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									An original theory of art criticism
An original theory of art criticism
- Soft Realism theory construction
Tan Chang (Jinan University, Doctor of Literature and Art)
September 2007, in Guangdong Sheng Wenlian host a seminar on the Guangzhou
Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Tan Tianxuan read a paper entitled "From
Realism to soft revolutionary realism" of the paper, formally proposed a
"soft realism" of this proposition. Caused scholars to speak
positive response, that China has finally emerged own original art criticism and theory
"(see a Function to speak).
First, the meaning of soft Realism
1 Origin of name soft realism
On the origin of soft realism named Tam made his own interpretation:
The       so-called      "soft        realism",       "hard
realism" are not the author's invention, from "soft
power" and "hard power." Harvard professor,
international expert Joseph Nye ? figurines of this concept for those. "Hard
power" mainly refers to economic, military, etc., are material things.
"Soft power" refers to a culture and civilization, such as
Hollywood movies, consumer culture, and mainly refers to a spiritual concept. U.S.
promotion of free and equal values, such values is a kind of soft power. Doing
"Mao Thought Art" of the process, I realized that a problem
What can be beyond the "Mao thought art" and
"contemporary art"? So the "soft"
borrowed words, the great narrative art of the kind of revolutionary realism are called
hard realism, soft realism, it could be the revolution beyond realism. (See
"From the Revolution to the soft realism realism")
2 Entries in soft realism
According to Wikipedia, on Baidu, "Entries in the soft realism"
(Tan Tianzhuan) in the definition:
Realism is a soft interpretation of the real world, peace, emotional theory of art, is
about the "soft reality" of the doctrine, rather than the soft
"realism." Is the Chinese art of political ideology, beyond
criticism, but also to Western art criticism since the twentieth century way of thinking
beyond the specific is the mainstream of Chinese art of revolutionary realism and
contemporary art beyond the critical realism .
Soft Realism unique spiritual essence, the core idea is "not
critical", "does not mean." The "no
compromise", "no escape" is the spirit of supporting
soft realistic character. Soft realistic practice unique line, the core mode is
"after softening the integration." To soften the common
character to soften the material of the People, in order to soften the material and
spiritual, is the practice of soft realistic art program. Soft realistic expression of art is
"normal and abnormal expression of" to abandon "a
very normal state of expression." Realism is the ideal soft art of softening
ideology. Let arts transcend political, religious, national, ethnic and other ideologies,
identity of all mankind, peace, equality and ecological way of communication.
Three pairs of soft realistic interpretation of a dictionary entry
Is clear from the theory of soft realism in the "soft power" as
the international name before the general premise, combined with the reality of
Chinese       contemporary      arts,     native    to    China     the    prevalence     of
"revolutionary            realism"          and       "realistic
evaluation" to distinguish and beyond. Soft Realism in its wisdom and
unique       full    tolerance      "not       critical"      calls    for
"revolutionary mass criticism" and "post-modern
mass criticism" ills that "no criticism is not critical",
not contempt for you, nor is it ignore you, but respect each other, and the two
established "critical" theory of art based on the winning margin.
Soft Realism as an art theory, also proposed nature with insight "does not
mean" concept, the "human culture, especially in the arts
neither good nor bad" point of view, its "cultural
evolution"         of     the      challenges,    the    "       labeling,
"" pull circle "of the opposition, are reflected as an
independent and self-confidence there eastern original value of art theory.
Through the soft realism "no compromise" and
"escape" the second concept of re-interpretation and
understanding, and to construct their own unique spiritual character, that is: no escape,
no escape ideal; neither to the external pressures of society and obstacles to
compromise, nor to their inner desires and the weak compromise; not compromise on
the basis of follow nature, comply with the property, conform to human nature,
comply with the artistic.
The practice of soft realism line is "soften integration" and its
Programme of artistic practice is "common personality softening to soften
the material of the People, in order to soften the material and spiritual."
This              reflects             its             "collectivism,"
"humanism," "materialism" and so very
different from the ideal to pursue.
Realistic soft soft expression of realistic art is "normal and abnormal
expression of" to abandon "a very normal state of
expression." This not only provides the content of art - the norm, also
proposed a means of artistic creation - is state of expression, to get rid of mediocre art,
and that the operational mode of the path.
