Beijing Songshan Lake to promote a strong sign 42 be introduced over 8.5 billion

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					Beijing Songshan Lake to promote a strong sign 42 be introduced over 8.5 billion
 ?Latest news, Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park,
following last year's success in Beijing Investment Promotion Council,
attracting six billion yuan, and the second was held in Beijing Investment Promotion
Council, in a situation of bad environment, good momentum of a good investment, the
promotion will be re-signed 42 projects, attracting 8.5 billion. The Investment
Promotion in Beijing has aroused strong reflect: 1 is the number of participants, and
more. Technology in Beijing, more than 500 business elite participated in the
Promotion. Second, follow-up high-impact. Promotion last year after Beijing, Beijing,
Tang interactive technology, such as one-dimensional Imagination and Technology
has approved the project participants to the Songshan Lake Science and Technology
study and in the promotion at the signing. The seminar there a large number of
scientific projects and projects of modern service industry expressed strong presence
Songshanhu intention. 3 is a signatory to Beijing more than local projects. The
seminar Total Minmetals Dornier car, Tsinghua University, Qing Yuan High-Tech
Research Institute signed an approved project in Beijing, the Beijing Zhongguancun
science and technology in particular, caused great repercussions in the Beijing
Zhongguancun blowing a share Songshanhu cyclone. Fourth, the government and the
community special support. The promotion will be a national ministries, provincial
agencies, industry associations, business elite and the strong support of experts, a total
of more than 10 academicians of department-level leadership and the Division took
part in the Promotion.
May 6, organized by the Dongguan Municipal People's Government,
Ministry of Science Torch Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yuandihezuo Bureau,
Ministry of Commerce, Investment Promotion Agency, China Machinery Industry
Federation, China Software Association, the China Productivity Centers Association,
the national high-tech industry Innovation Committee of the Chinese Association for
Education Technology College Distance Education Committee, Department of
Tsinghua University Science and Technology, Science and Technology Department of
Guangdong Province, Guangdong Foreign Economic and Trade Office, Guangdong
Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property
Bureau, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou Branch, Southern Medical
University and other units of co-Industrial Park in Dongguan Songshan Lake Science
and Technology Promotion Beijing 2009 was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.
Ministry of Civil Affairs emergency rescue center to promote the total dry matter Qun
Health, Chinese Academy of Zeng Yi, Ni Guangnan, Southern Medical University,
Mu-ming Cheng, president, General Armament Department of Science and
Technology Committee of the permanent members of the rock world and India, China
Development Association, Wong Tai, Vice President and Secretary General, China
People's University Law School Dean and other leading Italian guests
ZENG Promotion. CPC Central Committee, Deputy Secretary for Economic Policy
Research, a famous economist at the Social Market in the recommend a keynote
speech in Beijing science and technology, the business elite than 500 people gathered
a total win-win-win business development prospects.
Sign 42 be introduced over 8.5 billion
High-tech industries, advanced industry and modern service to create three drive
Dongguan Municipal Committee, vice mayor of the municipal government on behalf
of Mr Leng Xiaoming, who introduced the Dongguan City, in response to the
financial crisis last year, the service business development measures and results, he
noted that after seven years of development and construction, Songshan Lake
completed a relatively complete industrial system and supporting technology service
system, formed a high-tech industries, advanced manufacturing and modern service
industry three industry clusters, as in Dongguan area of scientific development and
industrial upgrading is now leading the Fan Zone. Recently promulgated by the State
Council implemented the "Program for Reform and Development of the
Pearl River Delta", so that the development of Songshan Lake up to the
national strategic level. His message of hope through the Promotion of wind
Songshanhu Beijing, Dongguan City and State to continue to strengthen the exchange
of all ministries and Beijing continue to strengthen the well-known enterprises in
Beijing, Dongguan City, a flow of research institutes and famous universities
Chen Chi Songshanhu Work Committee strongly recommend Songshanhu domestic
one flow, comparable to international advanced Park's investment
environment, he pointed out that the Dongguan Songshan Lake Park as a driving
engine of industrial transformation and upgrading, will be declared as national-level
open area as an opportunity, through gather high-quality manpower, the construction
of public technology platform, improving their social service system, to create
Songshanhu fight high-tech, high-grade, and even for the PRD industrial
transformation services throughout China, with beautiful environment and rich
atmosphere and Technology Industrial Science and Technology Park. He sincerely
invited to Beijing business, science and technology to the Songshan Lake venture,
Songshan Lake enterprises and research institutes will join in the national parks to
provide quality services.
