25, 45 National Natural Science Foundation, the National Science and
Technology, "15" science and technology research item 6, the
State Ministry of Science and SME Innovation Fund 7, the state key new product
projects two, the National Soft Science Project 2 the province a special two major
scientific and technological innovation; and the Ministry of National Education and
Scientific Projects 17, the provincial Social planning a major bid for projects of four;
received a first prize of Jiangxi Province Natural Science Award, second prize two,
three Prize 3, Jiangxi Science and Technology Progress Award in two, second prize 4,
1 third prize, China Academic Humanities and Social Science Research Excellence
Award, 1 third prize, Jiangxi Social Science Research Excellence Award 1 Prize 9, 37
second prize, third prize 34; published works of 600 academic books, published more
than 7,600 academic papers, among which 350 papers were SCI, EI, ISTP included.
School has actively conducted exchanges and cooperation, met with Russia, the
United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Britain and other countries and Hong
Kong and Taiwan more than 30 universities to establish friendly relations of
cooperation. The last three years, the school has with the University of Canberra,
Australia, University of Teesside, Okayama University of Commerce, Kagawa
University, Daegu, Korea has signed Cato State University Master's
training program, the implementation of mutual recognition of credits, student
exchanges; and Madagascar Santana Canary Buddha Confucius Institute at the
University of signed agreements. Schools also employ a number of foreign teachers
come to teach them foreign teachers Constance Gibson won the national
"Friendship Award." The school has enrolled Japan, Australia,
South Korea, the United States, Indonesia and other countries students and Hong
Kong and Taiwan students to attend school.
To grasp the great opportunities for higher education development, the school
proposed the "three-step" development strategy and formulated
the "Eleventh Five Year" development plan, decided to
gradually build into a comprehensive, distinctive, high-level teaching and research
university, a service of Jiangxi, and the country's high-level personnel
training and an important base for teacher education, knowledge, innovation and
technological innovation as an important base, humanities and social sciences and
high-level decision-making consultation an important base for international academic
exchange and cooperation as an important base to part of the disciplines and fields to
achieve first-class and world advanced level among the general educational
institutions in the same domestic advanced level.

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