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              ?Yang Lan Li Yifei
Yang Lan: From the pursuit of freedom to the pursuit of love
   Yang Lan had a chance to become the Barbara Walters (American talk show
host)-type figure, but she did not. Now, we all called her
"China's Oprah."
   In recent years, she interviewed more than 600 celebrity. She has written a book
called "I asked, therefore I am", but at least this is not the whole
truth. Students returning from her the day she begins to like Oprah as running his own
image and the company. Yang Lan Yang Lan's becoming today,
commercial power and the role of Mr. Wu Zheng is indispensable.
   Interestingly, Oprah claimed that he did not business savvy, and even the balance
sheet are read. Yang Lan was at the outset we acknowledged the impact of her
   "I personally do not get a great joy from the business person, I was more
creative to get great pleasure from. If you want to make money in China, I will not do
media. But I do know that in China, a private culture media business, if business is
not to have sustained, self-development power, any ideas are impossible. "
   Enlightenment is basically her business of coaching in the Wu Zheng was gradually
completed. In the business process, Yang Lan gradually find some fun, business
model, team largely formed from the annual financial statements and balance sheets
are very happy.
   "And I know the difficulty of doing business in China, so I am
entrepreneur have deep respect for this group." CCTV before doing host
Yang Lan, rural entrepreneurs, the impression of her was a derogatory term, but after
their own business, She was in town, the countryside is full of respect for
entrepreneurs. "They are super smart, nothing which can create wealth,
experience so much of China's political and economic changes in survival,
as well as self-learning beyond. Human nature in a time of transformation in their
power so strong, I think this is human spirit. "
   But Yang Lan have their own transformation from rebel to a WTO, the process
from the ideal to reality.
   "I went through a so-called values of the turning point." This
is the first time Yang Lan bare their hearts, "when I just graduated from
college, is very rebellious, to have been taught to our collective set of things that are
deeply offensive. I think that individuals should be to pursue the ideal of liberty, or
give me death! "
   But then, she realized the real value of individuals to others when you are useful,
"This is a great satisfaction" (she refused to say which specific
events, you can imagine her own people as a media alert).
   Compared to commercial success, Yang Lan's charitable image more
widely known.
   April 4, 2009, Yang Lan in Beijing to see her very tight schedule, the next day she
would go to Sichuan, and Tetra Pak cooperation in the establishment of 120
"Love Island" and rehabilitation centers for children with
disabilities. This is Yang Lan and China jointly sponsored by UNICEF, a special fund:
Wenchuan orphans and disabled children relief fund has been raising more than 50
million yuan.
   After one night of correspondents in the Sichuan city of Qingchuan hotel has
undergone a three aftershocks. At that time, Yang Lan TV is playing the
"father of microcredit," Yunus interview. The next day, Yang
Lan told me that she was recognized Yunus's idea of "charity
should be rational, in accordance with economic laws. I think he is a great love, he
gave a beggar loans, not charity, it is a deeper respect. "
   Compared to a lot of people do, "Ci Shanxiu" Yang Lan for
the charity has in-depth understand. She said: "What makes you think that
charity alone will have a conscience? Love is not only a willingness, but also a
capability and the strength of this ability will determine how much will the
   China's charity is not good enough "is not our lack of
individual entrepreneurs, business ethics, but as the construction of the lack of social
system." Yang Lan convinced that "charity must be a
self-complementary long-term mechanism, which not just a hot blood sprayed out. the
establishment of a system is much more important than simply donate money.
   And Gates, like couples, Yang Lan, a couple set up a foundation is also due to
family and friends of the deceased. In 2005, Chen Yifei sudden death of their friends,
and leaving behind a legacy of disputes. Yang Lan and Wu Zheng believes that no
need to wait until retirement, and then later deal with the issue of wealth. Year in July,
they will be the interests of Sun Media Investment Group donate 51% of free society,
setting up the sunshine Cultural Foundation.
   Compared to "retail charity," Yang Lan more concerned with
"wholesale charity." At present, the sun has already begun and
the Culture Foundation of Beijing University and Harvard co-sponsor a public
management training programs and public service innovation forum. "This
is actually a O2O (agency sector) platform, do not the one to one of helping the
poor." She said, "particularly the emergence of such a large
amount of donations last year, this year's economic crisis is so serious, it is
necessary to improve NGO their execution. "
   Yang Lan's ability to establish a network of very powerful. The most
recent example, she and China Europe International Business School CEO classmates,
Zhou Xiaoguang, chairman of Shin Kong Group to develop jewelry brand; another
investor is a famous singer Selindiang - Yang Lan is a interview to know her. Both her
students the same day the same year, co-natural.
   Close contact with Hillary, Sarah Brightman, Juliette Binoche and other
outstanding women, Yang Lan, who saw from their different glittering. Lin Huiyin she
most admired, their knowledge, temperament, training close to a "perfect
   Yang Lan also remember that most infections grow their own literary image of
"John Christoph" type of personal heroism, struggle, and
"Jane Eyre", "our souls are equal."
   Our interview in the Chang'an Avenue Gongyuan on the 6th of the club.
Before an interview, Yang Lan has received at least 4 dial guests. After the interview
ended, she returned home with their children eat first, and then make-up artist to do
such modeling. Night, she was going to participate in the activities of Hermes, see
Binoche to dance. This is a typical name of a woman living schedule.
