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8 How to champion Entrance Exam by fdjerue7eeu


									8 How to champion Entrance Exam
8 How to champion Entrance Exam
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                   (Tianjin science first) Yang Fan: Every event you have static gas Pro
Tianjin 1999 College Entrance first Yang Fan, Department of Computer Science,
Peking University now studying in class 99, he told reporters: Every event you have
static Pro gas, not to think about exam results, to focus on normal, The do's
are done, the result is not that we can control. When I test very calm, still out in the
examination room, a small accident, when a language quickly carry out an assignment,
I pen leaking sewage on the paper, and former teacher said the ink drop is marked and
severe cancellation of examination results. I raised my hand to tell examiners teacher,
told him do not care, ask him to tell superiors. It was the first test, whether or not
results Cancel the remaining few doors, I normally play. Finally I was luckier,
language scores did not cancel, test better than before.
(Guangdong Science first) Xu Shun: lack of leak of Comparative investigation
Guangdong Province, the first in 1999 College Entrance Xu Shun, now studying at
Peking University 99 three classes. She said: entrance must not bias subjects, a
pull-back legs, a total score can not. Exam I am basically in the regulation of their
mind, all aspects of the adjustment. Especially girls, psychological examination and a
significant proportion of them. I am in college entrance examination, pay great
attention to sports. Two or three times a week to play basketball, play one or two
classes each. Exam I often take a bath while listening to music and edge radio, mind
what parents say about all the pressure, and sometimes I watch cartoons. In the study,
I focus on the exam missing leak investigation, I have always had a habit of the more
important subjects are mistaken in this. Even if some did nothing wrong topic, I think
it representative, I will go into the book. This book usually does not spend too much
time to read, soon before exams must see it. Usually because a person committed an
error, he has 50% chance to be repeated. I was very careful look at previous years, the
college entrance examination questions, especially in mathematics and physics, every
major title at least 3 times to do more. In order to make problems and do not question,
do question the process of mind to organize the knowledge structure of the exam each
year horizontal comparison, such as three-dimensional geometry with the subject will
be out a year, every year medium difficulty. What kinds of methods should be
recorded in the mind. In the exam through the horizontal comparison, clear answer
(Guangxi Arts first) JIANG De-jun: stable state of mind more questions
Guangxi Arts College Entrance Examination in 2000 the first JIANG De-jun, now
studying at Beijing University Guanghua School of Management finance classes, go
on to college previously attended middle school in Guangxi Xing Xing County.
JIANG De-jun told reporters: now only 40 days away from the entrance, I was doing
last year at this time problem. As previously reviewed a long time, the final stage of a
certain pro forma allocation of time should be good subjects, from near the entrance,
two or three hours every day I do the math, choose a set of math problems more
appropriate to do so systematically . Language to go along with the teacher, but also
more questions to find the exam feeling. I focus on in the final sprint stage of history
and politics, the simulation done before the preliminary questions out to sum up
experience and lessons, find themselves in what not done enough. Review of history
is a good way to do multiple choice, remember the encounter, the book turned out a
good look. Review of politics, to summarize the type of answer all questions how. A
link political issues must pay attention to textbooks, the textbooks should see a very
mature, more than think about when doing problems, answer questions from all angles.
The candidates, in final push Otherwise you do not rush rash, according to fixed hours
laws to slow down, to put a smooth attitude.
(Xinjiang Arts first) Yangchuan Long: home of the resurrection
Xinjiang Arts College Entrance Examination in 2000 the first Yangchuan Long, now
studying at Beijing University Guanghua School of Management finance classes,
attending high school Sixth Karamay City schools. Yang Chuanlong that: the final
exam time is the most critical time, learn better to consolidate the strengthening of
knowledge, poor must learn to do so with greatly improved performance. I am an
example. I was admitted to Peking University did not expect to have this goal, is a
teacher to encourage me in my exam is set for resurrection. Exam I found my class
teacher, is a political teacher, my teacher gave me a small kitchen, tell me questions,
questions of history, political issues, such as re-explain in the same class, of
knowledge points. I train every day to do Moni Juan, found sense of feeling like a
basketball player shooting. Health is also important college entrance competition is
not only mental but also physical competition, because the body does not affect play.
