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					5 Analytical model of the birth of authoritative experts _ Fick
5 Analytical model of the birth of authoritative experts

?Last week, our readers, and many businesses look forward to the next election,
opened the "China brand shoes and apparel brand stores are"
selected "top ten flagship stores, ten cutting-edge shops, ten gold
dealers", etc. result of the awards. The result is an affirmation of all the
winners, however, we believe that the result is more important than why they will
become role models?
Therefore, the current part, we sort out the five leading experts in the comprehensive
opinion, the reasons for each award winner and his show out to play a greater role for
List of experts:
Fashion industry, the first president of brand consulting company UTA Yang Dajun
"Top Ten Chinese plan," Mr. Ye
China Research Center of the Secretary-General Chen Shuqing children's
China Li-Wen Chen experts display returnees
The earliest images of commercial retail space designer stores Li Jie

Ten flagship store:

Anta Beijing Road, Guangzhou shop
Awards Comments: As the first 6000 store Anta, Anta 18 years it is a microcosm of
the development achievement is Anta a symbol rooted in the Chinese market. It is for
Anta, not just the number of breakthroughs, it is the speed of a witness Anta, with
landmark significance.
Whether the strategic layout of the macro or the actual terminal operations, it can be
said to be a super model Anta, is the new terminal and existing terminals and learn
from example. Heated through a grand opening celebration to also reflect the ANTA
marketing has always been excellent.

Special steps Shaxiluoya star shop
Awards Comments: more than one street stores, in the number and size, forming a
strong impression on consumers, is often the practice in many brands, this approach
can bring good effect to enhance the brand image.
As a special step in the country's largest terminal shops, it has a size
comparable to the other end is difficult --- up and down as many as four, business area
of 3000 square meters. Walk the street as a special 12-step Changsha an important
part of the terminal shops, which together with other shops, firmly in control of the
local market leading position, the formation of consumers are bombarded with visual,
greatly enhance the special step of brand image.
361 ° Jinjiang Fulong Commercial Square
Award Comments: The terms of each terminal for the brand, is an external display
window, however, a window to really play a positive effect, will have to lower some
of their efforts, 361 ° Jinjiang Fulong star restaurant, you can say to this positive
effect to the extreme.
Firstly, through the window, consumers can quickly see the 361 ° of the latest
products, see the latest image of the terminal, or even to transfer any goods, through
this channel can be quickly achieved. Secondly, through the good services, to create
and old customers keep returning high, gradually cultivate a certain brand loyalty, and
by providing additional sales to a record single ever-changing turnover.

Beijing Xidan Pacific Department Store Arsenal Jun
Awards Comments: It's opening has two meaning, one at the dawn of the
2010 World Cup, combined with the Arsenal football brand, select the most
prosperous business in Beijing Xidan Department Store --- Grand Pacific Department
Store opened its largest Arsenal flagship store, it can be the brand image of football in
high-end market is well spread; second is to cause their playing Arsenal
Asia's largest flagship store, you can map out the brand in the Chinese
market and to choose This attract Chinese consumers sought after football.
Of course, its performance is recognized by all, up to 67 million in sales per day,
sufficient evidence that the brand in the local influence. Display products in the same
time, they highlight the history of Arsenal hundred years of development, the
promotion of football Arsenal plays an important role in promoting culture.

Xidelong Lijiang Seven shop
Awards Comments: "Iron Triangle", the name suggests, is the
tendency by the triangle Dingli, forming a very strong situation. Xidelong Lijiang in
Yunnan, "Brand Street," Seven Star Street, the "iron
triangle" layout for the building at the local Xidelong impregnable position
in the market, it is worth to learn the trade.
Commercial street in a number of stores opened, to form a strong visual impact,
which in the minds of consumers form a good brand image, many brands have been a
major trend in the terminal layout, such as special step 1, Street 12 stores, the practice
is is one of the model. Of course, not all brands have this kind of strength, not all
brands have the need to do more than one street shops be selected according to their
own brand identity and characteristics, to choose their own percentage to play
" multiplier "effect, Xidelong the" iron triangle
"is a good choice.

