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      2009 the 6th China (Shanghai) International Medical
                      Devices Exhibition
Time: September 27th- 29th, 2009                   Place:Guangda Exhibition Center, Shanghai

 According to the statistics made by the departments concerned: It is a prosperous peak of the
medical devices trade in 2008-2010. The national construction of the health service network
during countryside, city and community will firstly benefit to the industry of medical devices, and
will also bring us an enormous market of medical devices. Promoting the development of the
national medical and health cause, 2009 the 6th China (Shanghai) International Medical Devices
Exhibition, jointly sponsored by China International Exchange and Promotive Association for
Medical and Health Care (CPAN) and Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co. Ltd., will be held
on September 27th- 29th, 2009 in Shanghai Guangda Exhibition Center. With your support and
participation, 2009 the 6th China (Shanghai) International Medical Devices Exhibition will have a
more excellent future.
   From the year 2004, Shanghai Medical Devices Exhibition has already been successfully run 5
times. The exhibition scale has been expanding year by year. Tens of thousands of domestic and
international merchants, specialty people of research institutions, government departments, and
hospital purchasing and administrative departments are attracted every year. This exhibition has
already become one of the famous medical devices exhibitions and it has a significant influence in
the field of medical care at home and abroad.
   The quality and population distribution of the professional spectators reflects the characteristi cs
of this exhibition which are always kept: high professional intensity and even distribution. Based
on the statistics, about 30% of the spectators came from hospitals (the small, medium and big),
medical therapy units and medical research units from all parts of the country and even from other
areas of the world, and 60% were wholesalers, agents and traders engaged in the business of the
medical products. In the short 3 days, the sponsors received spectators apart from Shanghai also
from over 28 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and special administrative region such as
Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Jilin, Sichuan, Guangxi,
Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taiwan; and spectators abroad from more than 20 countries such as
South Korea, Japan, U.S.A., Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, Britain,
Singapore, Thailand, Denmark, Iran, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, and Africa. During the
exhibition, more than 28000 domestic and international professional spectators were received.
Meanwhile, during the exhibition the sponsors will organize more than 30 academic and
technology seminars involving over 60 special topics, which will become another great
characteristic of this exhibition.

Sponsor: CPAN
          China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care
Media Supports:    
                   Purchasing Medical Equipment               Medical Equipment
                   International Medical Equipment Journal Press
Operating Unit: Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.

Check in and Arrange Exhibition: September25th-26th, 2009
Opening Ceremony: September 27th(9:00—9:30), 2009
Exhibit: September27th-29th(8:30—16:00), 2009             Remove:p.m., September 29th

【Exhibition Range】
 Medical devices: All kinds of new medical instruments and related instruments and apparatus,
    hearts monitoring equipments, biochemical experimental facilities such as medical image
    documentation equipments, household medical apparatus such as sphygmomanometer and
   Diagnosis and treatment facilities: X-ray diagnosis and treatment facilities, ultrasonic
    diagnosis devices, nuclear medicine equipments, endoscope system, treating instruments used
    in department of EENT and stomatology, kinetic analyzers, low temperature freezing
    equipments, dialysis treatment equipments, first aid equipments and medical disposable
    materials, et al.
   Aseptic wards of hospital, monitoring system of ward, all kinds of sick beds, operating chair,
    operating bed, ambulatory vehicle, stretchers, etc..
   Auxiliary equipments: sterilization and sterilizing serial products, oxygen preparing and
    supplying equipments, blood bank equipments, medical data and image manipulation
    equipments, rehabilitation appliances, disabled person's special-purpose apparatus and so on.
   Medical equipments of oral cavity: dentistry diagnoses medical apparatus, dentistry operation
    apparatus, and dentistry scientific and technological apparatus.
   Telemedicine System, medical information system, and office automation system. of
   Movement medical treatment, health products etc.

【Spectator population】
-Hospitals  -urgent care centers           -government organizations         -Research Institutions
-Agents       -Retailers         -Clinics          -Medical universities       -Manufacturers
-Importers and exporters      -Wholesalers      -Medical centers   -nursing rehabilitation centers

【Expenses of participating in the exhibition】
   Standard location of the exhibition: 9m 2(3mx3m)
   Domestic enterprises: 11800 Yuan each       ● External enterprises: 3800 dollar each
    Expenses of the standard location include: exhibition field, wainscot of 2.5m high, a
negotiation table, two chairs, illumination, carpet, header characters, etc..
 Vacant lot of the exhibition (Renting 36 m 2 at least).
   Domestic enterprises: 1200 Yuan / m2          ● Overseas-funded enterprise: 380 dollars / m2
   The expenses include: exhibition field, carpet, public security, cleaning service of exhibition
     The fee of meeting affairs: 500 Yuan for each person, which is used for meeting material,
card, lunch, beverage, souvenir, etc..

