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									Accelerate technical innovation projects
Science and Technology of China in 2009 Policy Interpretation No. 10 section
Shen Mao-to (Ministry of Development and Planning inspector, this issue special
interpretation of experts)

For the "Plan" proposed "building, business-oriented,
market-oriented technological innovation system Combination," the task of
the deployment, by the end of 2005, MOST, SASAC and ACFTU launched the
implementation of the joint "technology Innovation guide project
"to promote the enterprises to become the mainstay of technological
innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enhance national
capacity for independent innovation. Technical innovation to guide implementation of
the project three years with remarkable results, technological innovation the driving
force and enhanced markedly.
Second half of 2008 the international financial crisis, the State Council issued a study
"on scientific and technological support to play a role in the promotion of
stable and rapid economic development view", to speed up the
implementation of the "technical innovation project."
Documentation requirements of the State Council of Science and Technology, based
on the work in many years, and actively guide the building industry technology
innovation strategic alliance to promote research with close integration, innovation
and technology project organization, by supporting the integration of the industry set
up research and technological innovation with strategic alliances, medium and small
enterprises to enhance innovation and industry cooperation, speed up the advanced
technology of radiation to small and medium enterprises and transfer of technology,
improve the industry chain, to improve the level of coordination and cooperation of
SMEs and sustainable development capacity.
We can see that accelerating technological innovation projects, there are five
First, pay close attention to start the implementation of technical innovation. By the
Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the SASAC,
the National Federation of Trade Unions, the State Development Bank for the
promotion of technological innovation projects, formulated the "National
Technology Innovation Project overall implementation plan" to accelerate
the construction of the main enterprises, market-oriented a combination of research
technology innovation system as the goal, to promote industrial technology
innovation and strategic alliance building and development, accelerate the
construction and improvement of technological innovation service platform,
promoting innovation-oriented enterprises construction, including construction
companies at universities and research institutes of science and technology resources,
Cujin technological innovation of qualified personnel, and guide enterprises to make
full use of domestic and foreign technological resources to improve technological
Second, focus on promoting the construction of the industrial technology alliances.
Combination of ten industry revitalization process in the original Union Iron and Steel
can be recycled, agricultural equipment, Union 4 Union on the basis of industrial
technology, has formed alliances lightweight car, high speed precision CNC machine
tools based coalition of 10 high-grade fiber Union League, covering automobile, steel,
equipment manufacturing, textile, energy and other industries.
Is currently promoting the establishment of color, information, textiles, machinery,
agriculture, energy and other areas of new WAPI Industry Alliance (in wireless access
networks and network security technology R & D), non-ferrous metals
tungsten and carbide Technology Innovation Alliance, hybrid rice industry
Technology Innovation Alliance, more than 20 light access Union League.
Key industries around the recent revitalization will further promote the formation of a
group of Union. Meanwhile, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Anhui,
Sichuan and other provinces and cities around the bio-medicine, wind power,
integrated circuits, software, solar photovoltaic, household appliances, textile and
other industries built a number of regional industrial technology alliances. According
to preliminary statistics, China has constructed more than one hundred regional and
Industrial Technology Alliance.
Third, speed up R & D capacity building and business-oriented technical
innovation service platform. Full use of existing national Engineering Center, State
Key Laboratory,          National   Engineering       Laboratory,    large   Yiqishebei
Gongxiangwangdeng public technology Zi Yuan, Zheng He formed the technical
innovation for Qiyekaifang Fu Wu platform to help enterprises, especially small and
medium enterprises development is Xin Chan Pin, adjustment of product structure,
innovation management and market development, and guide SMEs to the special, new,
unique, fine direction, increase market competitiveness. To promote open sharing,
improve the regional innovation platform.
Currently, has approved the construction of a 36 Enterprise National Laboratory. In
steel, automobiles, ships, petrochemicals, light industry, non-ferrous metals,
equipment manufacturing and electronic information such as new construction of
eight industrial companies in 37 key national laboratories has been initiated. New
identified 76 enterprise technology centers, so that the total number of Enterprise
Technology Center 575. IC, textile, pharmaceutical industry, technological innovation
service platform has achieved positive results, has been to provide enterprises with a
large number of product design, analysis, testing, consulting, training and other
Fourth, increased efforts in building innovative enterprises. Pilot innovative
enterprises to further expand, national pilot enterprises reached 469, the local
innovative pilot enterprises reached 2600, formed the central and local linkage in a
good situation. Huawei, space science and technology, 202 companies were named as
the first batch of "innovative enterprises", the R & D
R & D investment of the whole society about 23% of invention patent
applications accounted for domestic enterprises to 24% of the total applications.
