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									Branding - Tiffany chain of international strategy.
Tiffany brand source
Tiffany's origin dates back to the early 50s of last century. At that time, a
group of mainland descent forced away from home living veterans, gathered in Taipei,
Chiang Kai-shek and Yungho Yonghe Bridge River, built a business fast food
breakfast in the shed, grinding soy milk, roasted sesame seed cakes, fried dough
fritters, gradually forming a supply Spreading earlier. Because these veterans craft
authentic, fresh and nutritious soy milk until it has fragrant and delicious, fried fritters
made of fried crispy soft color Jinhuang Song, so as to milk Yonghe represented a
variety of snack bar is the most famous areas, spread throughout the island. So far,
there are universal in Taiwan soy milk, soy milk, etc. from the world's soya
bean juice shop Yonghe veterans.

However, these traditional snacks are all hand workshop production, with the veterans
have left their later products often appear unworthy of the name of the phenomenon,
although the claim over the island of breakfast area from the more open Yonghe more,
but Tiffany has been an increasing trend of micro, in people's impression,
Tiffany has been with the soymilk street vendors 毫无二致.

Like many of his contemporaries, as was the young Lin Ping-sheng is a small
drinking milk Yonghe veterans, veterans of the fried donut eating Yonghe grew up, for
these deep feelings of the Chinese nation's traditional cuisine, and
especially sorry they ever go away . "We must revive the
Tiffany's famous traditional food carried forward to the
motherland!" "To industrialized practices to the quality of
soymilk and guaranteed!" "To use the brand to run this

Lin Ping-sheng think of to do, immediately thought of the actual operation of this
business. Is different from the variety available in the market milk products under
various signs, the real veterans of milk re-Hwan Yonghe reputation, Lin Ping-sheng
decided to "Wo" brand milk to run his business. Because
"Yonghe" word is not only to revive his veteran Yonghe
soybean milk, the original purpose of promoting traditional snacks, but also to live
and work on behalf of the Chinese people longing for happiness and the simple desire.
Then, in 1982, he made in Taiwan "Yonghe" soymilk a
registered trademark of commodities, the same year, the Secretary to establish food
factory set up Hong Qigong to start mass production of a variety of enrichment
mechanization, bags, and canned "Yonghe" soymilk. Gradually
from the semi-automated production to fully automated production, the number of
daily production increased. Later, the Secretary of the truck every morning and Hong
Qigong milk delivered on time to the island throughout the Soya bean juice, schools,
supermarkets, convenience stores, stores. Tiffany household name in Taiwan, returned
to his old look.
However, Lin Ping-sheng did not stop the pursuit of the cause of his sights on a
broader international market. In the ensuing years, Tiffany gradually into Japan, the
United States, Canada, Thailand, more than 20 countries and regions, because of its
simple yet profound taste and rich nutrition from nature, popular everywhere. In
recent years, as Hong Qigong Secretary Tiffany promotion in the world, more and
more foreigners come to recognize and accept the natural health drink soy milk, more
and more people began to understand Tiffany's traditional Chinese culture ,
while the milk of well-known brand Yonghe rising gradually developed into a
well-known international brand.

Today, as Hong Qigong Secretary Tiffany brand business, increasingly far-reaching
impact not only the brand, the business daily space to expand to veterans of the corner
store had Yonghe, sublimation become synonymous with the traditional Chinese food
around the world flourish. This is precisely the cause of the operators Yonghe
Ultimate Pursuit: Let the world where there are Chinese all drink of Tiffany

Up to now, Hong Qigong Secretary's "Tiffany" chain
in mainland China has exceeded 100, the product marketing in North America, South
America, Asia and other 20 countries. Now, Wo International Development Limited
for the career development headquarters to Shanghai Hong Chi Food Co., Ltd.,
Tianjin     Yonghe       Development       Company      Limited     as    the    focus,
"Tiffany's" will continue along the road of brand
management, determined to carry forward the traditional Chinese cuisine, the creation
of the world well-known brands.
It is worth mentioning that in 2004, Nantong Yonghe Jiamusi soy milk powder factory
and the establishment of the International Development Co., Ltd., Yonghe started
mass production in the mainland milk products series, with the various types of milk
products in the country are all listed, the brand Tiffany's visibility and
influence in the continent will be more greatly improved.
Tiffany will soon enter the Korean market
January 28, 2005, by the "chain and franchise ? Engineer"
magazine-sponsored enterprise chartered Korean high-level meeting held in Shanghai.
The magazine recommends, South Korea Franchise Association Mr. Park yuan closed
meeting of entrepreneurs and professionals Cheng Duiyong first store in Shanghai to
inspect milk. The participants in the corporate culture at Tiffany's feel and
taste of its stores after a variety of delicious snacks, have praise. Mr. Park said he
snacks on Tiffany that is interested in returning Korean director Park after repeatedly
calling the "chain and franchise ? Engineer" magazine, and
director of Miss Luo Hezi magazine market brand into South Korea to discuss thi s

