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									Big Parade

Center of gravity to remind
October 1st night, walked to the door narrow field of crisis, what will be a collection
of Wai-man army? What weapons and equipment will be unveiled parade? See how
training officers and men? National Day military parade last points are the first to
receive the command room feng hui media interviews, analysis and meaning of Point
Hope parade.
56 side (ladder) of all domestic teams and equipment
Walking out of a side team, added equipment round teams; lengthened see the overall
scope of Death ability, increased skills and special class of soldiers under side team.
Early warning aircraft, the old generation and the cars ancestors first see demolition
Q: this year is the Chinese people and the country with the plain near the 60th
anniversary of the establishment. Centre resolution National Day military parade in
the end all. He plays the National Day parade will show little more than side team?
What are the characteristics of their form, will have lost what new members, new
equipment stand?
Q: The Birth and Death will show 56 reading side (ladder) teams, there is a world of
14 foot side team, equipment side force 30, the ground echelon 12. State capital in
1999 to take military parade celebration match, adds a further round division teams,
prepared by the deletion of the demolished round teams; lengthened the Army side
team, an increase of the navy, air force, artillery and other military branches the two
parties team; see the troops out of the whole range of additional skills and special
classes for the next soldier side team.
The parade will showcase the 52 important equipment, all equipment is made, most
first see, herein include early warning aircraft, the new generation and vehicles, the
new radar, some aircraft and satellite communications equipment make up the news of
our ancestors. While some examples of equipment used to also join the power parade,
but that shop is the new number are displayed, combat skills have made new progress
Q: You head to the power, raw little less military. Now you feel our military
equipment and Once-in comparison, the biggest change that?
A: I when the group eternal, just to transform the withering early, I place the type of
troops and equipment comparable to small, technology transfer analogy Dwarf
exposed the troops of mules and horses left by incomplete; the student eternal,
military equipment, the type of match Qi, and functional has been greatly improved,
instructions take the initiative of the wrist is also the beginning of the application
based on the completion of the motorized unit; the military is low, the troops have had
fathers of their own water cannons, armored vehicles, as well as more advanced of the
older generation of instructions from the static system gradually to the machine and
the news of the progress of the back side.
wo Army transformation of today's equipment to take the early withering
analogy, the most Nianye change non-state production of smaller and smaller than
Shen, fewer and fewer examples of demolition equipment, more and more under the
level information.
Credit for military parade stance
Mongolian troops from the body is read "after 80",
"90 the first" old generation of the militia, not only uphold the
traditional parade features of the situation, nor no long is different and out side
Q: Thank you for advice to go to the original plays parade take it match
China's 13th National Day military parade, the next face and features are
Q: The parade will have a contribution to a foreign features, wealthy Chinese style,
and exert energy official family to show grace in the parade during the event.
Held since the founding of New China, each parade has its glamorous features. That
parade was the first time since the new century and into the end of all the National
Day parade, see the factors that more and more complete, more equipment, less
diverse sample, amateur armed services more one-sided, that the situation is more
fresh, clear the raised important points and features shown in the high number of
parties in:
One is to construct 56 square (ladder) team at the military parade, intended to destroy
Seoul States sent 56 plain near Family Link co-ordination, the country mind, the
characteristics of Chinese society along the off stride from the righteous way to
See all forces from the two non-exceptional heroes army for war and disaster relief is
the end, is fear holding stability, domestic peacekeeping and other military obligations
outside of a small sample that the heroes who distinguished group, wo have had
adequate performance to implement the task force officials to protect the quiet , work
functions and thrust of the National.
Third, see the equipment is made of all equipment, high level sources, the Army, Navy,
Air Force, Police Force has many old cultural weapons and equipment stand, fully
co-reaction of the State offensive effort for the construction of the suspect was a clear
Fourth, the military units of the Bin Meng body is "80s",
"90 after" a new generation of militia, who continue to carry
forward the Party's instructions Seoul military, work people, brave and
good at the excellent tradition and an excellent military and political nature of higher
level of civilization and the face of God in their prime crude, offensive and troops
abroad to set performance equipment, furnishings miracle successors, full of vitality.
5 is a parade that not only adhere to the traditional characteristics of the situation,
there are many different and bright, for example, walking side forceful array of
Wai-man team, equipment side team badly in the spirit, the ground echelon of the
heroic flight diffuse air, army soldiers and Father children militiamen Heroine
indisputable grace man, will continue to fully co-show. Together, the party plan team
formation, soldiers destroyed installed accessories, weapons and equipment held in
the square color is different.
Hope to give everyone some easy to remember to stay lost all depth impression.
"Save parade" throughout the process of Qi
Contraction parade preparation time, join the arrangement by the reading unit,
purchase of equipment not specifically for the parade
A: Today, the joint state celebrate reading Death date farther and farther. Can you
brief on the first parade for one case preparation and practice it?
A: The Center for National Day ceremony of the movement is highly discouraged and,
at the thoughtful arrangements for the deployment. I own the overall strategy of Hu
from the height, to understand the "big, worry celebrate, save and
peaceful," the sub-request, and made a solution is essentially the
instigation of both static for the National Day activities to do for access to military
means to understand the back side, the supply basic compliance. Central Military
parade segment and guide the preparation for large groups to parade a huge political
chaos as a free service and military obligations, drop out "first-class
structure of hair guide, a trickle of weapons and equipment, a trickle of practice
results, a trickle of energy to face" The purpose of the implementation of
strong guidance.
