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					ASE Huaren Wen Fudan University - Fudan University
          Fudan University was founded in 1905, originally called Fudan Public
School, is the Chinese people founded the first independent institutions of higher
learning, the founder of modern China, Ma Bo-known educator.
"Fudan" the words from "The Book of mass
communications Yujia Biography", "ASE China, Fudan Xi
Dan," the famous line, aimed at self-improvement in the hands of Chinese
intellectuals at that time running a school, educational power of hope. Fudan Public
School was renamed in 1917 as private Fudan University, consists of arts, science,
business three subjects, and the Department of preparatory and secondary schools.
Beginning of 1929, the school set up arts, science, law, business four colleges, 16
branch lines. College of Agriculture established in 1940. After the outbreak of war in
1937, the school move into Chongqing Beibei and in 1941 changed to
"National." Move back to Shanghai in 1946 Jiangwan site.
National College faculty in 1952 after adjustment, Fudan University, became the
liberal arts university, a national key university in 1959. 2000, Fudan University and
Shanghai Medical University merged to form the new Fudan University.
         Shanghai Medical University, founded in 1927, is the Chinese people founded
the first independent medical colleges. When built, and named the Fourth Zhongshan
University Medical College, renamed in 1932 the National Shanghai Medical College,
renamed in 1952, Shanghai First Medical College, a national key university in 1959,
1985, changed its name to Shanghai Medical University. Fudan University Shanghai
Medical University and the merger, subject to further broaden the structure of Fudan
University, the University for the comprehensive development goals laid a solid
          ?After several generations of Fudan's hard work and efforts,
particularly after the 80s of the 20th century, Fudan phase of rapid development.
Build by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai, "Plan" and
the "Eighth Five-Year" in the key construction projects,
"Ninth          Five-Year"         and     "15"
"211", "985 Project" of the key
construction, Fudan University, and gradually developed into a included in philosophy,
economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine,
management disciplines ten comprehensive research university.
       ?In 2009, the school has general of the junior college students graduate 26,362
people; students 3633 (of which 2 531 students studying for a degree of people);
another adult education, online education and junior college students 18,664 people. A
full-time teachers and 2 426 252 full-time research staff, of whom 1 649 were senior
title. A Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, 36, of
"Cheung Kong Scholars Programme" Professor 53, 30
Professor, "National Key Basic Research Program (including the major
scientific research programs)," project chief scientist 17. There directly
(Department) 28, with 70 undergraduate programs, a discipline Doctorate 24, doctoral
disciplines, professional point 154 (which own 30, 1 degree), Master Subjects,
professional point 229 (which own 51, 10 degree), and has 29 post-doctoral research
stations. 11 a disciplinary national key disciplines, 19 national key disciplines two
disciplines. A State Key Laboratory of 4, 4 Engineering Research Center of the
Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of 13, the Ministry of Health Key Laboratory
of nine, Shanghai Key Laboratory of 6, the "985 Project"
Science and Technology Innovation Platform 5, "985 Project"
Social Science Innovation Base 7.
      Schools have formed "Two Wings" campus pattern:
namely Handan Campus, Riverside Campus as a whole to Fenglin Campus,
Zhangjiang campus for the two wings. Covers an area of 2,443,200 square meters,
building area is 1,410,500 square meters. In addition, the school also has Zhongshan
Hospital, Huashan Hospital 10 Hospital.
      100 years, schools in personnel training, innovation and technology, heritage of
civilization, serving the community made outstanding contributions to the country.
Fudan students to remember these "learned and focusing, all asked in
recent thinking" of the school motto; strictly "civilized, healthy,
hard to make" school spirit; to exercise "hard, rigorous, realistic
and innovative" style of study, made field "patriotic dedication
academic independence Sea, the pursuit of excellence "Fudan spirit and
revitalization of the nation's liberation and national construction and
development of social civilization and progress made important contributions. Fudan
University centenary in 2005. CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State
President and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao sent a congratulatory message, Hu Jintao,
NPC Standing Committee Chairman Wu Bangguo attended the Centennial celebration
of the meeting and delivered an important speech, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin,
Zeng Qing-Hong, Huang Ju, Wu, Li Changchun, Luo Gan, a variety of ways to
congratulate on the Fudan University Centennial Celebration. In 2006 the school
developed        Le       "Fudan"          Eleventh       Five-Year
"Development Plan" to insist on the connotation
development-oriented, the main line to increase our overall strength to strive for
breakthroughs in the direction, 建 设 Research Universities in the world step

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