Soft realistic vision of "softening of art ideology." Let arts
transcend political, religious, national, ethnic and other ideologies, identity of all
mankind, peace, equality and ecological way of communication. This reflects the
"soft realism" build a holistic philosophy of art work.
Second, the theoretical construct of soft realism
Named after the soft realism, under the auspices of the Tan-day, art theorist and art
practitioners are in the "soft realism" of this proposition rapidly
pooled in the next two years to a continuous in-depth theoretical of creative works,
publications, teaching practices. Starting from November 2007, the soft team through
unremitting realism of the theory, practice and exploration, and five layers of
advancing gradually in-depth discussion of the core, has published six
"soft realism" White Paper (Episode divided into up and down
2), and gradually build from the core theory of soft realism. Soft Realism articles and
works of art in the country more than 20 kinds of journals published in the national art
world, the design world, poetry circles as compelling a proposition, even as
"Guangdong phenomena" as the national attention.
A soft real critic team
Tam led, including Mr Chan, Wu Ru, Wei Xiangqi art theory, including critics have
formed into a young and dynamic team criticism by "soft realism and
painting" (Tam), "soft realism" soft "in
Where "(Mr Chan)," to avoid the alienation of the art of
thinking "(Wu Ru)," is a responsibility not to compromise
"(Wei Xiangqi) and other writings, the concept of this theory and logic of
the development of filling.
Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies, Professor of Literature and Art, Library
Deputy Director Wu Fangfei through "soft realism and
postmodernism," "soft contemporary realism" of
such article, on the soft realism and postmodernism were compared for
"soft realism" theory of the construction of a theoretical border
Associate Professor of Renmin University of China, a visiting scholar at the
University of Freiburg, Germany Jun through the summer to the article
"Soft is a palpable feeling of life" and the monograph
"soft realism and I like painting," "light"
and so on, combined with Roach, and Zheng-Rong Zhao The painting, on the soft
realism of the current meaning of easel painting in-depth research. Analysis of soft
realism and postmodernism and the association of Chinese classical philosophy and
the new release.
White Paper editing soft realism to the Episode, as widely attended, had divided into
upper and lower set, about 20 participants from all over the art critics and art
practitioners are writing articles for the publication, to participate in Theory
Construction years, including "Death of a gift - for metaphysical realism
on the soft thinking" (Wang Hai Temple), "suffering survival
Aesthetic      and     Aesthetic   addiction"      (Charles     Chang-ping),
"to" no "View" with "- On the
artistic value of soft realism "(Hu Chuanji)," Art as reality
"(Dream is not)," soft realism may provide the value of
contemporary human way, "Li Ping," from the "85
New Wave" When talking about - on the soft realism meaning and
possibility "(Sea Temple)," soft aesthetic pursuit of realism and
discourse      strategy    "(Lu       Tianyu),"      Berthelot      a
"soft" life "(Zhang Jinpeng)," soft realism
City "(Chen Wanli ), etc., is akin to.
Luan, Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies, Professor Dong's theory
on the construction of soft realism were enthusiastic response. Luan buildings in
ancient Chinese literature at the same time, French Language and Literature,
Comparative Literature and World Literature, Comparative Culture and other subjects
as PhD supervisor and academic leaders, he was involved in the soft realism Episode
of "does not mean" discussion and wrote "of charity
-" soft "Art of the" article, the soft realistic
"and not", especially "does not mean"
concept in-depth interpretation of his time out in Chinese and foreign literary and
artistic history of the "soft" arts example, for soft realism
"of charity" give certain quality, and noted that:
We hope that the soft realism of artists and not deadlocked and the reality of soft, do
not stalemate in the doctrine, the soft subtlety cooked, soft and subtle, soft and
Qiongtong change for a long time. Goodness from the positive effect of point of view,
soft real artistic shows us peace of mind, bursting out with quiet strokes, the
disclosure of a pursuit beyond the stalemate, which is a very enviable artistic
Two groups of soft realism artists
Which involved construction of soft realism artists are:
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts painter Zheng-Rong Zhao, associate professor of
the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, oil painting Roach, South China University of
Technology School of Architecture teachers, painters Taoqiao Li, Guangzhou
Academy of Fine artists often Huang Shi, a poet Tan Chang, Dean of Guangdong,
essayist Bear Education Group and so on. Published an article "soft realism
road" (Zheng-Rong Zhao), "on the soft realism"
(Roach), "is a desire not critical" (Roach), "the
passage of soft realism" (Taoqiao Li), " soft, the poet
"(Tan Chang)," Soft Soft Realism and Reality "(Bear
Yu-chun) and so on. Tam himself, "oil painting landscape" of
the advocates and practitioners, through its "micro-away" and
"Tigers" of oil painting, and "TRW",
"charge and" exhibition of the works, the first in the field of art
practice offer as an example. Soft Realism artists through creative practice, constantly
creating, with their own thinking and the plight of a rich and challenging the soft
realism of this new theory of art.

