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					                                  Program for the visit of
                 the Convener from the Western Isles, Mr Alex Macdonald,
                the Convener from the Shetland Islands, Mr Sandy Cluness
              and the Convener from the Orkney Islands, Mr Stephen Hagan
                           to the Faroes 31 May to 3 June 2004

Monday 31 May 2004

19.15    Departure, Atlantic Airways from Aberdeen to the Faroes

20.20    Arrival at Vágar Airport. Transport to Tórshavn by car

21.00    Arrival Hotel Føroyar

Tuesday 1 June 2004

09.00    Welcome by Prime Minister, Mr Jóannes Eidesgaard, Tinganes (w/breakfast)

10.15    Visit Tinganes, site of the ancient Althing, later Løgting. Later site of the Royal Trade
         Monopoly and since 1948 site of the Faroese Government. Guided walk through the
         historic part of Tinganes with Mr Gunnar Hoydal former chief city architect of Tórshavn

10.45    Visit Føroya Løgting, the Faroese Parliament. Presentation by Mr Óli Breckmann, Deputy
         Speaker of the Parliament

11.30    Leave the Parliament by car to visit Listaskálin, the Faroe Museum of Art. Guided tour

12.30    Lunch at Listaskálin hosted by the presidium of the Parliament

14.00    Summit (location Tinganes)

15.30    Press conference (location Tinganes)

16.00    Leave Tinganes by car to Hotel Føroyar

18.15    Leave Hotel Føroyar by car to Kirkjubøar

18.30    Visit Kirkjubø, the bishopric centre of power and learning of the Faroe Islands in the
         middle Ages. Briefing and Guided tour of the site and visit to the ancient buildings

19.30    Dinner hosted by Prime Minister, Mr Jóannes Eidesgaard (location Kirkjubø)

Wedensday 2 June 2004

09.30    Leave Hotel Føroyar by bus to Føroya Tele, the Faroese Telecommunication Company
09.40    Visit Føroya Tele. Briefing by Mr Andras Róin, CEO on telecommunications and IT in the
         Faroe Islands

11.00    Visit the Faroese Oil Administration. Briefing by Mr Heri Ziska, Head of Department
         (exploration), on the oil and gas exploration south and west of the Faroes

12.00    Visit Norðurlandahúsið, the Nordic House. Welcome by Ms Karin Kjølbro, Trustee. Lunch
         hosted by Norðurlandahúsið

13.15    Briefing by Mr Magni Arge, CEO, Atlantic Airways, on the challenges of air travel to the
         Faroe Islands (location the Nordic House)

13.45    Briefing by Mr Kristian Davidsen, Managing Director of Strandfaraskip Landsins, the
         Faroese National Ferry and Bus Company, on the new inter island ferry investments in the
         Faroe Islands (location the Nordic House)

14.15    Briefing by Mr Dávid Reinert Hansen, Managing Director Vága Tunnilin and Norðoya
         Tunnilin, the companies responsible for constructing the undersea tunnels in the Faroes, on
         the new infrastructure investments in the Faroe Islands (location the Nordic House)

15.00    Visit the new Landssjúkrahúsið, the National Hospital in Tórshavn. Briefing by Mr Poul
         Geert Hansen, Chief Executive, on the Health Sector of the Faroe Islands

16.30    Visit and guided tour of the new Norrøna. Presentation by Mr Toni Gundersen, Cruise

19.30    Dinner hosted jointly by the Western Isles Council, the Shetland Islands Council and the
         Orkney Islands Council (location Hotel Føroyar)

Thursday 3 June 2004

08.00    Excursions can be arranged, delegates free to plan, no formal meetings

15.30    Departure Hotel Føroyar to Vágar Airport

16.30    Departure Vagar – Aberdeen 16.30

17.35    Arrival Aberdeen 17.35

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