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									Baidu management team
Baidu management team

Chairman and CEO - Robin Li
He graduated from Peking University in 1991, information management professional,
then went to New York at Buffalo State University for a master's degree in
computer science. Early stage of development in the search engine, Robin Li first
researchers as one of the world, first created the ESP technology and applied it
successfully INFOSEEK / GO.COM search engines. GO.COM his image search
engine is another great value of technological innovation.
The end of 1999, embrace of the "science and technology to change
people's lives," the dream, Robin Li founded Baidu home. Over
the years, Baidu has become the most frequently used Chinese Chinese website, the
world's largest Chinese search engine, but also the world's
largest Chinese language website. August 2005, Baidu successfully listed on
NASDAQ in the United States as the world's capital markets one of the
most talked about listed companies.
Under the leadership of the Robin Li, Baidu is not only has the world's best
search engine technology team also has the most outstanding management team,
product design, development and maintenance team; in business models, also a
groundbreaking for Chinese enterprises to share Internet has played a positive role in
promoting the results. At present, Baidu is the largest global multinational companies
in China to seek cooperation with the establishment of Baidu Japan, Baidu has
accelerated the pace of internationalization.
In 1996, the first address how to sort the quality of web-based relevance ranking
based on the perfect combination of problems, and has received a U.S. patent;
In 1998, according to the work and life in Silicon Valley experience, published in
mainland China's "Silicon Valley Trade War," a
The end of 1999, brought home and Mr. Xu Yong venture co-founded Baidu;
2001 was selected as "China Top Ten business cutting-edge";
2002, 2003, won the first, the second "IT Top Ten" title;
April 2004, was elected the second "Top Ten Outstanding Youth of
China's software";
August 23, 2005, won the twelfth, "ASEAN Youth Award";
December 28, 2005, won the "CCTV2005 China Person of the
December 10, 2006, elected to the U.S. "Business Week"
Global 2006 "Best Business Leaders";
In 2007, appeared in the "Chinese entrepreneurs," the 25 most
influential business leaders;
In 2007, elected the best award for the new economy Ereli.

Chief Financial Officer - Li Xin Zhe
March 31, 2008 to join Baidu, Chief Financial Officer.
In 1990 graduated from Tsinghua University, University of British Columbia in 1994
by an MBA He joined General Motors Corporation, the working area for the United
States, Canada, Singapore, China, and has served in the Finance Manager, Treasurer,
Chief Financial Officer. In 2004, served as chief financial officer of GM China,
beginning in 2005, the world's largest credit institutions automobile
financial services company General Motors North America Chief Financial Officer
(controller), as the General Motors financial services company into the most
profitable within the Group make an important contribution to the entity.
Chief Operating Officer - Ye Peng
April 2008, served as Baidu's chief operating officer, responsible for sales
and operations.
Dr. Ye Peng not only in sales, marketing and extensive experience in business
operations, and has a software development and other IT, telecom industry, deep
background. Prior to join Baidu, China has served as general manager of Apple Inc.,
Apple is responsible for all operations in China-related matters. In addition, the
former vice president of Motorola Asia-Pacific level, and Nortel China and Nortel
Europe had a long-term experience. Of British Information and Software Engineering
University of Ulster PhD, and China Europe International Business School EMBA.
Graduated from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, University of
Defense Technology in China, received a master's degree.
Baidu chief technology officer - a man Lee
October 6, 2008 to join Baidu, he was chief technology officer. In the IT and
telecommunications field, Mr. Li Yinan has 16 years of research, marketing and
management experience, is a distinguished technology managers. 16 years ago, the
University was in the Ramada in BA and MA degrees in optical engineering, which
serve Huawei, has held various positions, from product manager to research and
development director, then president of the Central Research Department, led the
more than 5000 engineers large-scale technical team, he served as chief
telecommunications scientist and vice president to the entry Baidu. During the period
from 2001 to 2006, creating Harbour Company, and served as CEO.
Chief Scientist - William ? Zhang (William.I.Chang)
January 2007, William ? Zhang (William I. Chang) joined Baidu as chief scientist.
William Chang is the world's most famous ? search engine experts.
William ? Zhang year degree in mathematics from Harvard University, followed by
the text matching algorithm linear inferior race breakthrough on the University of
California, Berkeley's computer science doctorate. The mid-1990s,
William ? Zhang joined the Internet search engine technology, is one of the pioneers
in this emerging field. June 1996, William ? Zhang as Infoseek's CTO. , He
presided over development of natural language search engine Infoseek Ultraseek, are
the most popular one of the early Internet search engine, its enterprise application
version has also been widely used. When Disney Infoseek shares after the launch of
the Go Network, William ? Zhang served as Vice President of Go
Network's strategy, specifically responsible for the development of new
media network, market, community and business integration strategy. The summer of
2001, he founded Affini companies continue to anticipate future of the Internet he put
into practice.
Vice President of Product - Yu Jun
Department of Chemistry, 1997, graduated from Tongji University.
In early 2000 came into contact with search engines, also known as "search
engine 9238" has affected a whole generation of Chinese search
enthusiasts, is the first application of research and popular search engine, one has to
do personal website "search Institute."
In May 2001 joined Baidu, he was product marketing manager, in July 2002 a senior
manager in November 2003 appointed director of product marketing, in September
2005 as chief product architect, in November 2006 Baidu products concurrently
Chairman of the Committee, 2007 in January as vice president of products, is Baidu
user-oriented designers and promoters of many products.
Market and Business Development Vice President - Mr. Xuyang Ren
March 2007, served as Baidu's market and business development vice
president, marketing, public relations, strategic cooperation, mergers and acquisitions,
cultural communication and international development work.
In December 2001 to join Baidu, Baidu successive general manager of Shanghai
Branch, Strategic Development Director, President and Assistant to, organizing and
leading a number of strategic negotiations, led to a number of important companies
with domestic and international cooperation in the development Baidu's
international strategy and is responsible for promoting the implementation.
Vice President of Sales - the Dragon
April 2007, served as Baidu's vice president of sales, responsible for the
company's national sales PPC management business, including sales
operations, direct sales management, channel management and enterprise markets.
Founded in 2001, before the wave of Shanghai Enterprise Network Technology Co.,
Ltd. and served as general manager. February 2005, Baidu acquisition of Shanghai
enterprises and waves to the Dragon as Baidu, general manager of Shanghai Branch.
January 2007, part-time general manager of Beijing branch, on the Baidu PPC
business operations and management has made important contributions.
Vice President Commercial Operations - Shen Hao Yu
Joined Baidu in June 2007, he was vice president of business operations.
He graduated from Renmin University of China in 1992 the international financial
system, and then in 1997 received an MBA from the University of Iowa. After
working in New York as the world's largest credit card company American
Express Personal Card, vice president of distribution. China National Chemicals
Import and Export Corporation has served as project manager, McKinsey &
Company consultant and project manager, American Express Strategic Planning and
Business Development project manager and vice president of American Express
prepaid cards worldwide, with strong international and cross-industry management

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