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									Aerobics excellent team

Police believe the East LANE
Current position: in total body fitness aerobics Steering Group
Education: Bachelor of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education
Achievements: (csi-bally total fitness) experienced coaches and trainers
2004-2009 China International Fitness Conference (CHINA FIT) Trainer
2003-2009 NIKE experienced coach and trainer contract
National Fitness Championships 2007 Mr.
National Fitness Championships 2006 Mr.
Mr. Fitness 2005 National Championship
Mr. Fitness 2006 National Championship
2004 National Aerobics Championship million people grading standards
2003, the first national ambassador for aerobics champion
Chinese national aerobics instructor
Chinese national aerobics instructor
National Master Sportsmen
CCTV-5 "youth time" coach
Long Course: pop dance, HIP-HOP, kick-boxing, Power-Flex,
Interests: volleyball, music, creative dance, painting, watching movies, enjoy the
Peking Opera
Favorite clothes color: black, white, red
Professional credo: Stick in the end
Name: Chui-Yi Jiang
Sex: Male Date of birth: 1979.6.24
Constellation: Cancer
Graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Physical Height: 1.75 m
Office of the club are: Bally clubs in the body shop Chang
Title: Aerobics Manager
Coaching life: 6 years
Hobbies: basketball, fighting, music and dance
The most satisfying parts of the body: biceps
Obtained results:
Shanghai 2009 by the National Fitness Champion, Mr. A
2009 by the National Sun Kang Bite champion trainer
Mr. Fitness competition in 2007 was runner-up in Asia
Jiangsu Province in 2007 at the National by Mr. Fitness Champion
2006 by Mr. Harbin third meeting of the National Fitness
2004 by the National Sports Aerobics mixed doubles third place
National Sports Conference 2002, three men, mixed doubles runner-up Runner-up
2000 by the National Sports Aerobics mixed doubles runner-up
1999 by the National Institute of Aerobics Championship team title
Min graduated from the Hebei Institute of Physical Education Aerobics
Aerobics national level of athletes
National Aerobics Instructor
Aerobics instructor title of Excellent
In the body of the sun 100 times the force Aerobics store manager
Five times the force in the body of Coaches
Times the force of the pedal body trainer
Nike signed coach
Featured Course: pedal cycles bar

Yong-Li Li
Shenzhou store manager Aerobics
Good program: aerobics, pedal, stretching balance

Name: Chang-Long Wang
Title: Coaches
He graduated from Beijing Sport University College of Education Aerobics
National level, Aerobics Fitness Instructor certification State two athletes at the
national level referee
Professional training and college track and field for eight years of professional
training has many years of aerobics and water aerobics aerobics teaching experience,
to carry out a variety of courses, Professor
Water Fitness System Certification by Chen Qi hold water fitness instructor
certification Lifeguard Qualification Certificate
Featured Course:
Water aerobics, pedal, waist, Pilates, overall quality, bar gymnastics.
Life motto:
Health is wealth, happiness is the primary condition for the health!

Kim Jun Wu
2001 to 2005 in Ganzhou Gannan Teachers College of Physical Education
2007 Food and Nutrition, Gyeongsang still Master
May 2009 Beijing, Mr. Fitness Group B third place
Has participated in bicycle, pedal, hip-hop and other training

Liu Yao Michael West
v in the body a personal trainer three times the power
v times the power system in the body within the training division
v The new national fitness coach station members of the Group of accreditation
v times the force in the body of the company --- Training Aerobics
v 05, graduated from Hebei Normal University, Social Sports
v 05 years, in 2006, 07 in 2008 to participate in the Fourth Beijing International
Health Exchange and Learning Conference
v 05 participated in the training and passed national Aerobics
v In the same year in the Asian fitness of HI-Low and pedal training and through
v 06 took part in spinning and aerobics training within the system and through
v the same year, "small devices used in personal trainer
courses", "FITT training and the" T "of
the changes and Fun", "Office of the training
method," "Pilates in the PT program in the use of"
training, etc. and start the external training
v 06 was awarded the Asian Games Village Shop "Best Customer
Service" personal trainer
v 06,07 show the General Assembly of the International Health Exchange and the best
team, best Performance Award
v 07 people in motion, adopted the pedal Coach Accreditation
v In the same year the foundation began spinning training and "Crazy
Speed 4" training
v 08 years predominantly engaged in aerobics training system
v good courses: Pilates, spinning
v motto: Fitness in the happiness, find happiness in the gym!

He graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, Hunan Institute of Continuing Education
National Aerobics Instructor
LESSMILL international patent movement system coach
SWICTHING Mobile Devices International Certified Coach
Feisa Fu fitness training system, Tony stoned hip-hop choreographer Training and
2006 National Top Ten Sport models
Star 2006 National Aerobics Competition Second Prize
International Health Exchange Conference in 2008, Nike trainers.
Bird's Nest main venue for the 2008 Olympic Games in field cheerleaders
Books published in 2005 <<extension balance>>

Fan Shuhui
Bachelor of Physical Education
Sports General Assembly in 2007 in Guangdong Province A group runner-up Miss
2007 Guangzhou Bodybuilding Championships Group A runner-up Miss Fitness
2008 National Fitness, Ms Fitness Championships fifth Miss B group
Certificate: Asian Fitness Personal Trainer Certificate
Intermediate grade sports industry in Guangdong Province
Motto: beauty comes from health

Cui Yi Crane Normal University Chinese Professional.
Began practicing yoga in 1999. Indian yoga teacher in 2002 where he studied under
joseph solamsn systematic study HATHA yoga postures law, breath control,
meditation and yoga teaching.
Since 2004, several studies in India, travel. Rishikesh Yoga Capital of the World had
the Himalaya Yoga Institute study.
Good teaching: Ha it yoga, pregnant women, yoga, yoga health.
Georgia made: be honest, indifferent attitude of life.

Name: of Lei
School: College of Traditional Sports Sports
Martial Arts (changquan, nanquan, tai chi, tai chi sword, sword, spear, broadsword,
cudgel, etc.
Traditional health care (health Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, sixth summary)
dragon courses
Part of the award certificate or reward -
Chinese Wushu Association in 2003 was awarded the "National Wushu
five sections" title.
Beijing 2004 "science cup" Optional Taijiquan Taijiquan
Competition won first place in the first 42-style Tai Chi sword.
Capital Wushu Competition in 2005 won the women's Taijiquan first
choice, women's pair of instruments fourth, sixth woman on the train.
Capital Institute of Physical Education in 2005 Wushu Championships won the first
women's 42-style Taijiquan, the first woman on the train.
In 2006 the National Institute on behalf of my students won the women's
choice Taiji Wushu Championship third, sixth group events.

Joyce Xu Huifeng Bachelor of Dance Master of Japanese
Yoga Alliance American Yoga Aliance 200 小时 Certified Coach
Teaching yoga since 2000. Zen yoga studio in the boat once, Beijing Landmark Hotel,
Clark Hatch Fitness Centre, Decleor Women's Club, Bei Li Shi
Women's clubs, women's clubs to teach Dan Snow.
Yoga for persistent belief, follow the various countries in recent years has been
studying yoga master, has repeatedly went to India, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and
other places to study. These include: spiritual leader Swami Rama (India), Ashtanga
master David Swenson (America), Yogic Arts Master Duncan Wong (America), Ai
Young Master Lance (Australia)
Currently, in addition to the body times the force as a yoga teacher, senior professor of
times the power characteristics of course "full yoga",
"assisted yoga," but also as a training instructor to carry out
"50-hour flow yoga teacher training" program.

Li Xingdian
1999 -2 005 years, National School of Arts in Shenyang dancing
Wen Kexin 2007 belly dance instructors in the training classes
Good program: yoga, ballet body, belly dance

?Pu Lu
Good program: yoga, ballet body, belly dance, jazz

?Xiong B Dream
Good courses: Yin Yoga

Snow Business
Graduated from the moon yoga. Through advanced yoga certification yoga studio
many times to full-time professional coach. System of learning yoga breathing
meditation posture. Teaching methods in their own unique knowledge to lead the
students to yoga, yoga science of yoga experience. I like and love yoga, because yoga
I poured all the enthusiasm!

?Meng Liya: The Body Shop Bally Li City, full-time Coaches
Good curriculum: Latin aerobics, stretching balance, fitness ball, aerobics, etc.

?Zhao Miaomiao: body times the force of the financial manager Branch shop
Good curriculum: Latin aerobics, stretching balance

Zheng Wei: The Body Shop Bally Choi Chi Aerobics Manager
Good course: hip-hop, stretch balance, pedal, etc.

Wang Peng:
Good curriculum: boxing, pedal

Season Dan: The Body Shop Bally Jinyu Aerobics Manager
Good program: yoga, Latin Aerobics

United States Mary Lou Song:
Good program: aerobics, fitness ball, stretching balance, boxing

Wang Ting: in times of power left bank of the body shop manager Aerobics
Good curriculum: boxing, barbells, waist, hip-hop

Lei Zhu
Excel Course: Yoga

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