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					About Inner Mongolia Medical College
Inner Mongolia Medical College Introduction
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The capital of Inner Mongolia Medical College is located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Autonomous Region, is a medical-based so, set science, engineering, management,
literature on integrated medical colleges. School was established in 1956, is the first
in minority areas of New China establishment of medical colleges, was attached to the
Ministry of Health, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 1958 was placed under
After 50 years of construction and development, Inner Mongolia Medical College for
the national train qualified personnel at all levels, 3 thousand names, for the
autonomous region's economic development, social progress, technological
innovation, has made important contributions to national prosperity, has become a
distinct school characteristics of the local medical colleges. In 2007, the school passed
the Ministry of Education Undergraduate Teaching Assessment, was rated
"excellent" and other times.
Jinshan existing school campus, two teaching Xinhua Park campus, with a total area
of 1,231,900 square meters, total construction area of 319,000 square meters. Among
them, the teaching and administrative space area of 186,400 square meters. Teaching
and research equipment worth 101.281 million yuan, all kinds of books the school
library literature 768 000 (species).
Schools with the Department of Clinical Medicine, Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese
Medicine, Mongolia Medical College, College of Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health
Administration, Public Education, Medical Institute of Technology, Graduate School,
Erdos branch and continuing education training centers, 12 a teaching unit, has five
affiliated hospitals (three for the directly affiliated hospital, two non-directly affiliated
hospital), there are 24 in the peripheral area of clinical teaching hospitals and 46 other
professional practice teaching base.
Schools began to enroll undergraduate students in 1956, began to enroll graduate
students in 1978, 1981, received a master's degree authorization, access to
equivalent workers in 1999 for a master's degree authorization, approved in
2003 a clinical trial Unit Training the Masters, 2005 began with the Beijing University
of Chinese Medicine, Capital University of Medical joint training of Mongolian
Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Surgery and
Cell Biology PhD student, first established in the country can also train undergraduate,
graduate and doctoral level complete national medical higher education system.
School now has 21 master degree two subjects, 21 undergraduate programs.
Undergraduate course in medicine and pharmacy Mongolian Ministry of Education,
was named second-class features professional; clinical, imaging and nuclear medicine,
nursing, anesthesiology, oral medicine, Chinese medicine, Mongolian medicine,
pharmacy, and traditional Chinese medicine 9 professional expertise for the regional
brand. Existing full-time school students 15,673 people in. Of these, 8,325 were
undergraduates, 942 graduate students, adult and vocational students 6004 people, 95
students, undergraduate to the professional for the domestic 23 provinces,
municipalities and autonomous regions enrollment.
Schools existing Mongolian Medicine, Pathology and Pathophysiology, Medical
Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology five regional key disciplines,
organizations embryos and human anatomy, internal medicine (blood) two regional
focus on fostering discipline, there are Inner Mongolia Mongolian Autonomous
Region in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology Research Center, Molecular
Pathology Laboratory, Mongolian Autonomous Region Laboratory 4 Laboratory, a
biomedical integrated teaching center, morphological experimental teaching center,
pharmacy Experimental Teaching Center, China and Mongolia Medical simulated
clinical teaching experiment centers, care centers five autonomous regions
Experimental Experimental Teaching Center. Inner Mongolia Medical Institute, Inner
Mongolian Museum of Chinese Medicine, Health Policy Institute of Inner Mongolia
Autonomous Region, autonomous regions and Cardiovascular Research Institute,
Autonomous Institute of Orthopaedics, GLP laboratory in our school. Closely rely on
the school Mongolian Medical College of Inner Mongolia Medical College and
College of Pharmacy teaching resources support, Inner Mongolia Hospital, the
medical resources of international support, the museum's collection of
Chinese Inner Mongolian Literature resources support, Inner Mongolian Medical
Institute and Laboratory of Science and Technology Innovation Platform GLP support
efforts to build academic and professional characteristics of Mongolian medicine,
now have a unique advantage to form a strong force. In 2008, the school was
identified as the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government doctoral project
construction unit.
Existing full-time school teacher 739. Of these, 147 professors, 223 associate
professor, with doctoral degrees, 47 persons, accounting for 6%, 408
master's degree in personnel, accounting for 55%. 293 have master
instructor, part-time doctoral tutor 5. Enjoy the government special allowance 59
people, national and regional Outstanding Young Expert 26 states,
"Millions of New Century Talents Project" second-level
candidates for one person, autonomous regions and "New Century 321
Talent Project", the first and second level 7 candidates, autonomous
regions and higher education "111 Talents Project" first and
second levels of candidates 10. Hire 85 foreign honorary professor.
Since 2004, the school has undertaken 626 research projects of various types
(including, the National Natural Science Foundation of 23), tem-ministerial level
scientific and technological progress awards 27, 22 Teaching Achievement Award.
School-sponsored "disease surveillance and control" is the
Chinese Preventive Medical Association Journal, published in "Inner
Mongolia Medical College," awarded by Ministry of Science and
Technology Division, "Characteristics of Chinese Science and Technology
University" Journal of Science and Technology Information Institute is
identified as " Chinese Articles in source journals. "
The school has consistently adhered to the principle of an open school, emphasis on
domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation between universities. And the United
Kingdom Bradford University to train highly qualified personnel in the field of life
sciences; and Peking University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Chinese
Military Academy of Medical Sciences, Capital Medical University and other
institutions of higher learning established long-term relationship; and Japan, the
United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Mongolia and other countries and
regions more than medical or scientific research institutions to carry out a multi-level
academic exchanges and cooperation in the field.
As a place of Inner Mongolia Medical College of Chinese Medical University,
shoulder training for the ethnic areas of applied high-level medical and health
specialists to conduct medical research, services, economic and social development of
the lofty mission. Over the years, "Internal Medicine" and
always adhering to the "learned, is still OK, sincere, Excellence"
motto, and constantly promote the moral and simultaneously, gathering together to
Manage College Affairs, united, hard and tenaciously, innovation, and strive to create
the Inner Mongolia Medical College a better tomorrow!