3 Soft Realism Theory Construction open
?Tam on the soft realism of theoretical structure with a clear understanding of the
uniqueness of his "new kind of art theory construction may be"
the article pointed out:
Soft Realism is an anti-theory theory aside, is the follow-up study of Mao's
thinking art; soft realism is the practice of theory construction and artists together in
the model simultaneously, soft realism among the artists included in theory
construction, and theory arts practitioners who are themselves involved in theoretical
construction of artists starting from the art, put forward their own insights, enrich and
expand the theory of soft realism and practicality; the same time, the soft realistic
theoretical construction to invite experts in subject areas (including literature,
philosophy, sociology) to participate, through continuous dialogue with the
ideological impact, and then face the same theoretical proposition, respectively, from
their point of writing articles, co-construct a theory of art, which is a more focused,
collective create mode.
The impact by the construction mode, the text presents the theory of soft real
fundamental changes in the way, the soft realism of the theory of text divided into
several themes, for different topics and invite experts to discuss, 对话 the process,
rendering the ideological confrontation presents a vibrant and dynamic. After each
dialogue, please write an article in the respective experts, so that dialogue can not
only complement the deficiency, but also new ideas on the subject. Dialogic theory
presents a way that reflects a kind of angry at the same time is a modern interpretation
of traditional theory, philosophers, who are in a dialogue to explain his own
philosophy, such as China's "Analects", the
West's "Utopia" . The result that the theory of soft
realism text takes on a position, in the text includes discussion of theorists, artists,
reflections, or declaration, poetry, breaking past the sermons and rigid theory.
     Construction of soft realism, full use of modern communications theory spread
way to compile and record the dialogue, after editing, the privately published
"soft realism" White Paper, has been compiled to the fifth series.
Networking blog, collect feedback, and readers in real time exchanges. Paper
reproduced in the media is soft Realism is one important way of communication,
according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 kinds of domestic and
foreign literature and art magazines reprinted the article on the soft realism and works.

Third, the value of soft-Realism
A soft-realist theory is rooted in Eastern philosophy, with the native, original features
Soft realism that is not criticism is based on the basis of traditional Chinese
philosophy, including Taoism's "Doing Nothing",
"Doing            Nothing,"         Confucian       "golden
mean" and Buddhism "with and for your . "
"Soft" is in fact a core of Chinese culture is
Confucianism's           "benevolence",           the     Taoist
"no           action",        and       the       Buddhist's
"good" these core concept in Chinese culture.
Made of soft realism "Doing Nothing", "Doing
Nothing." Other people use criticism to achieve, equality, freedom,
harmony, etc., is not really criticism also can be done through the construction of
individual freedom, if not with their aggressive, without prejudice to the freedom of
others, not for others , its powerful developed. If each person to do that the world can
be harmonious. Instead everyone is thinking to a more profound criticism, you have to
criticize me, I have criticized you. Whether national, religious, national or personal, in
this mutual criticism hurt.
2 Soft Realism and Western modernism and postmodernism dialogue
Soft realistic view, he was just a large number of artistic types, there are a lot of the
world kind of art, art and other soft realism is not contradictory. Made of soft realism
also do not want to replace those critical art. Criticism has its strengths, not criticism
and some not critical strengths, can not replace each other. No matter what state we
are in, are not necessarily better than others, or valuable than others. This center is of
no value judgments.
Today the development of contemporary art, critical art become a habitual pattern,
this pattern has been caught in a sense, nothing to say of the situation, so there is art
on the death of Duchamp said that the new primitivism is turn the page of a new art
environment. Realism is the significance of the soft one.
Not critical should be said that the Chinese culture, a sense of confidence, the soft
realistic art is built on this foundation. China should have a great power mentality.
Attitude should be open, any foreign culture is natural for China to integrate.
