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Alibaba ( is a global inter-enterprise (B2B) e-commerce brands, is the
world's largest online trading market.
Good location, solid structure, excellent service to make Alibaba the
world's first merchant has 2.1 million e-commerce website, a global
business network of choice for Web site promotion, business people as being
"the most popular B2B website."
Outstanding achievements made by Alibaba public concern. WTO Director-General
Sutherland became the first Alibaba consultant, U.S. Department of Commerce, the
Japanese economy, Trade and Industry, Federation of European SMEs and other
government and private agencies to local businesses recommended by Alibaba.
Alibaba has twice been elected MBA from Harvard Business School case study in the
United States launched the academic boom, four by the U.S. financial magazine
"Forbes" named one of the world's best B2B sites,
several comments were related to body for the world's most popular B2B
website, China Business class outstanding website, hundreds of excellent sites in
China, China's best trade network, to be domestic and foreign media,
foreign venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and praised and Yahoo, Amazon, eBay,
AOL par one of five representatives of the Internet business schools.
Alibaba founder Jack Ma, CEO of the renowned "World Economic
Forum," selected as "future leaders", Asian Business
Association of the United States selected as "business leaders",
is 50 years, first as "Forbes" Cover Chinese entrepreneurs, and
has been invited as the world's leading institutions of higher education at
MIT, Wharton Business School, Harvard University lectures.
May 2002 Ma Yuncheng as Japan's largest "day after"
the cover of the magazine, "Nikkei" magazine spoke highly of
the Sino-Japanese trade Alibaba contribution to the field: "Alibaba has to
break even, as the entire Internet world proud. "Alibaba has set up four
years, the world's 10 languages with more than 400 well-known news
media reports on Alibaba tracking has never stopped by the media as" truly
world-class brand. "
SARS outbreak in 2003, highlighted the value of the network business, the company
was to become the preferred business platform for global enterprises, the website
continued rapid development of indicators, including the level of activity on behalf of
commercial sites and sites important indicator of quality - supply and demand in the
amount of information added daily than the same period last year 3 to 5 times.
Alibaba China by 1.4 million members of the sample survey found that three months
in the SARS period 42% of the total business deals, performance contrarian up 52%
of enterprises to further consolidate the world's first commercial platform
Alibaba position.
Detection of the world's leading authority on global commercial Web site and trade class ranking site investigation, Alibaba ranked first.
"Listening to our customers, satisfy customer needs" is the
foundation of survival and development of Alibaba, the survey showed: Nearly half of
Alibaba's online membership through word of mouth and use that Alibaba
Alibaba; the industry member by Alibaba Business platform partner reached Nearly
half of the total membership rate.
The Dream Team from the world's elite team is the cornerstone of Alibaba
buildings, perfect combination of strong team, target firm belief, so that the family
business 80 years to go to achieve their mission: "Let the business world is
not difficult ! "

Value assessment to see whether the main values Alibaba - "Six pulse
1, the customer first: focus on customer focus, to provide advice and information to
help customers grow.
2, teamwork: sharing sharing, in order to accomplish my ego.
3, embrace change: a break from to meet the changes.
4, Honesty: honesty, integrity, keep its promise.
5, passion: never give up, optimistic.
6, professional: a professional attitude and the mentality to do ordinary things
Values for the personnel system, implement the pay raise system, employers need
support and dedication of ah.
HP is still the envy of the previous management, the HP's core values,
there is a very important principle is honesty and integrity, so each employee can HP
hopes the community the highest ethical standards to themselves, inspire the staff
kindness. First people, after work, this is the enterprise should be to promote the use
of personnel. Enterprises to use the community the highest ethical standards to
employees, inspire the staff kindness. ~ ~ ~ Really can not imagine such an enterprise

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