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?Assessors in the following areas will be playing its due role.

First, claims can improve the transparency of the work, and better reflect the open,
fair, just and reasonable, to reduce the wrong pay, excessive compensation, but
unfortunately the compensation phenomenon, to prevent the abuse of power, to
maintain the insurer and the insured person's legal rights.

The second is to reduce claims disputes, to better achieve the economic compensation
insurance. Insurance Assessor Insurance issued by the assessment report, to stand in a
neutral position on the cause of the accident insurance, liability, losses, etc. Assigning
objective, assessment, measurement, easily recognized the insured parties, as soon as
possible to damages, to achieve economic compensation insurance.

Third, it could deepen the internal reform for the insurance companies, save a lot of
manpower, material and financial resources. Working from the insurance company
claims will be part of the spin-off, to be completed by the Assessors, that can reduce
the cost of the insurance business, but also help to improve services, increase
efficiency and establish a good brand image.

Fourth, can speed up the pace with international practice, to meet the challenges of
WTO accession. In highly developed countries, the insurance industry, Assessors
treatment Pei An insurance company Peian proportion of the total as high as 80%.
Assessors involved in cases of large claims in the United Kingdom, Germany, the
United States, Japan and other developed countries have been established.
China's accession to the World Trade Organization, the insurance market
will gradually open up overseas, China's insurance companies succeed in
international and domestic competitive market and gain a firm foothold, it must act in
accordance with international practice.

Fifth, to meet the needs of the reinsurance industry, reduce business risk reinsurance.
In re-insurance activities 中, once the primary insurer for insurance cover the subject
matter insured, then the insurance people were required to be kept informed,
Yibianmingque Zi Ji Ying Cheng Dan's Zeren. Reinsurance is usually the
insured person contact with a loose, off-site survey, will be damaged, claims very
inconvenient, and often very high cost. The original report of insurers to provide the
reasons for the loss of the division of responsibilities involved, often will also have
misgivings. Then, as an independent Assessors mediate interests of all parties in the
insurance, you can maximize cost savings, increase economic efficiency.