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									B2C marketing model

1, B2C Definition
B2C = (Business to Customer).

Is a model for B2C e-commerce is Business-to-Consumer English abbreviation, that is,
the consumer business, it is often said that retail sales, direct sales of products and
services for consumers.

This form of e-commerce generally retail network was mainly carried out by means of
Internet marketing activities online.

Generally between business and business customers, also known as the
"online shopping site." Enterprises, businesses can take
advantage of e-Commerce to provide the network infrastructure, payment platform,
security platform, management platform to share resources efficiently, and
cost-effectively carry out their business activities. It is the e-commerce transaction
object in one category means that the consumer e-commerce businesses. This form of
e-commerce generally retail network was mainly carried out by means of Internet
marketing activities online. B2C mode of e-business model of the earliest generated
2, B2C significance
B2C or business via the Internet to provide consumers with a new shopping
environment - online stores (Taobao, excellent Amazon, Jingdong Mall, Dangdang,
etc.), consumer network online shopping, online payment. Because of this mode of
saving consumers and businesses time and space to improve transaction efficiency,
especially for busy office workers, this model can save their valuable time. But in the
online sale of goods is also very obvious feature, limited to specific commodities,
such as books, audio and video products, digital products, flowers, toys and so on.
Purchasers of these products on the visual, hearing, touch, smell and other sensory
experience, less demanding, such as clothing, stereo equipment, perfume, consumers
need a specific sensory experience, not suitable for online sales of goods, of course,
does not rule out minority consumer to identify a brand experience of a model without
the need for on-site decision to buy, but very few such consumers, people are more
willing to trust your feelings to decide whether to buy experience. So far, B2C market,
successful companies such as Dangdang, excellence, is to sell special products.
Current B2C e-commerce method of payment is cash on delivery with the online
payment integration, and most companies outsource the logistics of distribution
options to save operating costs. As the user consumption habits and the demonstration
effect of good corporate promotion, online shopping customers growing in 2004,
accounting for 5.4% of Internet users, China's B2C e-commerce market
scale to reach the 4.5 billion yuan by the end of 2004, which business model in China
has basically matured.
[Edit this paragraph] 3, B2C model
Integrated mall:

Taobao online Tianhe City, Grandview Plaza, Suning Tesco

Mall, that city, naturally there will be many shops in town, yes, integrated into the
mall as we usually are good new Daxin Town, Tianhe, such as in real life, like a big
mall. Mall on the first floor may be a brand, then the second floor of the ladies apparel,
men's apparel, third floor, fourth floor exercise / decoration, the fifth floor
of digital handsets, sixth special ... ... the N loaded into the store brands, this is the
mall. The back naturally Taobao Mall this form with the same tradition, it has a huge
shopping groups, a stable web platform, a complete payment system, security system
integrity (although there is still much to be desired), to promote the sale Hsinchu
selling, buyers go shopping. The same as the traditional mall, Taobao is not to sell
their things, is to provide a complete sales package.

The online mall, in the popular enough, the product is rich in the case of logistic
convenience, its cost advantages, 24 hours of the city that never sleeps, no regional
restrictions, more extensive product and so on edge, and embodies the comprehensive
online shop will soon be trading a role in the market.

This mall is a region divided by the next line, and every major city in total 35 large
mall. The Internet in this area, but also determines the dominance of 35
comprehensive mall, is now a dominant Taobao embarrassing situations. In fact, there
is a similar pat / eBay / a ah, but very different, are not even want to mention.

Department stores:

Amazon Dangdang excellent Yuet Mart Wal-Mart Online

Shop, the shop that shows only one seller; and department stores, that is to meet daily
consumption needs of a rich product line. This store is the warehouse will stock
products to prepare for faster logistics and customer service. This store even has its
own brand. Like line of Wal-Mart, Watsons, PARKnSHOP department.

According to this model the most concern when the number of Amazon, and many
industry friends, laughing, electricity providers to enter the industry, study the
Amazon, to do electronic business sector, to get rid of the Amazon, that is their
professional and scale, so that you both love, but also jealous of. And here is a great
move Dangdang to do my personal admiration for almost ten years does not make
money the companies have also insisted, despite claims to the Amazon in 2004 to 150
million U.S. dollars acquisition of known Dangdang rejected, half the price after the
acquisition of the outstanding. This is the level of capital or operating strategies, can
only say that the two sites Zhuer operations, capital operation ability is good.

Dangdang, excellence that exists in the online store, how many users?

Because each of which has inventory, distribution and other environmental differences,
each platform will give their own different elements, that is the brand effect. With the
brand, the store is in fact this model can be several, not just 35, can be a multiple of.
Probably because a certain experience of consumers, small price difference, or a bad
shopping experience, and so will choose to try another home may be.

Among them, Dangdang excellent models have tried store shop, but more failures, but
there are signs of transformation would like to shop.

Vertical store:

McCall Lin Hong child Jingdong Dome Network online Citistore, Gome

Vertical shops, service groups or a certain specific needs, or needs in this area provide
comprehensive products and services to reflect more professional.

If McCaw forest located in the 18-25 age group, young women selling carrier-free
store, though started is DM, slowly back to the Online Shop tendencies.

