80 post-modern fashion trends in home improvement spending five

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					80 post-modern fashion trends in home improvement spending five
   Lunar New Year, "after 80" in the traditional Chinese
thinking will really come into the age of 30. Along with these "Pentium
III" and "80" after gradually into the marriage, has
become the main force in home improvement spending, home markets will trigger a
consumer revolution. "80" after the consumption habits and the
old generation with very different aesthetic from the initial planning of the decoration
to choose home improvement company, to select the main materials, home
accessories, the final completion of renovation, "80" after they
have their own unique ideas and step, only No. prospective home business of their
veins, they can keep up with the pace of the product right place, eventually winning
the competition in the market. To sum up, grow, "after 80"
home consumption presents five trends that will trigger a new round of domestic
market, the profound changes.
Trend 1: bubble free forum to learn from
"After 80" like bubble forum, not only can look at other
people's opinions, you can fully express their views, the network built a
unique home. Decoration is no exception, no time limit before the young the
decoration decoration owners will go to various forums, diving for some time to see
other people's decoration Collection, beware of being taken. Jump between
the major forums, ultimately they must be able to find the decoration Collection they
gathered the most comprehensive place - all kinds of home decoration industry forum
on the website. In addition to users here in the pouring Tips From the decoration,
there are business owners in good faith for the FAQ.
Home improvement forum has become a "80" after the primary
place for the decoration of knowledge, which is not difficult to understand why some
businesses will not hesitate to human consumers in the forum FAQ reverently, and
does not advertise the suspects with the only way to win with
"80" after an opportunity to communicate to get their trust.
Trends: Self-penned
Knowledge on home improvement with initial awareness, "80"
after the design of the home will have a strong desire, they will think their own
thoughts, to design a unique home-effects, the full realization of the desired inner
Network and major home improvement company, plans to provide the decoration
effect of a "80" after obtaining a source of inspiration. Industry
peak decoration over the Internet to establish the capacity of millions of home
decoration design case library, consumers can access free of charge; Beijing 72-hyun
Information Technology Co., Ltd. launched independent home improvement design
software, build 72-hyun home network, and Beijing's major home
improvement company and joint promotion of independent home improvement store
design; major home improvement company established design module, consumers
can guide designers in the home improvement company, select the design style you
want. All the information on the market to educate consumers self-penned the
inspiration, "80" after desire to build their own hands by the
desire to be satisfied at home. In the "80" after the face,
designers often become the role of technical support to help them solve the
"incurable diseases."
Many home sales of single-product brands in the overall display are often taken effect,
such as selling a sofa and create a model for the living room, the bed would sell a
show the whole room, a bookcase will be sold to create a study, in This product before,
"after 80" will be better able to identify the feeling you want.
Trend three: good at cost
Bought a house re-decorated, "after 80" pockets are not too well
off, the price of each part of the decoration will be very sensitive, just like with a
computer, with the total price will look after the motherboard, CPU, memory, Select
the hard disk and so what price points. Therefore, those who do not price standard,
random pricing, free discounts, and businesses can not gain the trust of
"80" after the business will be in the "80s"
before the flash off. "After 80" would rather take the time to
major markets or supermarkets in Amoy a number of inexpensive products, but also
reluctant to seemingly magnificent, but the price to stay in front of Fuzzy's
business Banke.
In the furniture list, the Red Apple furniture has been one of the forefront of many
consumers or colleagues can not understand, "their furniture looks quite
normal, why was it sold well?" A very important reason is the Red Apple
furniture The price system is very stable, which is very subject to "after
80" favorite. "They will not be ridiculously high price of the
product, basically by so few series, several price structure, 我们 soon be able to
understand them selling anything, is how much, which yes I need." In
addition, the red Apple will always have a few several discount furniture products,
they talk about practical function, price-sensitive "after 80" will
not be disappointed here.
"After 80" is not only very concerned about the price of brand
business system, on the home store's pricing system is very sensitive.
"If we feel that this store things in general are more expensive, but must
bargain deal with something, then I definitely will not go."
Trend 4: demanding environmental performance
Decoration decoration is still the primary environmental issues of concern,
"80" after informed, in the selection of products will have more
reference indicators. Reporter has seen a "80" after the election
at home is expensive flooring solid wood flooring, the election is cheap bed iron bed,
sofa is a steel and wood fabric sofa, furniture glass plastic. Reporters on the overall
mix and style of questioning, she said: "Although I choose products with
the overall style is very focused, but first must be the premise of environmental
protection, and then the products look good is the environment if not sure, I would
certainly not used. "
"After 80" in the choice of products will view the product and
instructions carefully, and constantly ask sales staff, or even serious home search
online information for a search until a clear understanding of the product purchased
only in environmental protection questions are not resolved it is difficult to form
impulse shopping. Love the occasion of Georgia sheet into China will play
"fresh timber production" slogan, and the Italian style, hundred,
Oriental Parkson, Elvis Love grid Corps established brands, promote the
environmental theme, were received over the years that pours. Market proven,
environmentally friendly household consumption is still one of the important themes.
Trend 5: little mouse shopping
Online buy cosmetics, clothes, food, audio-visual products, books, and even mobile
phones, electronic accessories, computers,               Internet has become a
"80" after an important place of consumption, although
household enterprises yet to establish a secure online sales channel, but number
"80" after have been slowly moving closer to the online
purchase of household products.
See this is not a small number of enterprises. U.S. home-opening e world music,
creating music a U.S. mall, despite the establishment of more than six months, selling
only 500 million, compared to an average 56 billion in sales in recent years is not
worth mentioning, but the boss Zhao Ruihai brimming with confidence:
"short-term Qu e world does not bring the U.S. a huge market efficiency,
the future home products will become very popular online, music world as a
forerunner of the U.S. e will at every step. "TATA doors to the store to
online sales experience combined with the pattern of opening 170 Home Online Shop,
to create a unique home business e-commerce model.
In fact, the home business network marketing has to do a certain scale, large home
sites each month, the Forum, home networking platform Group buy nets, various
forms of Group buy will organize activities to help "after 80"
buy discounted brand name products. TATA doors with network marketing,
promotional activities, President signings, last year earned 54% for the TATA orders,
sales activities unique home network do hard, but there are results. "Young
people like to seize the habit of online shopping, combined with the experience of
home products characteristics, household enterprises must be able to establish a safe
online sales channel."
Expert opinion
Do not ignore the "80" after the high-impact
Horizon Research Consultancy Group Chairman and Chief Executive Yuan Yue
A 15-year-old children in three generations of the family, a month about how many
words? A single child at home about 50% if the other two generations of saying 50%
of the average to every person, every adult as a child speaks more than words which
adults speak another 60% -70% total is about the children, so children in a family
discourse accounts for 80% -85% of families. If we observe young people in this
factor, then the home market is the old market, the mainstream does not match
"80" after spending trend is not consistent with
"80" after the high impact of this feature.
Both      "80"        after   he      bought     the    house,     or
"80" after the parents bought the house, young people a say in
the home style is the dominant nature. Today we are faced with consumers, especially
the relatively high-end housing in the consumer, especially for the type of housing
consumers, not the first time for them buy a house, is the second, third or even fourth
time to buy room. Their high degree of information symmetry, that is, their level of
understanding of the home greatly improved. Can be said that "after
80" active thinking, thinking strange, demanding, does not know change
can not jump with them thought the enterprise would be difficult to let them choose.
Fashion personality, environmental comfort, innovative products, to the
"80" after the home consumer market accounted for the main
force to win the initiative.