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									                National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition® (NTI 2010)
                               Washington, DC – May 15-20, 2010

                             NTI 2010 Conference Support List
                                                    (updated           11/6/09)

                                                        NTI EDUCATION PROGRAM
                    CONFERENCE SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY                                    SUPPORTER                         AVAILABILITY
  17      Distinguished Research Lecture & Refreshments             Philips                                             Supported
  17      Sunrise Sessions – 16 sessions available on               Army Nurse Recruiting, Covidien, Hill-Rom,           11 of 16
          Tuesday and Wednesday mornings                            Hollister, Sage Products                             available
 NEW      Educational sessions at NTI (not speakers or content) –                                                       Numerous
          Support for session equipment, supplies, AV, signage                                                         opportunities
          and session logistical requirements (support includes
          preconference, concurrent and/or mastery sessions)
          Supplies and equipment for Preconference
          Supplies and equipment for Concurrent sessions

17-NEW    Audience Response Technology

  17      Creative Solutions and Research Poster                    American Journal of Critical Care and               Supported
          Abstracts in AACN Journals                                Critical Care Nurse
          Blood Bank Stage with ExpoEd Sessions                     American Assn. of Blood Banks (AABB)                 Pending
          Healthcare Purchasing (HPN) Stage with                    Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN)                    Supported
          ExpoEd Sessions
          Transport Nursing Stage with ExpoEd Sessions              Air & Surface Transport Nurses Assn. (ASTNA)         Pending
          In-booth ExpoEd Sessions with CERP points                 Supported by various exhibitors – Apply Now

                                                        NTI SELF-STUDY PAVILION
                    CONFERENCE SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY                                    SUPPORTER                         AVAILABILITY
  20      Entire Self-Study Pavilion                                GE Healthcare                                       Supported
  20      E-Learning & Mobile Resources Lab                         GE Healthcare                                       Supported

 NEW      E-Learning & PDA Software Programs                        MAQUET/Datascope; Medical Wizards                    Pending

                                                   NTI ELECTRONIC OPPORTUNITIES
                    CONFERENCE SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY                                    SUPPORTER                        AVAILABILITY
  21      Web Broadcast of President and President-Elect            GE Healthcare                                      Supported
          Addresses and Concurrent Sessions (5)
  21      Participant ID Cards                                      KCI                                                Supported
  21      NTI e-Sampler on NTI Web Site                             GE Healthcare                                      Supported
  21      “Send-a-Postcard-to-a-Friend” on NTI Web Site             ADVANCE Newsmagazines                              Supported
  26      Banner Ads-NTI Web Site, NTI News Online
 NEW      WayFinder Touch Screen Stations – maps of
          the city, convention center and exhibit hall

                                                                                                                 CONFIRMED AS OF 11/6/09
                                               NTI VENUES AND LOCATIONS
                  CONFERENCE SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY                              SUPPORTER                      AVAILABILITY
  18      CE Computers (including CE certificates)          KCI                                              Supported
  18      Information Center in the Registration Area       ADVANCE Newsmagazines                            Supported
  18      NTI Bookstore (non-publishers only)
  18      Message Center in the Resource Area
  18      Certification Oasis & Refreshments                Clarian Health with AACN Cert. Corp.           Co-supported
  18      AACN Programs Demo Stage
  18      Mail Home Service w/ Discount Coupons
  19      Bag & Coat Check Area with Discount Coupon
  19      Cyber Cafe Internet and E-mail Stations           Monster                                          Supported
  19      Career Opportunities Section – Exhibit Hall       Nursing Spectrum / NurseWeek                     Supported
  19      Pubs & Educ. Resources Section – Exhibit Hall     Healthcare Purchasing News                       Supported
  19      Rest & Relaxation Pavilion – Exhibit Hall         Hill-Rom                                         Supported
  19      Exhibitors Lounge & Refreshments                  Experient, Freeman, Mindworks with AACN           Pending
 NEW      Park Bench and Foot Massage Rest Stops
 NEW      Corporate Brand Story Wall
 NEW      Fitness Pavilion - Apparel & Lifestyle Section    American Nurse Today                             Supported
          Transport Nursing Display                         Air & Surface Transport Nurses Assn. (ASTNA)      Pending

                                                   NTI SPECIAL EVENTS
                  CONFERENCE SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY                              SUPPORTER                      AVAILABILITY
   17     Certification Celebration Dinner – Tues., 5/6     Hill-Rom with AACN Cert. Corp.                  Co-supported
 NEW      Morning Coffee Service – Mon-Thurs., 5/18-21
   22     Advanced Practice Institute Reception–Tue. 5/6    Stryker Medical                                  Supported
   22     Chapter Presidents Luncheon – Wed. 5/7            Covidien                                         Supported
   22     Chapter Leader Development Workshop               Covidien                                         Supported
   23     Pre-Conference Luncheons – Sat-Sun 5/3-4          Minority Nurse; Nursing Spectrum/NurseWeek       Supported
23-NEW    Pre-Conference Refreshment Breaks –5/3-4
   22     Chapter Advisors Team (CAT) Reception             Coviden                                           Pending
   22     First Timer Orientations – Sun. & Mon., 5/ 4-5    Marsh Consumer Association Business              Supported
   22     Participant/Exhibitor Entertainment Event – 5/7   All Critical Care Exposition exhibitors          Supported

                                         NTI OFFICIAL PARTICIPANT AMENITIES
                  CONFERENCE SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY                              SUPPORTER                      AVAILABILITY
  24      Official Participant Bag                          Philips                                          Supported
  24      Official Badge Holder/Pouch - eco-friendly        CareFusion (formerly Cardinal Health)            Supported
  24      Participant Highlighter                           Catholic Healthcare West                         Supported
  24      Participant Mechanical Pencil
 NEW      Learning Journal – notepad with cover ads                                                           Pending
  25      Certification Celebration Memento Mugs            Atrium Medical                                   Supported
 NEW      Participant Reuseable Water Bottle–eco-friendly
  25      Hotel Guest Room Key Cards                        Masimo Corporation                               Supported

     NTI PRINT & ADVERTISING SUPPORT OPPORTUNITIES (available through Mindworks Communications)
                  CONFERENCE SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY                              SUPPORTER                     AVAILABILITY
  27      NTI ExpoGuide with ExpoEd Listings                Hospira                                         Supported
 NEW      Welcome Bags (with flyers/literature/invites)
          distributed at selected NTI Hotels

                                                                                                      CONFIRMED AS OF 11/6/09

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