Red when the child started to cut into the mother and child market

Such as Jingdong, do online country the United States, specializing in sales of
electrical / 3C products

The products of this mall there are more similarities, or are satisfied with a crowd, or
is satisfied a need, Yihuo a platform (such as electrical appliances).

Vertical shops, how many exist on the Internet, then? It depends on market
segmentation. Set the type of breakdown is X, then X is three to five times, because
each of these areas, there is always competition, there were 35, even though everyone
says the Internet is not her second child, but it is not true, although her second child
live very hard, also the hardships, alive and strong. But also because of the
competitive landscape has been good, but perfect for the service.

Here we find a phenomenon, such as the above example of a sophist, red kids to see
recent moves have begun to expand product lines, such as red children to existing
maternal and child market, expanded to a family unit of the shopping platform ; such
as Jingdong through low-cost electrical / 3C products to attract a large number of
buyers, and then enrich the product line, add / recommend a bigger profit margin
products to seek profit. Obviously, they are in transition to the general store. The other
phenomenon, such as McCaw forest vertical segments for people store, is to form
their own brand trend.

Composite brand stores:

Giordano Belle

Giordano is a traditional clothing brand, they have N at home directly, stores.
Grandview Mall opened, Giordano presence, and online Taobao Mall opened, online
Giordano went in. And even the mall are all drained, Giordano also has its own
independent image of the store, which is a traditional brand. When Giordano
consumers find online and offline consumers is different, they made a bold operation
of different prices, and its sound management of network storage to deploy a better
grasp of sales and cash flow operation of commodity circulation.

Like Belle, line and nearly 8,000 stores, it was announced in 2008 made 160 million
on the market. Current into the network, it is a bold attempt, line styles or brands have
a certain segment, but also a lot of production, because of how online Maibu Wan,
and then 8000, but a good clean store inventory exports. 200 000 double per store
sales on more than 20 pairs will be solved.

Similar to that shop, with the e-commerce matures, more and more brands to join the
traditional power business field, in order to seize new markets, expand new channels,
filling, and optimize the product and channel resources to target big wave of
momentum around the corner into .

This Online Shop there? Line how many, how many will be online. Which includes
the United States and this country, belong to the compound storefronts, but the
integration efforts were not enough, mode of immature, we do not mention.

Light brand stores:


PPG and VANCL case has hit the street, although there are many controversial, but
new things are always generated controversy. And here there are two reasons to join
BAZAAR dream, first, YES PPG have been numerous media beaten with clubs,
VANCL also talk about transition to an integrated mall. BAZAAR is a DM dream
start for the delivery + network + CALL Centre, and then do the next line of the
image of brand stores. It is said sales of 6 million a month. Is also a representative of
China is a producing country, N number of foundries, mature industry chain is
sufficient to meet production needs, and the Chinese are making money are the profits
of premium products, rather than the profit premium brands (such as
China's MP3, earn 10 dollars in the profits earned by U.S. APPLE is more
than 10 dollars profit), ripening in the environment, the do has not necessarily need a
brand they have a factory, on the contrary, China has to indulge with the advantage of
brands can be more dedicated to provide personalized, more delicate products to meet
the needs of audience groups, based on brand positioning, enhance product design,
through the application of information technology to meet the increasingly
sophisticated Internet marketing platform, and even the improving logistics and
distribution services, etc. The whole chain of increasingly refined and improved, so
you can concentrate on doing their own brands good thing, but other things are
outsourced, with the best raw material providers, manufacturers to find the best search
for effective promotion of high efficiency sources, strong strong binding, your
strengths will be emergent head. Looking back, the world's top brands who
do not also do so?

Light of the brand stores is feasible, the key is do not lost their own to find their core
competitiveness, the other for more people to bear. But now and then, thinking about
what are their bosses dry, also need to rethink, and do not let their trip.

Speaking in front of several dream BAZAAR also opened the store, even from the
original selling underwear, full product line expanded to all aspects of
women's consumption. This also shows that light online shop is also being
converted to the compound. Meanwhile, the future light of brand stores, will be the
traditional brand stores, starting a melee, no one could win, but lose the advantage of
always refused to accept other people's business.

Service Online Shop:

U.S. may also easily

Easy Beauty is an online printing company, for example, Wang married, my wife went
to Europe with the honeymoon, making a lot of photos, however, no home, relatives
and friends who have got the Wang Yi the United States through a good online
printing photos, photos embedded in a bone china cup on, and some by their own will,
binding a beautiful frame, is placed in front of the house Mom and Dad's.

May also accessory, purchased all over the world. Yes, all over the world can help you
to buy the products you want, and to collect the right amount of service fee profit.

More and more service-oriented online shop, are to meet the needs of people with
different personalities, and even help you line up to buy the film to sell, there are
people trading, is looking forward to see more of the service forms online shop.

Shopping guide such as this engine type 98 net Shopping guide the type of site is to
make shopping fun and convenient shopping is greatly increased at the same time
many have launched a shopping website is now back, a small shop launched a joint
return is that these are used to meet most consumers needs, many consumers do not
just meet directly to b2c site shopping. Shopping former city through some online
shopping sites Shopping guide
[Edit this paragraph] 4, B2C development strategy
First, remove

B2C of those elements of the industry is taken for granted need to remove?