Externally, also set up technological innovation award will be technological
innovation projects into the scope of scientific and technological progress awards, and
guide enterprises to plan the gun system of technological innovation to enhance
innovation "soft power." As the master intellectual property
rights and independent brands, in the current international financial crisis situation,
the most innovative companies have maintained a good momentum of development.
Fifth, innovation and technology project organization. League play at the national
science and technology projects organized and implemented the role of the coalition
countries       to     encourage      scientific    and       technological      tasks.
"Opinions" of 45 tasks carried out and strengthen the Alliance
in the task organization and implementation role. Meanwhile, the implementation of
"opinions" made the task of deployment, Diaozheng projects
investment structure, from the National Technology Plan Co-ordination out of 3
billion yuan Zhi Chi technical innovation project implementation, focusing on support
for     coalition   Ten     Chanyezhenxing       Yi   Ji   Jie    He     implemented
"opinions" Gexiang tasks the significant research and
industrialization projects. In this basis, we will further study and standardize the
implementation of national projects Union regulations, reform of the national science
and technology project is organized, Tong Guo technology Jihuayindao Union Queli
technological innovation in the industry, the status of supporting the union
construction and development.

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Lightweight Automobile industry alliance to share resources
January 14, 2008, with "collaboration, drive innovation, win-win and
common prosperity" for the purpose of the Vehicle Lighting Technology
Innovation Alliance was established, this is the first Chinese auto industry,
cross-enterprise, cross-sectoral, cross-regional innovation strategic alliance, marked
the integration of industry and automotive industry resources to focus on the upstream
and downstream industries and the results shared common technical innovation was
the launch of a joint fleet. The Union by the Society of Automotive Engineers of
China and other 12 units.
Alliance was formed to improve the ability of independent innovation of Chinese
automobile industry, and actively explore effective ways. Through alliances form in
order to form enterprises and joint enterprises and research institutes to solve common
key technologies between the long-term mechanism to enhance the competitiveness of
national enterprises, to create government, industry, academia, research, technology
and innovation with a win-win platform, meet national energy-saving vehicles, safety,
environmental requirements focus on application of light materials, common to carry
out car key technology, capture and ownership of key technologies and lightweight to
enhance the level of application of light materials, the automotive industry.
Lighter in the car is of great significance, has become the auto industry in a key
research topic. Experimental data show that the automobile weight decreasing by 10%,
fuel efficiency can be increased by 6 to 8%, while fuel economy is only one aspect of
the pursuit of it lightweight. In fact, the car is a lightweight vehicle to ensure the
overall quality and performance is not even raise the subject, to minimize the weight
of its own automotive products, efforts to achieve high output power, low noise, low
vibration and good handling, high reliability and so on, lightweight vehicle structural
design, primarily through rational use of lightweight materials and ways to achieve.
Speaking about why the establishment of such a union, the Society of Automotive
Engineers of China Vice Chairman and Secretary-General to pay the military said that
at present the domestic automobile industry, many of the key technologies and
advanced automotive technology international comparison, there are still great gap
between the auto industry's lack of common core technologies, restricting
the development of China's automobile innovation bottleneck. In order to
achieve leapfrog development in key common technologies so that we can approach
the international advanced technology, which requires the automotive industry
together to set industry power industry resources together, strengthen strategic
cooperation and for joint innovation and, in some key areas have more core
technology and independent intellectual property rights, competition with
multinational companies to gain more voice.
For specific businesses, Geely chairman Li Shufu, then representative. He said the
Chinese auto industry wants is a way, independent research and development is
essential, but a business can only be in one, made up of a number of significant
progress, a business in every field has a major breakthrough can not, and the
revitalization of the Chinese auto industry needs the joint efforts of the industry, now
Vehicle Lighting Union is established, we can also explore the establishment of
electronic electrical, chassis, engines and other motor vehicles, other alliances in a
broader field and more in-depth level to promote sound and rapid development of
China's auto industry.
