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									3G post-crisis era
Science and Technology of China in 2009 the first 10 part Industrial Companies
Text / Gui small bamboo staff reporter
September 16, as a 3G license after payment of the first communication development,
ICT 2009 International Exhibition, the New International Exhibition Center 3G ads
everywhere implies that all participants are eager to show themselves. Chinese
participants also revealed three major telecommunications operators to develop 3G as
an opportunity to adjust the momentum of improving its market position.

And two high-end show held at the same forum, "ICT Forum 2009 in
China," China's telecommunications industry is known as
"Oscar," said, "3G Applications and Developer
Conference," due to the concern associated with the 3G.

3G race
"In the financial crisis, the industry's new trend is clear -
effective fall slowdown." Deputy secretary general of China Association of
Communication Enterprises Du skin health sigh.
Du skin raw lament can be confirmed at the show site. Into the exhibition hall, China
Telecom, China Mobile occupied a pavilion either side of the head position, followed
by telecommunication after the China Unicom, the three major operators in turn out to
open triangular shape. Compared to last year, a number of exhibitors last year,
vendors such as LG, Sharp is not participating this year, and some international big
names such as Intel, Lenovo and other manufacturers have seen. Display
manufacturers to participate in publicity efforts have suffered, quiz, performance help
out other inputs have "diminished."
"From a market perspective, the impact of economic crisis, the entire
communications industry in the first half of the revenue growth rate slowed down, and
telecommunications core business revenue in the low-speed hovering around 2%,
significantly lower than the country's GDP growth."
Telecommunications companies in China Association Liu Liqing frankly.
In the post-crisis era, a country's economic development and global
competition in the industries that need to support? 3G seize the opportunities, has
become the consensus of the participants.
Premier Wen Jiabao in 2009, the Davos Forum that, to promote the strategic
development of new industries to speed up efforts to occupy the high ground of
international industrial competition. In response, the Department of
Telecommunications Industry and Information Technology Research Institute Yu
Xiaohui, deputy chief engineer explained: "Premier Wen's
remark about a lot of aspects, including our third generation mobile communication,
network convergence. The so-called strategic development of new industries on the
one hand we positive response to the current economic crisis. On the other hand, we
have to try to find a crisis, the realization of a Guo Jia sustainable development of
economic and social development of areas that are important. Women's 3G
mobile communications, Qi Shi and in this way in the field. "
Nokia cut into China's 3G market can be described as eye grassland, its
music director, Greater China Pan talented people a lot of confidence:
"Based on our more than 150 countries around the world marketing and
understanding, we believe that we have for the Chinese side in the 3G ready. to the
arrival of 3G, we also deployed in other countries on 3G services and with relevant
experience in the 3G market in China, the Chinese market to do more focused
investment. I believe that with our experience abroad with the local developers and
local operators, and other partners, a good understanding of the local market, we can
together create a better 3G era. "
Pan Talent said, Nokia will be a large part of the company's resources
transferred from China to all countries, concentrated in the TD, CDMA market.
"Because of our WCDMA in other countries also have very good
development. We will use the more powerful service team, R & D team, for
the TD-SCDMA and CDMA, WCDMA market in China for more in-depth
Hewlett-Packard to be outdone, in the field has moved ahead of insight. As early as
2000, when issued, "integration" of the vision, the vision of
integration means that HP digital, communications, field equipment and technology
integration. Dong Shao, vice president of HP China, said: "HP in 3G
application that will profoundly change the way people live, work, so at any time of
the exchange, the Internet is possible. You can see, 3G is a big part of the composition,
HP as terminal manufacturers, plus hardware and software vendors, including
entertainment, information, and then, and some video network, plus a number of
network systems, forming a mobile era. HP want to help people meet the relevant
requirements anytime, anywhere. "

Search for "killer" application
3G, many people continued anxiety.
Network construction has already invested nearly 100 million yuan, the terminal
development has also been a lot of investment, business development began to canvas,
but can not see is the return of life and death. As a result, operators are beginning to
find killer applications: wireless Internet access, mobile TV, mobile phone intercom,
cell phone e-mail ... ... After a series of terms, can bring the greatest benefits of the
"killer" business has not appeared.
What is the killer application of it? Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Vice
President of Wireless Vico Tianyang cited an example: "We can look back
in 2001, Europe and America began to be launched 3G, because of their user
penetration rate of 80% over there, they expect a company to launch a use of all end
of the business, this is the killer application. "
Here, a transfer Buddist Tianyang: "In China, 3G is a communications
industry vocabulary, but the Chinese people are willing to experience new business, I
think the killer application of the common people as long as the enterprise from the
start, users start to do something really useful to everyone can be a killer application.
In response, the Department of Telecommunications Industry and Information
Technology Research Institute, Institute of Communications and Information Chief
Engineer Yu Zhicheng said: "When push 3G at the time, companies often
consider a problem: we have more input in return, depends on the so-called killer
applications can. "
How one is able to be able to recover the investment in 3G business, it is the problems
faced by global enterprises. Yu Zhicheng, said: "In fact the so-called killer
application of 3G, it should be said that unlike the 2G, 2.5G, as is the application of a
certain focus. 3G era killer application is not a single application, but an open
platform and an industry the rise of chain. "
In the end the killer application will not occur? China Mobile Communications
Research Institute in Rong Rong, deputy director of operations said: "The
3G standard setting from the very moment, the global industry, carriers and operators
around the world have been hoping to bring 3G to killer applications, all partners are
suffering hard to explore a number of years, finally we reached consensus. 3G
network in the period, it is difficult to find killer applications, 3G simply because the
network bandwidth upgrade, existing operational experience for everyone to do a
more convenient or user better ability to improve. "
This, TD Industry Alliance, said Yang Hua, Secretary-General has agreed:
"We are always looking for killer applications, but I think that in the 3G
and even after the application of 3G is not, because the types of data services is very
diverse, Also among our society is composed of diverse, and therefore it is difficult
for Shu Ju Xiang business needs, like the past Yidong phone, Dajiadingwei in (Ru call)
a single Gongnengshangmian, Suo Yi in 3G applications will not be one of the ,
applications will have its corresponding population, and therefore started the three
operators in the massive scale, the kinds of applications will be developed in the
Chinese market, in order to stimulate global development, this development will also
be laid for the future adhere to the base. "

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