In the B2C e-commerce model, most people will think "inventory and
logistics," it is only natural factors, but also the high cost of these two
pieces of factors. Since these two pieces is the relatively high cost factors, then can
not remove it? Most people's first reaction is: certainly not. Nothing is
impossible, way more than the problem. Already e-commerce sites to weed out these
two links. Weed out these two links in two ways:

1, sales of information products, do not sell physical products. For example treat 800,
he is selling all kinds of places were scheduled to eat, drink information. Do not need
inventory, no logistics.

2, sales of physical products, you will need to integrate relevant resources. Jun Ning
sites such as the health of China. They and all over the country thousands of
well-known brands of health products direct sales force to achieve cooperation. They
bring order through the website and then place orders directly contracted direct sales
force organized around product delivery. So, they have actually sold or information.
But they used to grasp the most important order information at this part, a very good
organization of existing resources.

Second, to reduce

B2C trade in the content of those elements should be reduced to the following
industry standards?

Hard advertising. Currently doing fairly good B2C sites are hit by a large number of
advertising together. The network's biggest advantage is that it is a
low-cost marketing platform. B2C web site to obtain rapid development, reduce
hardware ads, lower marketing costs, and then spend more energy on marketing
Third, increasing

B2C trade in the content of those elements should be increased to more than industry

Payment: most of the B2C site just choose two or three simple payment, in fact,
whether the convenience of payment, directly determines the user's
purchase intention. Most consumers are impulse shoppers, if the shop had some
problems during the case, these consumers will be transformed into rational type
shoppers. So, pay more convenient, the more benefit to the B2C sales. And this
especially important. China's SP industry was able to have such a crazy
market, the biggest reason is the convenience of their pay. If the SP's
services are remitted payment to the post office, then, can not have today's
market. If you want to B2C industries, must take the payment be above the industry
standard, so that the most convenient, then, on the sale of particular benefit in

Fourth, to create

B2C trade in those industries have never had the elements needed to create?

1, Shopping guide information:

Most of the exhibits are displayed and B2C websites product sales, content,
monotonous, hard to keep coming back. Many consumers have demand, face many
similar products, select the make them very blind. Shopping guide if there is
reasonable information to enable them to buy their products to be an objective
understanding and comparison, they can buy a product to his own satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction, customers are willing to continue to purchase products on your
website. Customers buy products, not buying the product itself, buying the products to
the user benefits. Humanized Shopping guide information can help users quickly get
the benefits of various products. For example, when we buy books, to see directly in
the online bookstore and book-related information and valuable information of many
users evaluate information, then, really hard. Now very few pieces of a great online
bookstore this effort. You first do, you will get the fastest way! Such as buying gifts,
we often are not clearly know what to buy and who to send the right gift. If a gift site
to the user the purpose of gifts to increase the number of gift giving and gift-giving
culture, knowledge capital, then this knowledge to teach users how to make a gift,
then the user's end, rational use of Shopping guide information related to
the user recommended gifts. Sales results must be very good. Now we have this gift
web Why?

2, shopping culture:
Most shopping websites are missing something, that is shopping culture. What is the
shopping culture? We do not pull so well, indeed point is to let you create an
atmosphere of shopping site, however the user feel in such an atmosphere to buy your
product is a pleasure.

If you do this? The various strategies mentioned above have to do, but also make
efforts to humanity, for the site to add more functionality to attach users to create such
an atmosphere.
[Edit this paragraph] 5, B2C applications
1, more well-known B2C mall, such as: kitchen hundred percent network, Dangdang,
excellence, application network in China, Jingdong Mall, New Egg, red kids, PPG,
Vancl, the United States, Amazon online store (Amazon.com ) to provide e-commerce
services, IT vendors, such as: ShopNum1 (Wuhan group Xiang), ShopEX (Business
School), eCshop, VTSHOP (Ali Dad) HHOP (Zhangjiajie)

2, with B2C online retail business model, that is, network operators generally require
the following team members assume different responsibilities:

Business Planning Team: market research, business plan writing, internet marketing
plan, e-commerce planning

Network Marketing Team: search engine optimization (SEO), PPC guidance (SEM),
web site affiliate advertising (PPC)

Website Development Team: website development, software development,
applications systems development, electronic payment interface development

Site operations team: contact online transactions, 24-hour online customer service,
online payment processing, credit card fraud prevention controls

Logistics Management: Commodity supply management, inventory management,
shipping management

Currently leading B2C website influential were: children who Jingdong Mall off Red
Eslite PPG

B2C website: Main features include online transactions, order, payment, customer
service and to submit such goods sales, pre-and after-sales service, and market
research analysis, financial accounting is and production arrangements, etc. Duoxiang
development of business activities using Internet

6, B2C software

Currently there are well-known online shop software shopex, heroes Software
(DXCMS.com) PROBIZ Bo commercial software, easy to B2C shopping mall system,
they occupy the mainstream B2C domestic software market.

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