Li Yifei: line to the mountain height, sitting watching clouds from time to time
   If the business women can be divided into "martial arts
women" and "literary woman" type of words, Dong
Mingzhu, SUN Ya should belong to the martial arts women (think of how they are
grappling in the market), the Yang Lan, Xu Jinglei seem more like literary women.
   Martial arts background itself is not to say Lee is not. The former Viacom (MTV)
head of the Chinese, the impression has always been liberated sharp, Willful hatred - a
few years ago, she is "Chinese entrepreneurs," the only cover
girl, was nicknamed the "Housewives CEO ". She is also the
first to be American "Fortune" as the global impact of Chinese
business women.
   Suppose the fate of another chance, Lee is not likely to become a
"female Jet Li." "At the time his family did not insist
that I insisted the university entrance exam, study abroad, I have no kind of longing, I
may be filming of the film, along the road on fire." She hoped that in
future the opportunity to be a director or producer people making a good martial arts
   Li Yifei do not like the "hypocritical", unless the
entertainment industry for 8 years fighting in the world on the eve of the outbreak of
the subprime crisis, to join one of Europe's largest hedge funds, high-Ray
(GLG Partners).
   The late summer of 2008, GLG welcomed three new London headquarters: the
former Goldman Sachs star fund manager Driss Ben-Brahim, the former Morgan
Stanley head of global securities Bart Turtelboom, and Lee is not. Extremely bad
timing really. Thousands of hedge funds went bankrupt, the entire industry shrunk 500
billion U.S. dollars. But Lee is not always self-confidence to feel lucky,
"the market is like bungee jumping, fortunately I was in the low entry, the
future is only a trend that is rising."
   She is not our yesterdays. "I will never embrace the future! Calculate
life, if you live to 85 years old, now living half the stack what you love? When I was
young has made great glory, but I may be the future glory it will go beyond that. If
you feel that life to the top, and then how do you break it? "
   This is the only Lee is not only that the "Declaration of
Women" - she also "female official call to arms":
"I would say in all fairness, women suffered in the market jealousy and
repression, more from the women themselves." Lee is not to participate in
"Fortune" Women's Forum, many female CEO have
come to this conclusion. "Women's barriers to success more
from the women, really." She bluntly, "the girls were in schools
and units in jealousy, isolation, criticism often comes from other women, not men, so
women have to overcome their own weaknesses, courage and self-pursue their dreams.
   2009 Spring Festival, Li Yifei, Wang tide a family of four, and Lan, Wang Fei
mother, as the New Zealand Tourism Board invited the guests to visit New Zealand,
during LV Cup Pacific [15.41 -2.03%] Regatta was held in Auckland. Kawarau
Bridge, the birthplace of the world's bungee jumping center, and daughter,
and Lan Li is not experience a bungee - the presence of men no one can dare to jump.
   Outstanding women are restless in spirit level, they continuously self-examination,
self-criticism, self-encouragement. Li was the former boss Sumner Redstone is not
said, "You are a person seeking self-improvement. You all the efforts,
including the sometimes aggressive, are perfect yourself."
   These words simply can grow as a woman, "Jack" was the
motto. Lee is not already on the entertainment media industry by storm, rainbow, and
now she turned gorgeous, do "Finance Beauty," playing
high-end financial games.
   But she can only be myself in the devil - and though privately there is not affiliated
tube called Lee the "big M" ("The Devil Wear
Prada" actress). "There are countless elite financial circle, I can
only worship in front of them, but I hope the next few years to become experts in this
   Fortunately, not far from Wall Street in Hollywood. Is not Lee's father
was a famous astronomer, the mother is a mathematics teacher, with many years of
dyeing projects heard by the Wang-tide, she is no stranger to financial. In fact, more
than ten years ago, home, Lee is not once have the opportunity to vote in line, but felt
that his wife accompanied boring. Today, achieving the same They discovered that
Lee is not the best partner. "Zhang Xin and Pan Shiyi, as the same now
flashing line no one is missing."
   Over the years, Li Yifei Zhang Yang outgoing personality had no change. She do
not mind ambitious, "self-confidence for a successful man, there is the
pursuit of the woman and highly intelligent woman, only more attractive."
   Standing beside her, Wang flood were more gentle and refined. They spent a lot of
wild romantic moment, but also invested with the America's Cup
"China Team."
   Finally we should say early this year, four-year-old Wang flood birthday party on
Lee nor gave him the poem "sunset of love": "17
years ago, we met in New York / Now, two children father, mother / when your ass is
no longer tight / straight and my breasts are no longer ... ... years had passed, we all
quietly grow old / When the America's Cup glory will vanish very soon /
MTV rock concert will be the memory of past / your hand, old age together.
   This is the first poem recitation, Lee is not always a laugh reading, when the
presence of 28 friends, three men were crying.
   Later, Mr. Lee is not told: "my life to write a poem for you, to die is
   Combination of technology, disk and other three factors, the Tuesday rally, we
believe that with the funds quickly back to the pit, the elephant stopped falling stocks
stabilized, the situation will bottom out again, short-term bearish blind is not
necessary .

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