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									3G in China
Is the largest professional business service platform for 3G mobile networks are
registered trademarks. 3G in China, including industry, business, products, services
and trade functions, an enterprise in the 3G network to achieve wap site construction,
industry, new media communications, mobile commerce operations, wireless
communication and timely service platform integrated system, the promotion of
industry consolidation concepts and new 3G wireless network marketing model, to
form a of 3G wireless information network. All of its feature set and value-added
services are perfect for the users, efficient 3G experience, the perfect embodiment of
3G era of strong business content.
3g China has become the world's largest consumer of mobile
communications, in 2008 China Mobile has more than 600 million users, mobile news,
mobile blog, mobile phones send and receive messages and a series of new
developments in the mobile Internet has been popularized, but all this only to be
applied in personal, mobile business applications more and more pressing for
companies to achieve enterprise via mobile Internet, information and interaction
between users, and thus to carry out in-depth, comprehensive application of the
greatest needs of business today, with the Industry and Information Technology The
establishment of the Ministry, "3G in China" and start to
become the next step "to information technology to stimulate
industrialization" important step.
June 2, 2008, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Netcom are issued H-share
companies, announcing the details of the telecommunications restructuring, and this
time, from May 23 the reorganization of the telecom operator to suspend, just in the
past six and a half trading day. With the telecom restructuring program to determine:
China Mobile, China Railcom = Mobile, China Unicom (CDMA network) = China
Telecom China Telecom, China Unicom (GSM network) = China Unicom, China
Netcom, China Telecom operators to form the three pillars. In the second
telecommunications restructuring, China Railcom, China Mobile Group has been
merged into and become a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile. China Railcom,
whether it had a fixed phone users and broadband users are diverted into China
Mobile's users. Along with "Liuhe three" reform and
reorganization is completed, three 3G licenses will be issued, there experts estimate,
according to the progress of the State or to release 3G licenses in the fourth quarter,
the fastest in the third quarter next year, China will enter the third generation mobile
communication times. Will be issued three 3G licenses in three different standards for
basic use, TD-SCDMA (Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access)
is China's homegrown 3G standard, the International Telecommunication
Union has been accepted, and WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access)
and CDMA2000 together, the three mainstream 3G standards in the world.
According to telecom industry restructuring plan, 3G license issuance way: new
access to China Mobile TD-SCDMA license, the new CDMA2000 license access to
China Telecom, China Unicom WCDMA license.
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Dec. 31, 2008 chaired a State Council executive
meeting, agreed to launch third generation mobile communication licenses issuance of
work. The meeting pointed out, TD-SCDMA as the third generation mobile
communications international standards, independent innovation of China's
science and technology an important hallmark of Guo Jia Qiang Ji Xu support Yanfa,
Chan Ye-based, and application and popularization. Issuing licenses for third
generation mobile communication stimulate domestic demand, optimize the structure
of the telecommunications market competition, promoting TD-SCDMA industry
chain mature, play an important role. Reform and reorganization of the
telecommunications business basically completed already have paid the
third-generation TD-SCDMA mobile communications and WCDMA, CDMA2000
licenses. It was agreed that the Ministry of Industry and Information in accordance
with procedures to start issuing licenses work.
At half past two p.m. on January 7, 2009, the Ministry of Information Industry and
China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom issued three third-generation mobile
communication (3G) license, a move indicates that China has formally entered into
the 3G era. Among them, the approval of: China Mobile to increase based on
TD-SCDMA technology standard for 3G licenses (TD-SCDMA to 3G in China with
independent property rights of technical standards); China Telecom to increase
technical standard based on CDMA2000 3G license; China Unicom WCDMA
technology standard based on increased The 3G license.

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