Test is reflected in the subject, and exam simulation questions do more each year,
when the answer in the entrance examination would be more smooth. Knowledge
structure can also be found in time the deficiency can be remedied. Time is tight, good
performance, we should relax the mind, do not have too heavy a burden; poor
academic results, to be strict with themselves, the purpose of holding the worst, for
the best results. Do all right, do not leave sorry excuse, because there a month, not to
say there is no time.
(Beijing Arts first) the right to quiet: to improve the accuracy of doing title.
Beijing 2000 Matriculation first right of quiet, now studying at Beijing University
Guanghua School of Management finance classes, high school student in Beijing, 80
secondary schools. Jing told reporters right: at the high school stage, I always among
the top few in class, performance is stable. College entrance examination preparation,
review time is very long, do not care how one-month review of the exam. My
experience is that state of mind to peace, on the college entrance examination should
not have fear, and the true level of play on it. The candidates, the pro forma key point
is to improve the accuracy of their own problems to do, not a month to do some exam
problems, some basic grasp of mid-range problems, they will do to do the right thing
to do.
(Ningxia Arts first) about Dan: stabilize jump on the stability,
Ningxia 2000 Matriculation first on Dan, now studying at Beijing University
Guanghua School of Management finance classes, high school in Yinchuan, Ningxia
Chuan Tang Lai Huizhong. Tan Dan told reporters: I am immersed hard study, aside
distractions, a down, the machine made the machine to do, when the life of the life,
suffering Oh bitter, boil out. I have more important entrance on the eve of the
efficiency of the total yourself to maintain a degree of excitement. Self-confidence
from the strength in the ground, entrance to go fishing, watching TV, what are not. I
believe he was definitely the best, certainly admitted to what the pressure did not. I
have 12 fist subjects - math and English. Less number of other subjects, but did not
differ much. My college entrance review, part of the follow teachers, exam
information summing up to do, Questions in summary, error correction up wrong,
organize your notes. I am not very blind review, from the Middle School last semester
I had my plan, every week, every month, are scheduled to go, every step is very
targeted. For example, review of history, ancient history, modern history, how long
each were used to follow the progress of their own, but also with the teacher. . Exam
month, everything is shaping up, how much is difficult to cross. The candidates, this
time is more than anyone else stand firmer, who stand firmer, more stable whoever
jump. The most important thing is to make yourself happy, calm yourself, think more
about their efforts have been, think about the joy of success rather than failure of the
(Henan Science first) Liu Chao: believe in yourself
Henan Province in 1999 College Entrance first Liu Chao, who is now studying
computer science at Peking University, a group of 99, he told this reporter: I have set
"language newspaper" exam that time has seen the
"reader" and "October." Language ago far
away from me, very strange, by reading something, feel good. In the exam six to
seven months to do before I just looked at the problem, there is no need to further
increase the strength of the final. My family gave me great support, mainly spiritual
support. My parents never told me about how important college entrance examination,
I am all very natural, the mood was calm, nothing to hesitate. Candidates in the exam,
the most important thing is confidence, I had the class teacher said that exam a week,
even look at the previous examination paper is not very helpful, and look at the books,
what thoughts lead to believe in yourself and prepare for one year and we should do.
Man proposes, God disposes.
(Guangdong Science first) Ye Yuting: attention to detail
Guangdong Province in 2000 College Entrance first Ye Yuting, now studying at
Beijing University, 2000 Department of Computer Science classes, so she introduced:
exam, I recall the most basic things, look at the review framework to maintain a
certain amount to do problems. Make time every day issues, the excitement and the
entrance to the same regulation. I exam also some leisure-time activities, songs or
something. Will appear in an annual college entrance examination review guide, and I
faced the knowledge points listed above, look at their own do not yet have any.
Candidates Lin Kao, do not worry too much, not after thinking it over, do not interfere
with their own. Have already made their choice, did according to the road to go.
When a more pragmatic review, do not be too impetuous. Each point, with all the
knowledge to grasp firmly, pay attention to some details of the problem. Do not be too
careless, thinking about it

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