【Application procedure of participating in the exhibition】
    The unit participating in the exhibition must fill in the [Application] conscientiously, send or
     fax to the sponsor after the head’s signature and stamping.
    After the sponsors’ confirming, unit participating in the exhibition must remit the expenses to
     the sponsor according to the regulation.
    While receiving the expenses, the sponsors will distribute the exhibition location in principle,
     send [Detailed Rules and Regulations of Participating in the Exhibition] and notify the
     related arrangement.
    Unit participating in the exhibition should read [Detailed Rules and Regulations of
     Participating in the Exhibition] conscientiously. The distribution principle is: apply first, pay
     first, be assigned first.

【Detailed Rules and Regulations of the Expense Payment】
   Unit participating in the exhibition should pay 50% deposit in 7 days from the day of
    reserved exhibition location, and should pay another 20% of the expense for the two-sided
    opening exhibition location.
   If unit participating in the exhibition does not pay deposit in 7 days, the sponsor would
    automatically cancel its reserved exhibition location.
   The left expense must be paid off before August 26th, 2009; otherwise the sponsor will regard
    it as giving up exhibiting.
   If the unit exhibits after August 26th, it must pay the full expenses.

【Transactions and other advertisement】
Transactions: 210mmx285mm. Please hand in the film or design to Organizing Committee before
August 26th, 2009.

 Cover:¥25000              Verso:¥20000               CoverⅡ: ¥15000             CoverⅢ: ¥10000

 Title page:¥12000         Colored full page:¥6000    Black full page:¥3000      Words full page:¥2000

 Arched Door:¥2000 /day    Balloon:¥6000/Stage        Material   of   scroll :   Invitation card:¥20000 /50

                                                      ¥2000/ Stage               thousand

   To make this exhibition more influential, strong units are specially invited as the
    co-organizers. The co-organizers are totally divided into three grades, that is100, 000, 68,000
    and 38,000. The detailed materials are asked for fully.

【Technology Lecture】
Enterprise Abroad:1500 dallor/2h           Domestic Enterprise:¥11800 /2h
Organizing Committee Secretariat of the Exhibition:
         2009 the 6th China (Shanghai) International Medical
                         Devices Exhibition
    Time: September 27th- 29th, 2009                     Place:Guangda Exhibition Center, Shanghai

                        Receipt of Application of Participating in the Exhibition (Contract)
  Unit Name
       Tel                                         Fax:                                     Postcode:
      Legal                                        Person in charge of the
 Representative                                    Exhibition:
   Internet Site                                            E-mail:
 Main Products
   Rent:■ Standard Location           m×         m=           m2                No/Exhibition Expense:
           ■ Indoor location:         m×        m=            m2                No/Exhibition Expense:
           ■ Technology Lecture:                                Scene/ Expense
           ■ Transaction Layout:                                 / Fee of Authentication Periodicals
           ■ Other:                            / Expense
Total Amount
                    (capitalization)                           (lower-case character)¥
of the Expense
                    The sum of money above will be remitted within           2009.
           Collection Unit                    Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.
           Bank of Deposit                    Shanghai Xuhui Subbranch, Bank of Ningbo
          Account Number                      700 30 122 000 028 45 3
1. Prints of the content of the exhibition and the enterprise's profile in 200 words will publish on the
exhibition’s proceedings without charge;
2. The distribution principle of the exhibition locations is: apply first, pay the bill first, be arranged first;
3. Enterprises must remit 50% of expenses participating in the exhibition or the whole fund to the
appointed account in 7 days after registering; and the left fund should be paid off before August 26th;
4. In order to obey the total arrangement, the operating unit has the right to adjust the location if necessary;
5. Unless the applying unit is not admitted by the sponsor, the expense that already paid for the location
does not return;
6. The unit whose demonstration apparatus needs water, dynamic electricity and compressed air, must offer
application one month prior to the exhibition.

  Organizing Committee Secretariat of the Exhibition:
  Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.                                                           (Official Seal)
                                                                    Unit participating in the Exhibition:
  Room 2203, Yinxiao Mansion A, Humin Road 6259, Shanghai

  Tel: 021-54175137                                                   Person in charge:(Signature)
  FAX: 021-64126798                                      2009
    Contact Person:Mr. Yang Hao


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