Rimula Men's Beijing flagship store front
Awards Comments: Qianmen Street in Beijing, such a world the image of the window
set up flagship stores, confirmed the spread of the brand, "the more people,
the more the world" such a law, which fully demonstrated the strength
Pa's big strength, excellent image together with a strong management team,
also deserved to Rimula shop outside the window of an image. It Rimula foster the
advancement of the world's brand has great significance.
The most famous in the international design consultancy Landor's help, the
shop in order to complete the concept of traditional Chinese aesthetics to create an
external image, and reflects the Rimula highest level of terminal space design interior
design, but also for its award-winning extra points do not less.

Rauchfuss Fashion Shop Jinjiang Welcome
Award Comments: The dark horse as the fashion retail business, Knoch is the first
own-brand apparel specialty retailer, its unique business model to become
China's leader in fashion retail, the mature marketing model to win
membership the industry's widely praised. The shop is noci
"flagship" of the courtesan, she marked the noci fashion retail
chain onto the broad road.

Makaxini Jin Jiang Baolong shop
Awards Comments: MARCCASNE (Makaxini) brand from Germany, it is modern
and traditional, the intersection of East and West fusion, although the landing in China
not long, the brand has explored a unique brand works. Through the
"chopsticks" brand promotion activities such action, Makaxini
communicated to customers to promote the brand's environmentally
friendly, a good interpretation of the cultural meaning of its brand. Successful brand
promotion activities, an important strategic location, coupled with fashion personality
terminal design, shop worthy of the brand for the Makaxini "open toward

Lee Lang Jinjiang Qing Yang shop
Awards Comments: As the first IPO listing in Hong Kong clothing enterprises, Lee
Lang's comprehensive strength is in doubt, but Lee Lang Jinjiang Qing
Yang shop as "the first shop in Lee Lang", naturally favored. Li
Lang "simple simple" brand has gained the shop as
"the first shop in Lee Lang," this big bearing its brand has an
excellent interpretation.

9 Mu Wang will be the flagship head office fashion
Awards Comments: 9 Mu Wang is not just trousers brand communications expert
experts hardware store image through design and software services to be upgraded to
"Core changed by my" brand philosophy are a perfect set. The
store has nearly 2,000 square meters of area, whether from the shop by region or from
the "dress consultants" professional services, the shop has
almost become a fashion club.

Ten cutting-edge shop:
Flexed wolf Jinjiang pool stores
Awards Comments: Flexed image of the wolf has come to end the sixth generation,
and it was caused by playing one of the templates, it is happy to go first attempt in the
industrial park wolf open new stores, but also the development of local Direct system,
to create sample store market, a big move, which has multiple strategic significance.
With Direct stores, understand the market dynamics, is that many brands in the
terminal market, a big step forward, happy to go wolf also made attempts in this
regard, it is one of the experimental fields, both close to customer needs, helping
brand Fast and accurate understanding of market dynamics, you can also explore the
Direct System, a comprehensive understanding of store operations capabilities to
prepare for the development of the national market.

Hang man Hang Yang shop in Nanning
Award Comments: The brand idea or way of life advocated, how to make contact with
consumers and allow consumers to accept it? In addition to advertising and other
forms of direct communication, there is the image of the terminal through the spread
of long-term subtle way. Hang people Nanning Hangyang shop approach is through
daily sales, the "weekend weekend wear shoes" of the leisure
lifestyle of success and make great efforts to spread into China, which will cultivate a
new market basis.

Po Tat Shishi clothing city shop
Awards Comments: As always, market development on the terminal has its own
unique concept Po Tat, through the establishment of the store was successful practice,
the result quite good, it thus has a high strategic significance. It makes up successful
Po bypassing the other brands with the same industry "squeeze difficult
path," the "narrow road", found a way of their own
--- the unusual cross-border shop, and to apply this successful experience to treasure
up the future terminal network expansion plans.

Jinjiang Qing Yang Lei speed shop
Awards Comments: It just opened soon, but the two shoulder the burden, as mine the
first speed in Quanzhou outlets, it has to show a model shop to the role of the brand,
but also collect market information and promotion of mine-speed dynamic culture .
And it is worth drawing the same way, through the decoration style of the shape, as
well as the application of props to make their own fashion, urban, dynamic culture
revealed Ray-speed, foot infected consumers.

