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                                            aqua                         volunteers

                                             • Volunteering may offer opportunities to
Ever thought about                           meet new people, help others to develop,
volunteering?                                and for you gain useful skills and experiences

                                             • Anyone can volunteer, and training may
Do you have some time that you can
                                             be provided
give to help others?

                                             • The range of volunteering opportunities
This resource is aimed at people who are
                                             within aquatics is massive! The best way to
interested in volunteering opportunities
                                             find out local volunteering opportunities is to:
within aquatics and would like basic
                                             Ask your local club, contact your ASA County
information on getting involved.
                                             Volunteer Co-ordinator, check the British
                                             Swimming website www.britishswimming.
The sport of aquatics relies heavily on
                                             org), contact your local Volunteer Centre, or
volunteers, and without volunteers,
                                             register your interest on www.do-it.org.uk
the sport would not exist. The ASA
welcomes your support and involvement,
and hope this resource guides you
towards a fulfilling volunteering               What volunteering role
opportunity.                                    could i do?

What is volunteering and                     • Find funding, grants and sponsorship
how can i get involved?                        for the club
                                             • Become an aquatics teacher or coach
                                             • Write press releases to help promote
• Volunteering is simply about giving          the club
your time to do something useful, without    • Sell raffle tickets at competitions
getting paid (sometimes expenses can         • Collect fees from club members and record
be paid, but the club/organisation           • Help run aquatic competitions
would need to confirm this with you)         • Help out at the club shop
                                             • Provide IT support to a club
• Volunteer working within aquatics          • Become a technical official
covers the disciplines of: swimming,         • Support and co-ordinate volunteers within
diving, water polo, synchronized                a club
swimming, disability and open water.         • Help with club administration

                                              aqua                           volunteers

• Run meetings and direct the future               • To encourage my children into the sport,
  of the club                                        and to understand what they are being
• Provide specialist disability support              taught
• Manage membership records for the club
• Assist with the club finances                    Aquatic clubs are always looking for extra
                                                   help and volunteers, so we hope this resource
                                                   will be helpful in getting you involved in
                                                   the sport and having a great volunteering
The benefits of volunteering                       experience
in aquatics:

Here’s what aquatic volunteers say about
why they volunteer within the sport……

                                                     Further information
• To learn and develop myself and my skills

• For some fun!
                                                     Website: www.britishswimming.org
• Through my paid work, I feel I have                Click on links for Volunteers and clubs
  something to offer the sport                       Mail: Amateur Swimming Association,
• Through my parents involvement, as they            Harold Fern House, Derby Square,
  acted as role models for me                        Loughborough, LE11 5AL
                                                     Tel: 01509 618700
• It is part of my social life as my friends are
  also volunteers                                    ASA County volunteer co-ordinators.
                                                     Contact details available from your ASA
• To provide opportunities for others, either
                                                     Regional office
  as competitors of fellow volunteers
                                                     Local Volunteer Centres (google your local
• To help others achieve their goals
                                                     CVS on the website)
• To be involved in what my children enjoy
                                                     Please also see the ASA Good Club
  doing, and support those who provide the
                                                     Guides produced for the following roles:
  opportunities for them
                                                     Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare
• To be involved in the sport once I had             officer, Team Manager, Club Captain,
  stopped competing                                  Marketing/Promotion and press officer,
• I love the sport and want to share my              Funding and Sponsorship officer, and
  enthusiasm with, and for others                    Workforce co-ordinator