May 14, 2005, the 7th China Franchise Conference and Exhibition held in Beijing, Mr.
Park element off South Korea Franchise Association as delegates once again its
delegate Mr Tiffany, general manager of Mr. Lin Jianxiong Shanghai headquarters
also popular as the mainland well-known brands on behalf of another exhibition. Miss
Luo Hezi of referrals in the next, Mr. Park and Mr. Lin Jianxiong dollars off two from
different countries once again shook hands with. The handshake, marked Tiffany
started the cooperation with South Korea. Tiffany will also mark the flash landing
Korean market has important historical significance. Park director of the Korean
market is very understanding, he has succeeded in a variety of well-known foreign
brands into the Korean market. Park director said that at present milk, juice and other
healthy drinks and snacks Chinese cultural tradition popular in Korea, he was
confident that South Korea will be the successful introduction of Tiffany and
vigorously promoted.

Chartered Association of Korean companies as members, General Manager Mr. Lin
Jianxiong Tiffany also "chain and franchise ? Engineer"
magazine, thanks to this matchmaker.
"Wo" soy milk cause of the brand concept
"Wo" to mark the brand's understanding of
Tiffany international chain establishment and development of the cause from the
cause of the main founders of the brand awareness and overall management of
advanced planning, and Tiffany two decades of struggle and achievements were all
with the brand building, management, maintenance is closely related to . Today, full
of brand awareness in this era of knowledge economy, trademarks, brands and other
intellectual property both for operators and consumers, the value of a trademark or
brand has far exceeded the legal meaning of a symbol of itself, but more condensed in
its behalf cultural background, emotional cognitive and other value-added.

For businesses, the brand is an intangible asset with unlimited potential, is the core
productivity. A good brand of goods or services means that loyal group of consumers,
stable market share, profit margins, strong vitality, competitiveness, and thus
ultimately bring huge economic benefits of enterprises.

For consumers, a good brand image means producer or operator of strong strength,
good reputation, good value and the value of pride, a consumer guarantee, represent
the consumption of quality, quality, reputation and value for money to enjoy.

Today, China has entered the era of brand competition, the core competitiveness of
enterprises will depend on whether created a brand, whether successful brand
management. Brand competition has become a key factor in business success, and has
become famous or well-known brands to maintain brand also had to bear the brand
from the peer pressure and brand infringement of unfair competition. In this context,
the "Yonghe" of trademarks, brand building, management and
maintenance are also facing great challenges.
"Wo" trade mark registration overview
1982 made in Taiwan "Yonghe" soymilk registered trademark;
Business Administration in 1995, the State Administration Trademark Office to obtain
30 category "Yonghe and map" a registered trademark of
Business Administration in 1999, the State Administration Trademark Office to obtain
42 category two "Scarecrow" registered; in 2000 in Hong Kong,
Thailand, Singapore, and "Wo" soymilk trademark. In 2004, the
State General Administration of Business Administration and Trademark Office to
obtain the 42nd class of "YONHO and map" trademark.
To date, the "Yonghe" were registered in the SAIC four soybean
commodities and service marks. While another of several trade marks pending. It
should be said, "Wo" to the three places registered trademarks
of the more complete one.
"Wo" facing the troubled brand
With the "Yonghe" milk the rising popularity and widespread
consumer acceptance of Tiffany's, "Wo", as many
well-known brands as more and more began to face difficulties of trademark
infringement, the market appeared in a variety of hanging " Tiffany
"sign of Soya bean juice. The shop's products due to lack of
strict monitoring and regulating the operation and management, product and service
quality varied greatly affect the "Yonghe" soymilk reputation.
To maintain brand image, they actively engaged in counterfeiting through a variety of
ways Rights and the relevant departments strictly enforce the law by obtaining certain
results. For example, in Wuhan, Tangshan of trademark infringement litigation; on
Yonghe legend, the world's other trademark objections Yonghe; in
Shanghai, Ningbo, Taizhou, Wenzhou and other places of complaints and so the
business sector achieved good results. However, there are numerous violations than,
"Wo" is still felt on the Rights of the road is long and difficult.
The proliferation of fake store

