Advantages and disadvantages of buying insurance

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					Advantages and disadvantages of buying insurance
Insurance: advantages and disadvantages of any purchase of
When we encounter a more complicated issue, in order to immediately correct
solution it is not an easy thing. Here, we can follow the U.S. president - Benjamin
Franklin's approach - to do something to list the advantages and
disadvantages, respectively, if the advantages clearly outweighed the disadvantages,
then this is worth doing; if the disadvantages than advantages, then This thing is not
worth doing.

This method allows us to consider these issues with clear ideas and help make the
right decisions, to avoid the "blinders" or clues too, can not
make a decision situation. Now we look to buy and what not to buy insurance,
advantages and disadvantages of each

Do not buy insurance, the advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: being "saved" a little money.

Disadvantages: (1) You will not have any personal protection (ie, no special security
of financial reserves). In the real world - this is full of accidents and disease risk,
"site", you even a basic "safety helmets"
are not wearing! Against the risk of very low safety factor.
     ?(2) "save" the premium down is very likely to be arbitrary
and spent, and did not keep down.
     ?(3) Even if the money was deposited there, and most are free with no target
savings will never be the same as buying insurance is a system of compulsory stocks
down, because saving money takes time and perseverance, which means in the long
saving process, you not only have to remember that regularly each year to save money,
but also be able to resist the temptations of life, so that "only the deposit is
not taken!" And almost no one can do that.
     ?(4), this little money on the hands of little effect, that is, buy some fashionable
clothes, add a few household goods, or where to travel trip. Without these, life can
still off. But the event ill patient, you Nenggen the hospital said:
"I'm sorry, I'm not ready for medical expenses, first
owe you?"
Conclusion: win a little money, the stakes are your life and family happiness!

Advantages and disadvantages of buying insurance:

Advantages: (1) has a high specific medical reserve immediately!
   ?(2) If the insured amount is high enough, the disease can be eliminated
immediately the potential threat to life and security, in reality numerous examples
prove the point: the rich will be able to survive, no money = ill!
   ?(3) you greatly increase the safety factor, greatly increased the ability to resist!
    ?(4) Family financial greatly reduce the potential financial pressure, the remaining
money can be assured of the use in improving the quality of life (as opposed to no
insurance is concerned)!
    ?(5) Although money can not buy happiness, but money really can buy a sense of

Disadvantages: (1) every year on a regular basis "into" a little
money, "temporary" loss of control over this sum of money
   ?(2) relative to other (theoretically) investments may be less than some interest!

Conclusion: Take a penny, to lift the threat of the disease on the lives of all members
of the family well-being of the potential threat of a lifetime! Insurance Why this is
According to "The People's Republic of China Insurance
Article 31 For the terms of the insurance contract, the insurer and the insured or the
beneficiary of dispute, the court or arbitration organizations shall be conducive to the
interpretation of the insured and beneficiaries.
Article 32 insurer or reinsurer in handling insurance business in person to know the
insured person or the cedant's business and property situation, has a duty of
Article 73 established insurance companies, the minimum amount of registered
capital 200 million yuan (paid in money capital).
Article 85 undertaking life insurance companies, in addition to separation, merger,
shall not dissolve.
Section 88 of the undertaking life insurance company is revoked, or is declared
bankrupt, the holder of life insurance contracts and reserve funds be transferred to
another undertaking life insurance companies; not with other insurance companies
have reached a transfer agreement, the insurance supervision and administration
department shall designate a life insurance business insurance companies to accept.
Article 97 In order to protect the interests of the insured, the sound operation to
support insurance companies, insurance companies, financial supervision and
management departments should be in accordance with the provisions of the
insurance protection fund escrow.
Article 98 An insurance company shall have the scale of its operations for the
minimum solvency. Of the actual assets minus real liabilities shall not be less than the
financial supervision and regulation department of the amount; below a prescribed
limit, should increase capital, make up the difference.
Article 100 of the insurance risk for each unit, the one insured maximum loss
potential liability, shall not exceed the actual capital reserve fund the sum of 10%;
over the part, it shall apply for re-insurance.
Article 105 of funds of insurance companies must be strong, follow the security
policy and ensure that increasing the value of assets. Insurance companies of funds,
limited to bank deposits, sale of government bonds, financial bonds and other funds
under the State Council, the use of forms. Funds and insurance companies use the
funds for specific projects in specific proportion of its total funds by the insurance
regulatory authority under the
Section 107 of the main insurance business insurance basic insurance clauses and
premium rates, the insurance supervision and management development.
Development of other types of insurance insurance insurance terms and rates, should
be reported to the insurance supervision and administration department.