Beijing 2010 Beijing Summer Basketball Camp Summer Basketball Camp

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					Beijing 2010 Beijing Summer Basketball Camp Summer Basketball Camp
Gold Cup 2010 Inchcape - China Youth Basketball All-Star Summer Camp
Twelfth Capital All-Star Summer Basketball College Basketball
2010 Gold Cup of the outstanding basketball camp and Beijing Capital Institute of
Physical Education (Chinese basketball's top), the Inter-American Group,
the U.S. Tour, American Youth Sports Association to build, entered the NBA training
site, all closed-end simulation of NBA training mode, bilingual education create
language environment, senior manager of Asia full fitness guide physical exercises to
strengthen the students, this camp will select outstanding students to participate in the
Inter-American Group "2010 U.S. International Youth Basketball Training
Camp", visit the NBA site, realize the dream basketball Superman!
Gold Cup of the outstanding acceptance of Beijing TV BTV5 "Capital
Economic Report" broadcast an interview in 2009 and was named the best
sports training institutions in the capital
● NBA training experience: Gold Cup Basketball Camp Youth Sports Association
and the United States after years of study and sum up a new training mode, the
combination of Chinese youth basketball camp physical characteristics of the weak,
the implementation of simulation training mode to enhance physical NBA training,
technology with training, combat skills training, to break the traditional training
model, to experience NBA training mode, enabling the trainees to practice and
improve skills!
● Physical Fitness Training: Summer special class dedicated physical body potential
energy by the Asian student training high-level coaching, such as speed, endurance,
agility, flexibility, coordination, self-confidence, a variety of sports skills and life
skills training in the event of natural disasters and improve overall quality of student
body, hands and feet coordination, training the student movement habits, to enhance
students sense of teamwork.
● Net foreign teachers of bilingual classes: simultaneous creation of American
English course English language training into basketball training classes, bilingual
education, foreign teachers teach physical education in English secondary education
in English, oral and other life, create a language environment that enables students to
improve their English in the basketball training level!
● Edutainment: Training camp rich in content, rapid increase in bilingual teaching
English listening, speaking, reading, writing, playing with a long learning, enhance
the overall quality of English teachers during the summer will be full with the team to
guide in their daily business school members holiday work and difficult to answer the
● stars face to face: the famous basketball players will be on-site visit and guide
teaching and interaction with the students to star exhibition games. Training camp in
the summer basketball players invited to visit the famous Beijing team to conduct
on-site instruction and demonstration in teaching than in person, with interactive
games and the coaching staff posed for pictures with students.
● Independent embrace the summer: and coaches, partners play a small capital,
enjoy the water world of passion joy joy, each camp staff in the management of the
teacher's help, learn self-reliance, develop good habits, self-control, in the
collective life and learn to communicate with others to learn, and people-friendly,
mutual help, solidarity, foster moral awareness.
● fully equipped campus: NBA summer camp for students to create simulation
training environment, eating three meals a day with half-equipped self-help form of
fruit, yogurt and other necessary daily nutritional supplement students, schools with
indoor basketball court, gym, net course, multi-media classrooms, movie theaters and
other facilities for the students to create a better learning and training environment,
the quiet campus, quiet quarters to ensure that children have a high efficiency of
training and enjoy a relaxing holiday life, school is equipped with 24-hour security for
the school of law and order, Each training team also equipped with two students in
daily living teacher management, training and life in order to ensure students the
convenience and security.

☆ 【fully enclosed residential camp】: 10 day fully closed to each residential class
enrollment of 150 per issue
Villa-time: the first phase: 2010 July 5 - July 14 Phase II: July 2010 19-7 28
Phase III: August 2010 from January to August 10
Address: Gold Cup training base of the outstanding
Fees: 4300 RMB / period of 10 days / suites of luxury apartments
Features: All the foreign teachers of bilingual training, teachers visit the United States
Sports Association, guided, luxury apartment suites, the international indoor sports
arenas, 24-hour security camera, swimming tennis and badmintion recreation guide
The fee includes (training fees, room and board, clothing costs, China Pacific
insurance, travel costs, costs related activities)
School District Time: First of July 12, 2010 -7 21 II July 26, 2010 -8 4 months
III August 9, 2010 -8 18
Address: Gold Cup training base of the outstanding
Fees: 3500 RMB / period of 10 days / 4 of standard human
Characteristics: Asian physical fitness coach full guidance, NBA training class,
ultra-intuitive teaching English Professor Zhang in person, in the three enhanced to
improve physical examination, the water in the world on the 1st outing
The fee includes (training fees, room and board, clothing costs, China Pacific
insurance, travel costs, costs related activities)
☆】 【go training camp: 2 hours per day each Course enrollment is 100
Campus Distribution: Haidian Capital Institute of Physical Education, China Youth
College for Political Sciences, Chaoyang District, Beijing Workers University,
Shuangjing Regal Riviera 陈经纶中学
Duration: Phase I: July 5, 2010 - July 14 Phase II: July 19, 2010 -7 28
Phase III: August 2010 from January to August 10, Fourth: August 11, 2010 -8 21
Training Time: 14:00-16:00 AM Class 9:00-11:00 PM courses
Fee: 900 yuan / period

Application object:
1, the health of young people aged 6-20, each divided into A, B, C, D, based on the
four teams for children, youth based, youth raising group, professional high-level
2, love basketball, the team experience the power of life tempered.
Offer description:
1. Old students preferential treatment by 100 RMB / person
2. More than two groups reported that legislation by 50 RMB / person; 4 or more,
stand by 100 RMB / person
3. Each camper will receive a basketball jersey
Class 4 accommodation fee includes: room and board fees, training fees, go out,
insurance (Pacific Insurance a).
★ come on-site registration (please bring a 1-inch photo): the North Third Ring Road,
Haidian District, Beijing Capital Institute of Physical Education Room 412, High
German office
★ Tel :010-89122993 registration application, 85240853,82090550,13141337527
★ Online Online Registration: Click to download application form online application,
completed and sent to the specified mailbox, the application fee to determine places
★ door to the application forms for free delivery
Jinbei Headquarters Tel:

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