In Shanghai alone, there are all kinds of counterfeit Soya bean juice glamorous name
of "Wo" soymilk signs, such as large Yonghe New Yonghe, a
new generation of hi Yonghe years, Jiji Tiffany, etc., in the north of Beijing, Tianjin
area , Dacheng Yonghe, universal Yonghe, also abound.
Similar malicious registered trademark

"Wo" became well-known, the market has a lot of kinds of
"Wo" and similar to the trademark first, "Yonghe
King," "come to Yonghe" has to be registered,
followed     by     "Wing         Wo      Hing       Kee",
"Yong-and" the preliminary approval notice ; Recently,
"Dr. Yonghe" application. The challenge before us have been
following the nuclear refuting the "Yonghe world",
"Yonghe family", "Yonghe Legend" and
so on and so on abound. These marks and both are registered in the milk category of
goods or services, its malicious obviously goes without saying.

For enterprises, fake shops are numerous, but the census drawn from the law, relief by
means of legal sanctions, and for the legitimate registered trademarks are helpless.

Malicious "free rider"

Since the state registration of trademark law and business management practices of
the trademark and business name of the audit has not yet closely integrated, many
people accordingly abused and lead to business Soya bean juice business name
registered as "Wo", such as Shanghai Yonghe King Food Co.,
soy milk, Hangzhou Yonghe Food Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Tiffany Food Company
Limited and the Yonghe Soya bean juice all over countless other colors.

Yonghe maintain the attitude of the brand

Trademarks, brand as a valuable intangible assets, is the core of sustainable enterprise
and security. Shops and other kinds of false violations directly affect the behavior of
corporate trademark to the corporate image and brand reputation, is the ordinary
course of business and size of the great obstacles to development. In recent years, the
state protection, including trademark rights, including intellectual property rights
made great efforts and had a considerable effect, "Wo," are so
greatly benefited. As an enterprise, they feel very excited and will continue efforts to
return the government to society, also expect the Government to further improve the
Trademark Law and related laws and regulations, strengthen law enforcement efforts
against unfair competition that creates a good market environment and fair
competition order.
Since 1995, Tiffany's mainland Chinese fast food chain first to open the
first of its kind, now, the mainland market has many similar operations Yonghe
Chinese fast food chain, to see so many people with lofty ideals committed to carry
forward the traditional snack, they am very pleased and happy. They welcomed the
industry in compliance with national laws and regulations, abide by professional
ethics cases, mutual learning, mutual supervision, and common progress. Hope, in a
market environment of fair competition will be good business better and better.
Tiffany Culture
In 1982, Tiffany's career was founded at the beginning, it has been
explicitly brand management as the core concept of career development, and on this
basis, established a system of corporate culture.

Yonghe purpose: forever friends, and loving home

Yonghe feelings: Chinese style flavor Taiwan Strait
Yonghe concept: promoting traditional delicious healthy diet provides personalized
services to meet

Yonghe Pursuit: Let the world where there are Chinese all drink of Tiffany
The development process of Tiffany
Taiwan business: 1982, obtained the "Yonghe" soymilk
registered trademarks and Yonghe soybean milk production plant in the same year,
BMW; 1986, the establishment of (Taiwan) Hong Chi Food Co., Ltd. began to stable
development of the Taiwan market;

Transplantation continent: in 1995, made the mainland, "Wo"
soymilk registered trademarks are developing the market; in 1996,
"Tiffany" authorized store development in the mainland;

1999, made head, and the Scarecrow Scarecrow graphics Yonghe two service marks;
"Tiffany" direct sales stores opened in Shanghai; establishment
of the Shanghai Hong Chi Food Co., Ltd. as the mainland,
"Tiffany" franchisors; in 2003, establishing a central kitchen
and logistics system; in 2004, the establishment of Jiamusi soybean milk powder
processing plant; the establishment of the North Company of Tianjin Yonghe
Development Co., Ltd.; established Development Co., Ltd. Nantong Yonghe soy milk,
soy milk series began mass production of beverages; made "yonho and
map" service mark; into an international : 1996, began to open up overseas
markets, products exported to the United States, Canada, the Philippines and other
countries; in 1998, the product into the Japanese market; in 2000,
"Yonghe" soymilk to obtain Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore
and registered trademarks; in 2001, the establishment of the United States Yonghe
International Development Co., Ltd. as the "Tiffany"
international     headquarters;     in     2004,      and      Thailand      signed
"Tiffany" franchise business agency agreement.

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