Promote the meeting, Songshan Lake Management Committee and Minmetals
Dornier car Limited, Ministry of Civil Affairs emergency Promotion Center, Israel
INC Global Technology, Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Han Tang, Beijing
in Victoria Imagine Technology Co., Ltd., China Merchants Bureau investment (fund)
management companies, China's software (29.59, -0.77, -2.54%), industry
associations, Qing Yuan High-Tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd., the rain forest the wind
Computer Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, Guang Yun has signed up 42 Photoelectric
Technology Co., Ltd. number of investment projects, total investment amounted to
8.507 billion yuan.
The contracted projects not only the pride of central enterprises, but also overseas
giants; both the positive introduction of the electronic information, biological
medicine, communications equipment manufacturers, LED optoelectronics, new
materials and other high-tech enterprises and automobile manufacturing, machinery
manufacturing projects and other advanced instrumentation, has introduced a batch of
quality control, risk investment, creative design, software development and financial
services, high-end services. These 42 projects to settle for the promotion of high-end
leading industries and services together, step into a modern industrial system building
parks, and enhance core competitiveness park, complete industrial chain in Dongguan,
to enhance the level of independent innovation and technology are important driving
ability of radiation services significance.
1 is the introduction of the equipment manufacturing industry, leading enterprises to
play a leading step into a leading role. Industry leaders not only have strong capability
of independent innovation, and industry related degree driving ability. The park has
been the introduction of Huawei, Yulong communications, health benefits and
Technology (6.95, -0.18, -2.52%), easy, unique, and iRiver, Tianhong, dozens of new
energy technology industry leaders. The signing brought Minmetals Dornier cars,
Shenzhen, Guang Yun-tat Optoelectronics, Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Dongguan
ground on the project and many other industry leaders.
Minmetals Dornier car owned China Minmetals Co., Ltd. is a hardware company,
founded by the world's first large-scale integrated car groups. China
Minmetals Corporation is a Fortune 500 company, is the central management of 44
major state-owned enterprises marrow. In view of favorable investment environment
and the Songshan Lake car industry is a huge market in the future new industries,
China Minmetals Group decided to invest one billion yuan in the Songshan Lake car
large central plant construction and operations center, R & D centers and
camps such as cars, is expected to five capacity of 100 000 years later, the annual
output of up to 300 billion, three billion yuan of total revenue; 5 year period, will
directly address the more than 60,000 labor employment, indirect employment for
more than 200,000 people driven. RV industry in terms of relative car, is a typical
"small capital, big market, big business, large integration" of the
new industry, after hair industry, car industry is essentially the "big metal
industries," most of its parts, parts, equipment, materials, process,
technology has fully matured in Dongguan, an industrial base. Car as a variety of
hardware accessories, appliances, furniture, equipment, toys and other industry
integrated product that can indirectly lead to the Dongguan area car related parts,
supplies industrial transformation and upgrading. By Dongguan set up a
"car central plant" and "car parts Group",
will be to the core, integrated Dongguan related industry resources to promote
Dongguan industrial upgrading and enhance the competitiveness of help from the
"Dongguan"                to       "Dongguan           create
Shenzhen Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Guang Yun-tat is the most famous and
largest professional SMT laser templates to create business, but also is the first
flexible circuit board laser molding processors. The company plans to build laser
applications Songshanhu technology industry base, production of high precision SMT
laser template, focusing on the supply of Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Changhong, Hisense,
Haier and other famous enterprises.
Optical Co., Ltd., Dongguan ground on LED lighting applications is the leading
company, is "LED lamp 863 plan" to undertake units, the
company will invest 200 million yuan in the Songshan Lake LED lighting set up R
& D Central, mainly engaged in LED lighting package and series of core
technology applications and integration technologies, LED lighting application
products, open design, is committed to being the largest LED lighting products R
& D base.
Second, the introduction of a first batch of domestic and foreign high-tech projects,
projects involving bio-medicine, electronic information, communications equipment
to create, optoelectronics, new materials, environmental protection and other
industries. Songshan Lake in recent years to develop high-tech industry, electronic
information, biomedicine, environmental protection, new materials-based high-tech
industry cluster effect is gradually taking shape, only the electronic communications
industry has a look at the recent two years to achieve annual production value of over
80 billion yuan scale. The introduction of the project, Israel INC Global Technology
Holdings Co., Ltd. is Israel's leading enterprises, mainly engaged in IT
industry, electronic equipment and software R & D and sales. The project
plans to invest 600 million yuan in setting up R & D design and operation
of Songshan Lake Central.
Sea Gull Environmental Science and Technology is a joint venture project, the project
involved the development of new hydrocarbon refrigerants and sales. Australia
HyChill (sea gull) is a major industry in the field of hydrocarbon companies,
development of new sea gull hydrocarbon refrigerants in refrigeration and air
conditioning system, energy consumption, energy saving 30% of its normal -50%
50% higher thermal efficiency, consumption is only normal dosage of 1 / 3, running
costs, operating noise reduction, compressor loading. The project has become the
largest energy-saving environmentally friendly refrigerant R & D and
production bas