In preparation for the parade, there remain wide pull the rough training, walk side
team willing to practice kick-off, arm-off, very physical power and take meritorious
deeds; equipment side force applied laser ranging appraisal system, training and so
willing to quickly offset the full control; ground echelon of relentless time catching up,
quasi-face after, quasi-high pass field, formation of quasi-steady, quasi-distance and
fast flying into and associate training, willing to practice the correct formation, m s no
good software too. Fruit crisp conditions hold out policies, no specific day of practice
has handled the subject of discussion suppose the case presented to formulate policy
measures for the outside.
A: In the news this year in the first run home affairs hospital room so organized that
will be heard, the speech has been the performance, he main National Day military
parade in the capital, will remain the yardstick saving parade, to ensure that both the
grand parade fun, but also luxury retreat section. "Saved" each
word is Nianye bred keep dependents.
A: The difficult struggle is glorious traditions of our military. In accordance with the
request of our center, crisp and extravagant parade holding the festival runs through
the various parties in the preparation of things, the QI department process.
First, contraction of the parade preparation time, eliminated the staff involved and
ensure minimum damage limit progress in preparing effective things.
Second, join the arrangement kept the reading unit, adequate application of the
training ground and technology imitation wrist parade to start training, flexible force
by more than the main number and time and saves a large number of human and
material resources, even if simply to reduce the spread of national cadres career.
See the three non-military equipment are hidden labor and equipment, the militia are
all hidden just dress up dress up, do not purchase equipment specifically for the
military parade.
Fourth, in the village, set up equipment, furnishings, to maintain superstition plan,
open bidding, both the quality and frugal Baoguan overhead, both content to have
another parade after the application of discretion to the troops, for example, sports
board room, kitchen tools and other business, the military parade stop the first one
will be used to ensure that military training exercises.
Fifth, enhancing substances by the provincial governance, strict examination to close,
crisp holding Xing Jian Chen, adequate display their greatest effect by the provincial
harmful substances.
Particularly high standards of training track
Quiet parade training is essentially the same during training, combat training and
training of officers and men, strengthening the reactionary forces of the contemporary
construction of track, all have a major influence to promote
Q: How do you expect the military parade training? It is usual with our military
training is a kind of what connection? The parade will take place for our army, which
enhance probation?
A: The parade training when training is essentially the same quiet, but the parade
training is a special kind of high-scale counter-regulation of training, nurturing and
training of officers and soldiers to deal with the political awakening of chaos, military
training, style rules, campaigns, and the structure of crude command of God against
the reactionary forces of contemporary strengthen regulation of the construction side,
all with significant increase probation.
First, the parade really practice the actual supply of a deep study progress of
superstition view, the focus of training of present and future costs of the reactionary
view of the lively warrior lecture.
Second, the parade more than the actual temper and maintenance of the military
branches combined with a move to.
Third, the parade theoretical training and hone the rough battle forces of God.
Fourth, the parade join forces theory to explore a variety of management conditions
on the right track set of repair methods.
Fifth, extension theory paved the military parade in recent combination of easy
opportunities guaranteed.
National Day military parade express annals
Department of the Chinese people put the military implementation of the new century
and new stage of historical mission to stop progress, deliberately, with the right to
defend the country guests, quiet, complete and progress of the benefits of land
A: The night is being held at the National Day military parade and other major sports
pictures, is the world's smooth country under the much practice. Wo you
feel what the military's National Day military parade without the express
Q: Since the old China lost sit, Seoul States held power before and after the 13 main
National Day military parade in the capital. It's National Day parade, is
often the process of country progress in the generation of huge in meaning, a positive
response to the country since the attack and the forces which set the country field
repair equipment furnishings set the progress of different historical era achievements.
For example, in 1949 Nianye Code parade, before the actual occurrence of the first
countries to establish a grand parade one by one, we lead the National Party
subversion "three hills", the Chinese government had to face a
very new energy to sit just to the dignity of the declaration; 1984 35th anniversary of
National Day military parade in the annals of China into a new era of bad behavior of
one by one
Big parade, the party made its people into the community meeting to accelerate the
construction of the contemporary meaning in the journey of transforming huge stride
progressive withering political chaos express; in 1999 the 50th anniversary parade, is
still alive, Millennium received a grand military parade held one after another, is Party
led the people in the past and, with time entry, time of building socialism with
Chinese characteristics defined one-sided pull-back of the great miracle of the 21st
century, Shen to mean.
That the 60th anniversary of National Day military parade in the new century and new
stage behavior of the grand parade, the party made its people into society with
Chinese characteristics, participants hold high the great banner of justice, and
profound view of the implementation progress to achieve superstition, for the
usurpation of one-sided repair based Roland new social success, completion of a huge
resurgence of the Chinese nation without a major performance unremitting struggle, it
will also serve as outside the milestone with a big decline in the meaning of the
Shenyang incident, contained into the same building and the progress of the country
and the people's army, the brilliant Shi Cheng. ; Popular online games Yuan
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