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									ABC to commercial banks to commercial banks transformed the study

  ?First, the Agricultural Bank of conversion to the need for state-owned commercial
   (A) of the Agricultural Bank of China to transform state-owned commercial banks
is an inevitable development of the socialist market economy requirements.
  ?1, to establish a socialist market economy and policy requirements to commercial
banks, specialized banks must change. Third Plenary Session of the Party's
14 by the "CPC Central Committee on the establishment of a socialist
market economic system, a number of issues" pointed out the main
elements of our financial system, namely the establishment of the State Council under
the leadership of an independent central bank monetary policy macro control system;
the establishment of policy finance and commercial finance separation, the main
state-owned commercial banks, the coexistence of a variety of financial institutions,
financial institutions system; the establishment of a unified, open and orderly
competition and strict management of the financial market system. People exercise of
central bank functions, the specialized banks into genuine commercial banks.
Therefore, the existing professional Bank is established under the planned economic
system developed, and no longer meet the development needs of the socialist market
economy must be transformed to the state-owned commercial banks.
   2, development of the socialist market economy requires commercial banks. The
essential characteristics of the market economy is the market mechanism and
resources on supporting elements play a fundamental role. In the market economy,
production operations to market demand, the pursuit of profit as the Mu Biao, and Zu
He flow of production factors to induce market prices Xin Hao, An Zhao law of value
to run. Bank is a special enterprise operating currency, currency and monetary capital
is one of the basic factors of production. Therefore, the market economy must demand
the market price of capital gradually, requiring banks by the law of value to money as
a commodity to run, take up the social value of sport and management of major
responsibilities. Only to the pursuit of profit as the goal, organizations run by the law
of value only with the market economy the basic requirements of a banking
3. Transformation of enterprises and commercial banks need. Enterprises to be
Operated by China's socialist market
Basic economic system of micro-economic conditions is a link between the banks and
the bond market, which requires the establishment of market economy mechanisms
under the conditions of the socialist enterprise commercial banking system to
enterprises and society to the formation of optimal resource allocation combination,
resulting in higher productivity. Socialist market economy is essentially a kind of
monetary, credit, financial-oriented in-depth. The construction of the socialist market
economy, also depends on how the financial system can provide support, not to banks
into commercial banks, corporations transform their operational mechanism, to
market are empty talk.
   4. Commercial banks to strengthen micro-macro basis. Central macro-control
measures need to be commercial banking system as a carrier, set up the financial
system of indirect financial controls, we must establish a complete, robust system of
commercial banks.
  ?(B) of the Agricultural Bank of China is to transform state-owned commercial
banks, Agricultural Bank of the reality of their own development options
  ?1. Agricultural Bank of the existing organizational structure, systems approach,
mode of operation management system are all a long time under the planned economy
system, in accordance with the commercial banks operating mechanism and the
market economy able to meet the need of reform.
   2. The development of socialist market economy requires banks to meet the needs
of the market economy, diversification of assets, efficiency
Maximize benefits. Help with the competition in the market, arousing enthusiasm and
full business potential of the excavation. Agricultural Bank to commercial banks in
accordance with the development model, efforts to "financial department
store" development, the Agricultural Bank of China to gradually
accomplishing a comprehensive, multi-functional, modern, international style of
large-scale commercial bank branches.
   (C) of the Agricultural Bank of China is to transform state-owned commercial
banks and international financial integration and accelerate the opening of the need to
  1. The market economy needs international commercial banks into line with the
World Bank. Market economy is essentially an open economy, there is no
geographical boundaries. China's reform policy in place, especially since
the establishment of a socialist market economy, based on the entire national economy
in China, but also constantly to export-oriented development, frequent foreign
contacts, joint ventures, increased foreign investment increased, international import
and export trade business increased . To meet the needs of international market
economy, the financial industry must be market-oriented, internationally oriented, and
this requires the establishment of line with international practice, international
competitiveness and adaptability of the commercial banks.
   2. Implementation of the commercial banks and international financial integration
is a prerequisite. Common international commercial banks, followed by
"Basel Agreement" provisions of the relevant standards, the
creation of international reputation, participating in financial transactions, not the
establishment of such commercial banks will not facilitate the participation of
international financial integration can not be with the World Bank, also is not
conducive to the development of export-oriented economy in China.
Second, the Agricultural Bank commercial model structure
   (A) of the Agricultural Bank of functional tasks.
   1. Functions. First, credit intermediation. Agricultural Bank of China to absorb idle
through the debt service funds, primarily for the City
Rural household savings deposits, open accounts in the agricultural bank deposits and
other enterprises, these funds together then invest the funds through asset operations
and producers of various economic sectors in order to achieve the indirect financial
intermediation and economic structure adjustment, and players to profit; second
payment intermediation. Agricultural Bank of China in the absorption of social capital,
based on handling currency exchange, money collection and payment, currency
clearing and other services, as agribusiness, groups and individuals money protectors,
cashier and paying agent, the function of the cost savings flow speed up the settlement
process and cash flow, improve efficiency and effectiveness of the use of funds; third,
the credit creation function. Agricultural Bank loans usually do not need or do not
fully pay cash, but the loans into a new deposit, which derived deposits; Fourth, the
financial service functions. Commercial banks are able to provide customers with a
diversified financial services integrated bank. As the market economy, establishment
and improvement of the services of the Agricultural Bank of wider and wider. As the
agricultural bank branches and more extensive ties and more sensitive information,
combined with the extensive application of computer, with a wide range of services to
provide customers with the objective conditions. Through the service, obtain
customers, build up more funds, enhanced management capabilities, therefore,
financial services has become an important function of commercial banks.
   Agricultural Bank of tasks can be divided into the overall mission and specific
tasks. Overall mission is: According to the "Commercial Bank
Law" and other relevant national laws, regulations and policies, according
to the law, carrying on money and monetary capital to finance capital and create more
profits. Commercial banks are the specific tasks the characteristics of uncertainty, it
developed along with economic development. Agricultural Bank of the specific tasks
now are: First, the deposit liabilities of business, including absorption; to the central
bank borrowings; interbank funds; issue financial bonds. Second, assets business.
Including loans, investments, cash and assets. Third, intermediate business. Including
clearing, agency, leasing, information consultation. Fourth, international business,
including international settlement, international financing, foreign exchange
transactions. With economic development and the development of an all-inclusive
"financial department store." All bank handling the business
conditions, as long as the law permits, to make a profit can be handled.
  ?(B) of the Agricultural Bank of operating mechanism. The so-called operating
system is the responsibility of commercial banks and prescriptive purposes.
Agricultural Bank as a commercial bank should first be established through self, own
risk, self-discipline, self-seeking capital balance, self-development mechanism of the
economic entity. Its main f

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