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Boen Shi wealth _amp;quot;Box_amp;quot; Stunning Solar Expo


									Boen Shi wealth "Box" Stunning Solar Expo
"Nude              bathing",         "painting",
"Box" ... ... This is the day the second at the 2009 Zhejiang
Haining (China) Expo on solar energy industry appear surprising scene.
To "love every one" as the brand idea Boen Shi solar
industry's first appearance on their "Box" in the
booth ideas from hundreds of exhibitors in the solar business stand out.
"We invite you to open the wealth of Box", which is solar based
Boen Shi, "with dealers to create wealth" concept specially
designed exhibition booth - "Box."
Boen Shi put forward to build solar power for dealers to "3C management
platform" operating system-based distributor, hopes to develop into the
future of traditional distributors of "operator", by the exhibition
of public concern. Boen Shi solar manufacturers that the dealer is not a simple
marketing, but rather long-term survival of partner companies, in line with marketing,
Bo Enshi in the solar industry, solar energy is also planning to open a shop in the first
batch of 3C, and nationwide promotion.
The day of the show, Bo Enshi Solar launched the "Hot
Springs",             "Tianjiao",            "heat
wave", "Smart" series new products, particularly its
"creative creation of wealth" concept has been hundreds of
dealers strong praise and optimistic about the depth of their willingness to cooperate.
At the fair site, with the "Box" creative, Bo Enshi the product
and also held a "nude bathing", "body
painting" and other unique activities, attracting exhibitors and industry
colleagues with great interest, but also for Expo adds splendor, received extensive
attention and recognition.
It is understood, Jiaxing, Zhejiang has become the largest concentration of domestic
solar water heater production, yield the largest market share, the most complete
industrial chain, product distribution center for most brands. Market sales accounted
for one-sixth of the country, and Shandong, Jiangsu tripod. In the context of this
sector to private enterprises in Zhejiang featuring solar energy industry cluster will
develop in the future with new important market position in the occupation.

In 2009, the second Haining (China) solar energy industry trade show, Bo Enshi Solar
booth with "Box" ideas come to the fore.
According to reports, the current brands of solar water heater industry is facing two
major bottlenecks: one technical, one is integrity.
In this context, Bo Enshi solar energy as a rookie brand, relying on the National
Research Institute - Shanghai East China Electric Power Research
Institute's research resources to develop environmentally friendly, green
products such as unique selling points. Bo Enshi All products are fluorine-free
foaming technology, the first in the solar industry to achieve all products without
"Create a solar fluorine-free era", the idea is not only Boen Shi
is also the contribution of the entire solar industry. Vacuum tube era of glory has
passed, the solar industry needs a new location and burst point.
China Rural Energy Industry Association Professional Committee of solar thermal,
solar thermal utilization in China Industry Alliance chairman Luozhen Tao pointed out
that the solar industry is moving in scientific and technological progress and industrial
upgrading and transformation equipment, service innovation and development in three
directions. Fluorine-free solar energy is the future development trend. At present, the
Jiaxing area of domestic solar energy industry has created a unique complete
industrial chain. Boen Shi solar energy from the start stand on a higher platform and
starting point, especially Bo Enshi technological innovation, environmental protection,
health, industry concept is worthy of attention.
In addition, Boen Shi won the PICC (PICC) product quality double insurance and
liability insurance policies. In the insurance period, such as product quality problems
caused by the user, or any of the person, property damage, claims can be carried out to
PICC. The maximum claim amount to 50,000 yuan.

Boen Shi solar energy "body painting" The event attracted
exhibitors and industry colleagues with great interest.
Day, Boen Shi also issued to the participating enterprises, "three-point
initiative to solar energy companies", advocating solar energy companies
"with advanced technology, excellent quality, healthy way to grow, and
jointly promote the healthy development of solar energy green industry!"
Boen Shi Solar was founded in 2002, focused on development and utilization of solar
energy. The company is located in Jiaxing City, South Lake District. South Lake
ancient beautiful scenery, the most loved literary tourists in 1921, the First Congress
of the Communist Party of China in a boat on this lake held in secret, from rewriting
history. Today, the same pioneering spirit that inspired the South Lake
children's business sentiment, was born in South Lake Hu Bo Enshi bank
of solar energy is one of the highlights of a unique.
Boen Shi solar inception, the registered capital, but 50,000 employees dozens of
people, and arduous struggle so far, the registered capital is over 10 million, owns
various types of integrated, split, wall mounted solar water heaters, and photovoltaic
complementary, light V conversion, cutting-edge products such as air to water heater;
the same time provide large-scale projects have the strength.
Source: Teng Xun Digital
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