3 soft growth of Realism
Soft Realism in the development of two short years, the theoretical branch has been
extended to many fields and shows the art of soft realism in all areas of adaptability,
and the growth of the theory itself.
Theory of new branches, including: The discussion on "soft"
perceptions of soft realism "of water form", "fire
form", "light" and so on; in easel painting in the field
of summer can be ruler of the monograph, "I like the painting";
in the fate of school's study paper, "Roach and Zheng-Rong
Zhao ---- encounter the possibility of soft realism painting"; in the field of
poetry Tan Chang's "soft, the poet" to "In
Search of anger" and "transplant pain" of the
question ; in the field of art and design Wanli Chen's "soft
structure" concepts, including "construction of the
suspension," "similar to tribesmen on both sides of the
design," "can be adjusted according to the dynamic nature of
construction," "soft bridge", the "soft city
"and so on.
Practical Development include: the "soft painting", the
embodied in Zheng-Rong Zhao's "suffering prison
Figure" and Roach's "suffering of the escape
plan", and Tao Qiaoli Perspectives from the lives of women in
micro-experience, and often painting the world yellow flowing and Growth of soft
quality. In the "soft poetry", the more reflected in the
women's poetry, love poems, poems, and Zhen Dao ecological poetry and
other fields. In the "soft novels", including news stories, stream
of consciousness novels and cross-fiction could become an example. In the
"soft criticism", some articles, "Call of tan-style
criticism", called for reconstruction of critical character, build Wenge on
and so on and so on personality, spirit of sacrifice and idealism have criticized the
ideal. In the "soft sculpture", the advocacy sculpture materials
development, to take, including weaving, winding, stacked, floating, adhesion and
other means to carry out a variety of ways, including creation, focusing on
sculpture's form is not completed and continue the growth of. In the
"soft urban design", the promotion of the establishment of
ecological type, suitable for living, open city.
Present to speak against China 4
Soft realism, that "to return to the context of soft realism" can
not unrealistic, but also to "soften" the hard, dead reality. Bear
education group that "real life is often more than the wonderful
imagination of writers. Writers face a very complex reality, imagination is very weak.
Many incredible things happening around us every day." Guer soft realism
and reality through the reconstruction of human relations, close to China's
current artistic creation and criticism of the site, in the real context for its
5 Construction of an open
Soft realistic model of open theoretical construct, not only embodied in the theory of
the growth of their own, non-stop to absorb more art theory and art elements; also
reflected in the way of theory building open, non-stop to absorb more of the artists
and theory home; even more apparent in the art construction and artistic practice
presents challenges with each other, complement each other, promote each other and
confirm each other's positive development pattern.
6 demonstrate the potential of Philosophy of Art
Soft Realism articles and works of art published extensively in English and Chinese at
home and abroad, according to incomplete statistics, with about 30 of the 20 kinds of
art journals, more than 20 times more than 10 kinds of newspapers, including
People's Network, Baidu Wikipedia, Sina, Ya Chang and other major sites,
including both home and abroad to promote key length is too soft Realism and his
works. To the author's day, through the Google engine, the "soft
realism" as a result of the Chinese search has reached 652,000 articles, and
the search for its English name "Soften Realism" article can get
1,720,000 results.
Soft Realism as a philosophy deeply rooted in traditional Chinese and Oriental
wisdom school of art, now has his own philosophy (of traditional Chinese philosophy
and Eastern wisdom), continuous publications ("soft realism"
white paper), a group of artists (Roach, Zheng-Rong Zhao, etc.), a group of
representative works (painting, poetry, design), continuing the artistic style (Taoqiao
Li, Huang and others, the world often works) and other factors, named for its art
exhibitions are also planned among the "soft realism school"
education system first emerged. Through a large number of theoretical participants
and practitioners together to promote the arts, the soft realistic theory construction
reflect a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, cross-art development features.
Soft Realism has a unique view of the world - "The world is consciousness
and the material wound", its own methodology, "Art soften
reality", in art practice, "the expression of normal and
abnormal" in the field of art practice and art criticism have substantial
adaptability. Have continued to develop into a philosophy of art potential.
Of course, the soft realism put forward, it, time is not short, the accumulation theory
solid enough, nor to the conclusion of the academic sort, there are many key issues
being written and discussed. Soft Realism is an open system, in its growth process,
looking forward to more theorists, artists, support, participation and criticism, or even
that the soft realism of its readers have reason to cherish the participation of certain

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