Yao YAO shop in Suzhou
Award Comments: The good example of the terminal, the terminal market for brand
building experience and a good reference, it is excellent terminal monopoly image is
of Jiangsu Yao YAO brands and even a model example of the domestic market; it to
create a comfortable shopping atmosphere became Yao YAO branding example.
Through it, Yao YAO system monopoly to promote its important ideas, by creating a
comfortable shopping environment for consumers to feel the experience of the brand,
and finally stimulate consumption to the formation of earning profits, an important
component of monopoly model.

Beijing Hong Du Lion brand store
Award Comments: The occupation of the strategic high ground, open up regional
markets for the brand, has set up bases like benchmarking and strategic significance,
this store is located in the north city line, though operating performance is not very
surprising, but it will license the United States with a lion to the professional market,
gradually build up the brand influence. Radiation depend on its function, attracting a
large number of retailers eye Terminal in North China, has been set up to store, post
room, counter-based network of 135 terminals to drive the brand in the whole North
China region.

Camel American Junior Cross Country
Jinjiang Living Museum
Award Comments: The terminal is the largest display of the brand culture position,
through this position, can allow consumers to experience the unique culture of the
brand, resulting in the desire to buy and brand recognition, it is the camel through the
desert interior, and the theme of display, will the vast expanse of desert style and
mood of the elements of the American West Museum in enjoy life show, can influence
consumers into the store every passage of time can produce a subtle appeal to enhance
sales, promote brand image.

Shishi Lion City of the Wolf family
International Square
Awards Comments: Min to send as an emerging men's successor force of
the Wolf family of terminal growth rate should not be overlooked, just three years out
of 400 on the terminal. The store opened six months, turning 4 times the speed of
performance is also very good demonstration of the pace of development of the brand.

WOLFZONE (Wolf Road, clothing)
Shishi concept store
Awards Comments: With its original research and development strengths, the brand
quickly in the fashion market has a group of men loyal FANS. Wolf Road, as a
designer, product design in addition to stress a sense, they are also in the design of the
terminal to keep the original. Lions concept store is the brand concept store, a good
interpretation     of      his      brand       of       "fashion",

HOPERISE Jinjiang store
Awards Comments: As a brand, based in Germany, returnees, HOPERISE indeed
"very international", whether or design store display are from
the hands of international designers. Jinjiang store terminal operations as the brand a
"pioneer" of great practical significance.

Top Ten Gold Dealer:

HQCEC Fujian Branch
General Manager Lin Jianfeng
Awards Comments: Breakthrough curves of many newcomers have become a magic
weapon to open up the market. Fought in the domestic market as an international
second-tier brands, have some well-known abroad, but still relatively unfamiliar in the
domestic situation, he chose the "encircling the cities" route, by
way of a breakthrough curve to hit the market caused Fujian Asia The ceremony was
a sign, a steady expansion in the domestic market, paving the way for.
He Longyan, Nanping, Sanming cities achievements can be for "encircling
the cities" for reference and example, is shrewd in his business philosophy
with the support of Asian ceremony may have been out more than 70 Fujian
monopoly shop. 2010, Asian ceremony was also planned in Fujian out of the 100
stores, further expanding and stable market in Fujian.

Yang Hui agents and elegant birds in Shaanxi
Award Comments: a good agent, an effective business philosophy is essential to good
business philosophy is the key to success. His "no harm to
clients" concept, simple but winning decision is one of the regional market,
because only your customers, your franchisees make money, and agents will be a long
time to make money, the impact of the brand in order to maintain continuous force. It
is this concept, so that he created a remarkable performance for two consecutive years
purchase value exceeds 5 million, retail sales of more than 10 million yuan, and
directly affects the entire Northern region.

Yao YAO Suzhou Branch
W Jian, general manager of a small
Awards Comments: With a business philosophy he also --- "to create a
comfortable shopping environment for consumers to feel the experience of the brand,
and finally stimulate consumption to the formation of earning profits monopoly
model", so he set up shop in the terminal, the focus is sample shop building,
with excellent end-proprietary image, spread Yao YAO brand marketing.

