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									A forum
This afternoon to attend a forum is organized by the China Europe International
Business School, most speakers hr, learned a lot. Announced the beginning of name
cards for each other, because he did not know each other and do not know each other
in the end is doing, and few people come to me respectful name cards, Oh, I also very
respectful and then, after they have waiting for me to them, unfortunately I have not
had to honestly tell I thoroughly enjoyed the embarrassment!
Only a small audience, mostly to be invited to go, because I am founding members of
the Association Section also honored place in its columns. Wearing formal dress,
somewhat formal, but one will get used to, I rarely wear a suit of very little. But in
that environment if it does not wear a suit Daoshi a bit embarrassing.
The content of the speech did not make the any special, free speech ended the
discussion does not get interesting.
The Director of Human Resources who, in fact, is amiable. Their communication
skills is absolutely first class. Everyone speaks English, there are only three real
foreigners, it touches on several overseas Chinese. Hr uphold a speech in Chinese, I
began to admire her ah, but that when the Chinese always a few English words mixed
with it, why ah? Fake foreign devil does not like, so really neither fish nor fowl, his
fear gone.
I raised a question that graduates are at a disadvantage in the recruitment and hr are
most interested in what kind of resume. Their answers Daoshi fair and practical.
The key is to know what they like? Do not work to work, or have to constantly change
jobs after work, so which one is for short, is a waste of their time.
Do not always expect from the company for what, how much the company for himself,
but first of all to think about what they can bring to the company? Only their value for
the company created after the bold to the company can be obtained.
In the interview, is more important than professional skills are your soft skills, that
you continue to study the plasticity and the ability to get along with others possible.
Your potential determines whether the company hiring you and not others.
A Canadian Chinese, for constantly switched s feelings, find a job so difficult, but
continued to change jobs after finding it one of the reasons there is no firm
convictions and a complete personality characteristics. But now, under pressure, in
high and under the temptation of a few people can stick to their beliefs then?
Question, what made you choose this company and not the other?
I say mostly opportunities for promotion, as well as the opportunity to develop their
Asked if all such opportunities, what made you make a different decision?
I am not a bit of a depression and then say, the salary!
Once again the audience laughed, ha ha, mom thought I was, ah!
I complained that many companies simply ignored on the resume of fresh students, a
boss to answer after the sympathetic hr another company said to me, "You
does fit our company to try to vote," the audience was laughing, I did not
hear the impact, After the fellow who told me, it will regret ah, the company is the
world's largest elevator manufacturer. I was silent, CEOs face a little
embarrassed to see that the color, still a little wonder then. I see.
But after thinking about this proud, ah, what beef cattle, so I do not vote vote! Haha.
After the meeting, a middle-aged woman and I chatted for a few, I Zhenshi Ben ah as
far as saying "you give me the impession that you are just like a very
gentle      mother!"        Well,        then    actually    added     a    few
"sorry" really Lame. Can not stand their own. Stupid stupid!
The event I've learned a lot, but also tour worthwhile their hard worked
hard for so long in English. Feel so cool, I was a little nervous in addition to
pronunciation, it is authentic, he is very satisfied. This will continue to encourage me
to learn English, and learn well spoken! Have a better chance for the future.
In fact, to improve themselves, not live to their custom, and efforts in the details can
only be better than its competitors.
I wrote the phone greeting: Details determine success or failure!
I need to give me several successful self-confidence!

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