It is reported that 12 members of the alliance car lightweight unit, with state funding a
million, 5 million in funds raised by enterprises under the protection of common key
technologies around the car lighter to carry out research, in 2008 and 2010 to
complete the design of new lightweight materials, lightweight materials, advanced
molding technology, a total of 10 subjects the three topics of work, the car to reduce
weight of 8% to 10%, to meet national safety and side-impact car crash safety
regulations are required. Commercial vehicles to reduce weight about 300 kilograms,
to the current international level of similar products, lightweight and realize vehicle
energy saving, safe and environmentally perfect unity.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Huawei is a leading global telecommunications solutions provider, has a strong R
& D capability, fast response to customer needs and provide customized end
to end products, solutions and services to best help our clients business success,
communication, and enrich people's lives.
Huawei's products and solutions encompassing wireless products (LTE /
TD-SCDMA and WiMAX), core network (IMS, Mobile Softswitch, NGN), network
(FTTx, xDSL, optical network, routers and LAN Switch), telecom value-added
services (IN, mobile data service, BOSS) and end (UMTS / CDMA) and other fields.
Huawei in the U.S., Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China in Beijing, Shanghai
and Nanjing have set up a number of research institutes, nearly half of the staff
engaged in research and development products and solutions work. As of the end of
June 2009, Huawei has accumulated 39,184 pieces of patent applications.
At present, Huawei's products and solutions have been used in more than
100 countries, serving 50 operators in 36

Huawei released the first end to end solution 100G
September 15, Huawei released its end-100G solution, as the world's first
100G ability to provide end to end solutions provider. The solution to the transmission
system from end to end router 100G ability to help operators easily build green ultra
broadband network to provide users with high-quality mobile broadband,
high-definition video and high-value business enterprise telepresence.
Traffic growth led to rapid growth in demand for network bandwidth, operators need
more capacity, ultra-broadband network to provide protection for the high-value
businesses realize the network from the "pipeline" to
"application" in transition, which became the 100G fundamental
driving force of technological development.
Huawei routers and optical transport field of integration of leading edge, the first to
introduce industry-leading end-100G solution. 100GE interface NE5000E-based
cluster system and router support "40/80 Wave × 100G" the
OSN6800/8800 OTN system common network, to achieve long distance transmission
100GE. The solution can significantly enhance the network capacity, simplify
network architecture, a rich network services to provide capabilities to help operators
enhance their competitiveness.
Huawei This release two 100G boards, which 100GE router board (1 × 100GE and 10
× 10GE) in the NE series high-end router business, while the 100G WDM wavelength
converter card (OTU) in the OTN products on the business.
100GE router board so NE5000E exchange capacity of the cluster system upgrade to
200T, fully meet the expanding needs of carrier networks. The board based on
Huawei's self-developed Solar 2.0 100G series chip set, which transmit the
engine with 100G chip PFE2A wire-speed, programmable, full-service and green
energy-saving features, implement business wire-speed forwarding, effectively
ensuring quality of service.
100G OTU making single fiber transmission capacity can be upgraded to 8T, the
board based on Huawei's self-developed 100G optical modules and the
core chips, the integration of advanced coding modulation and coherent detection
techniques, to provide 100G and 10G/40G hybrid transmission can achieve 40 / 80
1,500 km ultra-long wave transmission, with the leading large-capacity OTN
switching, ASON and other smart technology, WDM transport network continues to
Industry veteran chip expert Bill Lynch, said: "The key to improving
product performance chips and coherent optical communication technology. Huawei
launched in 2005 the United States Institute of 100G and 100G chip coherent
detection algorithm research and development, with many years of accumulated
technology and industry leading team of experts, successful introduced the
industry's leading Solar 2.0 100G chip set and ODSP 100G chip set
coherent optical communications, to further strengthen Huawei's IP and
optical fields in the leading edge. "
Huawei        Network       Product    Line     president       Ding       Yun,    said:
"Huawei's focus on customer needs, in the IP and optical field
of continuous innovation and investment, and actively promote 100G standardization.
Huawei is currently the only supplier in the IP and optical fields have the 100G core
technology, and provide end 100G to end solutions provider that can help operators
improve network performance for end-users the highest quality business. "
As the world's leading telecommunications solution provider, Huawei has
participated in more than 100 sheets 600 sheets backbone network and metropolitan
area network, NE5000E core routers and the cluster system in the global cumulative
shipments of more than 1,000 units, OTN products shipped a cumulative total of 16
000 sets. According to consulting firm Infonetics report, first quarter of 2009, Huawei
DWDM market in the global ranking, the global router market growth ranked first,
the service of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, France Telecom,
Deutsche Telecom, British Telecom, Telefonica , Singapore Telecom and the UAE the
world's leading telecommunications operators.

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