Hornet Changshu agent Xie Huimin
Awards Comments: There is a saying called "Details determine success or
failure." This brand agents who apply. His attention to detail is a person,
such as he likes to watch weather forecasts to be made on the supply of goods and
display the appropriate focus; such as his old customers in the past to find a
breakthrough to bring these clients are relying on the feelings of hornets. These are
the embodiment of the details, only details of the well, the overall market will do

7 Wave-hui Hunan agent Chen Zhongyu
Awards Comments: know how to integrate advantageous resources, but also brand
agents necessary homework, he got together with seven wave-hui Xia Zhu regional
distributors, organizing large-scale of promotional activities, Rang an activity
affecting the overall situation, Henhao Diliyongliao Gefang of Li Liang and resources
so that overall sales rose across the region. He also integrated around the edge
resources, and establish seven youth sports equipment, the first wave-hui tall brand

ABC Taiwan
Venus Chen, Shandong Agents
Award Comments: The impact of the global strategy and development. New force in
the market, the first step in market development is to be made according to market
conditions clever strategy. ABC Taiwan into the mainland as a member of the brand
forward, his hands-on through their own efforts and quickly get rid of the symptoms
of foreign brands acclimatized to the "big" with
"special", driven by the impact of large shopping centers store
operation, and promote the "ABC 500 stores nationwide expansion
plans," are effectively implemented.

Li Bin, general manager of Chengdu Branch, Cardin
Award Comments: The children's shoes in the field for the majority of
small consumers as, big love playing emotional card or cards, is a good choice, he
carried out many of the activities of child care, often sponsoring sports events in
schools, in order to get the winning individual and team prizes, is not only a
"small shops" play a large energy, but also to brand influence

Handan agents Cui Era
Awards Comments: Terminal sales, brand influence in addition to other, more fancy
specific service, good service can not only improve sales, can also brand a plus. Cui
Ying advocated a unique service and to service more than other big brands to boast
about its end, is a good choice.
Attentive service adhere to harvest fruit, can catch up with some sales of domestic
brands is the greatest achievement, and smooth squeeze in the domestic sports brands
shopping list first three, more worthy of recognition.

The skilled agent of Zhejiang Yong Du Pi were children's shoes
Award Comments: The agency will order the region, not only directly determine the
future of sales agents, it is a platform that allows agents and customers in all
exchanges. He will be well ordered by region, play the emotional card, establish
confidence and example.
9 years, he built in Zhejiang Yong-skilled are more than 120 stores, more than 200
special rooms, counters, store category, and four specialty outlets, forming a large
terminal networks, the purchase amount in 1300 million or more, definitely worth the

Fick Shaanxi Yan An Luochuan terminal business segment Yonglong
Awards Comments: In the old revolutionary base areas, writing some classic
children's shoes sales legend.
Organization of fun guessing, organized "to draw your story I see
you," the comic book collection, the store never a lack of candy to eat, or
shop for each visit the children choose a greeting card by mail 61 days ... ...
Feikeluochuan flagship shop, in its founder's well-built section of Wing
Lung, it is not just the representative of the store sales Fick shoes, more like a
children's fun playing a good place to swim.
Since the April 2009 opening, the old revolutionary base of Yan'an, to do
the sales leaps and bounds, not only by four-Fu Fu Shaanxi agents an important
recognition and support, also praised the local harvest a good reputation.

Best Fashion Creative Award:

Makaxini Jin Jiang Baolong shop
Awards Comments: Makaxini the genius is that they limited the use of commercial
retail space the terminal, making creativity. "Urban jungle",
"music bars", "walking in the road work"
and other urban scenes of human life, through Makaxini artistic expression, was
successfully grafted to the store terminal, when a customer in the store to find a
"feel" resonates with the brand, they will be the most brand
loyal consumers. Makaxini there is a unique, they are almost only used three colors of
black and white ash, but it can design a layered, strong sense of space terminal stores.

Best Interior Design Award:

HOPERISE Jinjiang store
Awards Comments: HOPERISE a good interpretation of the current space of the most
popular design technique that uses commodity, art decoration, background and
lighting, etc., together, constitute a seasonal flu, living space, natural and artistic
scenes such as mood, gives us a very strong feeling breath of life. Which is the
highest level of the design space, the more vivid scenes, the more it can stimulate the
desire of customers shopping, the more comfortable environment, the more customers
can move the heart.

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